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Top 5 Flooring Ideas For Dog Kennels

By Julia Nass Created: August, 2017 - Modified: March, 2024

Dog kennel flooring is bound to be put to the test. Puppy claws will scratch. Dirt and grime will be tracked in from the outside. There are sure to be puddles of slobber, and of course, those other, smellier puddles too. As much as flooring for dog kennels require the strength to stand up against all the wear and tear, it should also be comfortable and easy on the paws. Make your pets as happy as you are with the following top five dog kennel floor ideas.

1. Best Flooring for Indoor Dog Kennels for the Price

Best Flooring for Indoor Dog Kennels for the PriceDog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles (3/4 Inch) can cost under $2 per square foot, which is hands down the best price one can find for indoor dog kennel flooring. These durable mats for dog runs not only save on money but save on time as well. The puzzle-piece interlocking system makes the tiles incredibly easy to install and remove if needed.

These economical foam mats are waterproof and easy to clean with a vacuum and are one of the most popular cheap dog kennel flooring ideas. Because they are so easily removed and reinstalled, they can also be taken outside to hose down if needed. The felt surface is non-slip. You don't have to take our word for it; customers give rave reviews about Dog Agility Mats. Users describe this flooring as being a comfortable, cushioned area for pups to run around and lay on. Further, customers praise the way these colorful mats turn a cold, hard floor into a fun and inviting environment for dogs.

2. Most Affordable Outdoor Dog Kennel Floor

Best Outdoor Dog Kennel Floor for the PriceFor the greatest value on outdoor dog kennel flooring, Greatmats suggests Patio Outdoor Tiles. Customer after customer agrees that this tile is an unbelievable product that comes at an unbeatable price. In addition to the very low upfront cost of tiles of about $4 per tile, easy maintenance also saves on time and money. With a simple, DIY connecting system, these tiles will save you from needing to hire out to create incredible flooring for dog kennels. Tiles snap together for an easy, long-lasting installation.

The dog kennel tiles are perforated to allow for free water and air flow in wet environments. Plus, the tiles feature an anti-slip surface that will provide traction for feet and paws even when wet. Patio Outdoor dog kennel flooring tiles are simple to clean; just use a damp map and a common household cleaner. This dog kennel flooring idea comes in three attractive colors sure to make any space vibrant and inviting. It's plain to see why Patio Outdoor Tiles are one of Greatmats' most popular all-around products.

3. Artificial Grass for Kennels

Artificial Grass for Dog KennelsPet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf yields the look and feel of a perfect lawn for an amazing natural, outdoorsy style. This dog kennel flooring is designed with UV inhibitors that guard each and every fiber from fading. In other words, the artificial grass stays vibrantly green. Artificial turf can be used outdoors to enhance the feel and style of any flooring for dog kennels, dog runs, and dog play areas.

4. Raised Flooring for Dog Kennels

Raised Dog Kennel FlooringHVD Kennel Matting is a top choice for commercial canine facilities such as doggy daycares, dog boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, and dog training facilities. These floor mats provide a softer surface for pets to relax on and keep them off cold floors. These mats are waterproof and provide drainage to keep animals dry and clean.

HVD Matting is available in rolls so you can just roll them out and cut them to fit. For deep cleaning underneath the mats, you can quickly and easily roll these mats back up.

Raised Dog Kennel FlooringStaylock Perforated Tiles are a also great solution. These tiles are made of durable plastic material and designed for damp or wet environments. Tiles are super easy to clean and maintain. Because they are perforated, water drains right through the tiles while allowing air to flow underneath. These tiles also have an anti-fungal additive for additional safety and health benefits.

Staylock dog kennel flooring installs with a strong tab locking system that does not allow tiles to separate over time. These tiles can withstand the weight of furniture, play pens or dog crates. The non-slip surface provides traction when wet, and the anti-fatigue structure provides comfort for standing and walking. Plus, tiles feature an ATSM fall height rating of 20 inches, so you won't have to worry about rowdy puppy play.

5. Rubber Kennel Flooring

Dog Kennel Rubber FlooringLast but not least, 2x2 black dog kennel interlocking rubber flooring is some of the toughest on the market. This dog run flooring is guaranteed to perform in harsh conditions. Designed for gym use, interlocking tiles are made to stand up to heavy loads, dirt-prone environments and ongoing wear and tear. In addition to maximum durability, at 3/8 inches thick, tiles provide comfortable flooring to animals and handlers alike.

Despite the industry-strength status of these tiles, they are convenient to install. Tiles connect together with a straightforward interlocking connecting system that does not degrade no matter the number of installations. At 2 x 2 feet and 8 pounds each, these durable mats for dog runs are easy to handle and transport and if needed. These tiles need no extra care beyond hosing off or damp mopping with a neutral pH cleaner.


Estimated Price




Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles



.75 Inch

1 Year

Patio Outdoor Tile


PVC Plastic

.5 Inch

1 Year

StayLock Tile Perforated Colors


PVC Plastic

.5625 Inch

1 Year

Pet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf


PE Plastic

1 Inch

5 Years

HVD Kennel Matting 2x33 Ft Roll


PVC Plastic


2 Years

Rubber Tile Interlocking Sport Black



.375 inch

25 Years

To navigate through even more outdoor and indoor dog kennel flooring ideas, check out and get in touch with customer service. Friendly and supportive staff are on-call to help guide you through deciding between many incredible dog kennel flooring products.