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Recommendations for Foam Exercise Mats
Greatmats recommends a number of foam exercise mats that come in many forms and can make a workout safer, more effective, and more fun.
Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?
Waterproof vinyl flooring can be found in many styles including wood planks, stone, and solid colors. Vinyl can be found at Greatmats.
5 Best Flooring Options for Weight Rooms
Here is some of the best flooring for weight rooms that can accommodate heavy weightlifting, protecting both the floor below and your body above.
What's The Best Rubber Flooring Adhesive?
The best rubber flooring adhesive products can be found at
What Are The Best Mats For Tai Chi Martial Arts?
Greatmats talks about what are the best tai chi martial arts mats that offer slightly cushioned support and comfort.
How Big Is a Cheer Mat?
How big is a cheer mat? Cheer mat options are many, with various sizes, thicknesses, styles, and purposes.
Can Flooring Be Used On Walls?
Flooring on walls come in foam, vinyl, laminate, peel and stick variety's.
What Are Clean Room Sticky or Tacky Mats?
Greatmats discusses what clean room sticky mats or tacky mats are and size and style options.
What are the Disadvantages of Laminate Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the disadvantages of laminate flooring, along with the advantages of high quality laminate floor options.
What Are The Dimensions Of A Turf Kickball Field?
Greatmats discusses the dimensions of a turf kickball field, how you would plan to create one and the best turf products.
What Is The Most Pet Friendly Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what types of flooring are the most pet friendly products that are eco-friendly and animal safe.
Interlocking Plush Carpet Tile Features & Benefits
Interlocking plush carpet tiles are perfect for basements and trade shows. Greatmats royal interlocking carpet tile is the best puzzle style carpet square.
What Qualities To Look For In Lyrical Dance Flooring
Greatmats identifies important qualities to look for in lyrical dance flooring and some top product options.
What's The Best Physical Therapy Mat For Home?
Greatmats discusses the best physical therapy mats for home use that include folding gym mats.
What's The Best Pet Proof Flooring?
Invest in pet proof flooring and buy a long-lasting floor that can withstand the demand of a life with pets.
What Are The Best Mats For Floor Exercises?
Choosing mats for floor exercises is something necessary if you?re looking for adequate protection. A little cushion can go a long way to prevent fatigue or bruising.
What is the Best Exercise Mat for Planks?
Greatmats discusses the best exercise mats for planks which allow the planker to hold a plank position for a long period of time without arm or other pain
Top 5 Backyard Turf Options for Homeowners
Backyard turf can transform your yard - see the top 5 recommended turf options for a residential yard that is pet and family friendly and resembles natural grass..
2x2 Rubber Mats - Sundance Interlocking Tiles
2x2 Foot Interlocking Sundance Tiles Feature Many Features and Benefits. This rubber puzzle mat is great for horse stalls and home gyms.
What Are the Best Floor Mats for Martial Arts Board and Brick Breaking
Brick breaking mats and board breaking mats are critical to protecting hardwood or other finished floors at martial arts academies, tournament or competition venues.
How To Cool Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is easy to cool off with water and shade. Find the best artificial grass turf at Greatmats.
Jazz Flooring - Top Flooring Considerations for Jazz/Swing Dance
There are many things to think about when picking out a jazz or swing dance floor. Here are the top items you should consider.
What kinds of portable dance floors are available?
Greatmats identifies what kinds of portable dance floors are available and where these applications can be used as a temporary or movable dance floor.
Does Rubber Flooring Expand? Mats, Rolls & Tiles
Discover what factors are at play in the expansion and contraction of flooring mats, rolls and tile made of rubber.