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Interlocking Plush Carpet Tile Features & Benefits

By Kyle Schurman Created: June, 2017 - Modified: October, 2023

Royal Interlocking Carpet tiles are carpet-bonded foam tiles that are ideal for basement floors, trade show booths and home theaters.

The 1/2 inch thick foam base provides excellent cushion while the plush carpeted surface adds style and comfort.

Interlocking plush carpet tiles can provide significant benefits with the same level of warmth of a roll of carpeting but in a modular floor layout.

The Royal Interlocking Plush Carpet Tile is an extremely popular style of flooring. It generates the ease of installation that carpet squares provide without any need for adhesive or peel-and-stick backing, making it great for temporary and permanent installations.

Installers often will choose to lay out these connecting tiles in a residential setting, such as over the top of a cement floor in a basement, home theater or in a bedroom.

carpet tiles at a trade show

These also work for trade show booths and daycare facilities. They work well for companies or organizations looking for a temporary or semi-permanent indoor flooring that at first glance looks like a permanent roll of carpet.

Are Carpet Tiles Cheaper Than Carpet?

The Royal brand of interlocking plush carpet tiles does offer a reasonable price point versus other types of carpeting.

When comparing these tiles to a roll of carpet, the cost per square foot is similar. A cheap roll of carpeting may cost less per square foot than these Royal tiles, but a high-end carpet roll will almost certainly cost more.

These interlocking plush carpet tiles are able to save homeowners and business owners some money versus installing carpet rolls - where those hidden extra costs get involved.

Because of the puzzle style edges on these tiles, they go together easily. There’s no need to hire a professional installer, which could become expensive quickly.

interlocking carpet tiles

The back side of these 5/8-inch thick tiles includes a padded layer of foam, meaning the cost of the padding is part of the tile’s cost. With a roll of carpet, installers must purchase a roll of padded foam separately, adding to the overall cost of the project.

Finally, damage to one tile doesn’t mean having to replace the entire carpet layout, as would happen with a roll. Should someone spill red wine on a grey tile or burn a hole in it, just replace the single tile, which saves significant money.

How Do Plush Carpet Tiles Stay Together?

Each piece of the interlocking plush carpet tiles contains edges that resemble jigsaw puzzles. The alternating slots and tabs on each tile match up with those on adjacent tiles, allowing them to fit together tightly without the need for using adhesive.

Many of the reviews of these tiles list the ease with which they fit together as one of the best reasons to use them.

The pile height in these puzzle-style tiles hides the interlocking edge extremely well, once the installation finishes. With a single-color layout, you may notice some slight variations in color, which is common for this type of product. This is most noticeable in large, open spaces.

For that reason, many people choose to alternate two different colors, creating a checkerboard pattern in their flooring.

Are Interlocking Carpet Tiles Easy to Remove?

Even though the Royal tiles fit tightly together, they will pull apart easily when it’s time to disassemble them. Installers will not need to add tape or glue to the underside of the tile or on the puzzle edges, which further simplifies disassembly later.

Each Royal tile measures 2 by 2 feet and weighs only 1.4 pounds. The lightweight nature of these tiles makes them easy to remove and place into storage or to move to a new location.

When using them for a trade show booth, installers are able to carry dozens of these lightweight tiles on a cart, in a storage bin, or even just a cardboard box, which speeds up the process of removing the tiles after the trade show and carrying them to the transport vehicle.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Interlocking Plush Carpet Tiles?

The Royal tiles are available in multiple different colors, simplifying the process of matching the decor that already exists in a room or to match the desired color scheme for a trade show booth. Color options include:
  • Charcoal
  • Dark gray
  • Light gray
  • Tan

Because all of the interlocking edges in the different colors use the same pattern, installers can mix and match colors, if desired.

using carpet tiles to make a color pattern

These tiles consist of waterproof materials, so they will not soak up water if used in a location that frequently has some dampness. This could include a basement where moisture seeps through the foundation, a man cave in a garage, or a laundry room.

Should an area with these tiles suffer a flood from a broken pipe or another water disaster, just disassemble and pick up the tiles to allow the subflooring to dry. Stand the tiles on end to allow any extra moisture clinging to the tiles to dry properly.

There’s no need to lay down any extra padding underneath these tiles when going over the top of a firm subflooring, such as concrete, hardwood, vinyl, or ceramic tile.

To create a flat edging on these tiles to lay them tight to a wall, installers can cut off the jigsaw puzzle edge.

Each piece also ships with two flat-edge border strips that fit tightly into the puzzle-style edge of the main tile. Installers can use these borders to make a flat edge that’s perfect for an island install or to go against a wall.

When seeking a high-quality carpet tile, the Greatmats team will provide advice on finding the perfect model. Just explain the planned use case, and the Greatmats staff can provide some ideas to fit into almost any budget.