What is the Best Exercise Bike Mat?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: June, 2020 - Modified: October, 2021

It seems like Spin and Peloton type bikes have taken the fitness crowd by storm! Where group cycle classes used to be something you had to attend in person, exercise bikes are now a part of many workout gurus’ personal equipment collection.

When thinking about the indoor area of the home to put a stationary bike of any type, from recumbent to Nordic trainer, you may find yourself wondering what the best exercise bike floor mat is.

It is true that exercise bikes provide a great workout machine for home, but they can also cause a lot of damage to your floor. Not only will a wood floor get scratched up and marked from dirt or sweat, but your carpet could get matted down and stained, as well.

Options for Best Bike Floor Mat
Whether a sale, a review, or warranty are the most important factors to you, or, perhaps a wild color option or just classic black top your list. Choose from various thickness, material, and price offerings to find the mat or flooring system that is perfect for your space.

Raised Floor Tiles as Exercise Bike Mat

Raised Floor Tiles as Exercise Bike Mat
Max Raised Floor Tiles are a great option for an exercise bike mat. This product is extremely durable and looks like wood grain, and it is a snap-together tile system option that features a commercial grade vinyl tile surface with a classic wood or slate design.

The UV protective coating on its surface prevents damage from sunlight while the wear layer resists scratches and wear, resulting in a wood look that doesn’t need refinishing or maintenance.

Because these tiles are easy to install and remove, they can be either temporary or permanent, for a studio or gym setting. The tiles will not separate or pull apart during biking or other workouts, so they make for an extremely safe and durable option.

Rubber Flooring Rolls for Bike Mats

Rubber Flooring Rolls for Bike Mats
A water-resistant rubber flooring roll makes excellent heavy duty bike mat, with the ⅜ Inch Regrind Confetti option being a high quality, affordable choice.

This rolled rubber mat is made in the USA from recycled rubber. It is 4 feet wide, and it can be cut to any length from 25 to 100 feet long, making them an ideal option for a spin classroom or other large cardio facility.

Rubber flooring rolls are easy to install over a concrete or hardwood subfloor with either glue or double faced tape and are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Once the rubber flooring roll is placed and secured, it requires little maintenance, with a sweeping, vacuuming, or damp mop cleaning process, as needed.

Greatmats also has rolled rubber mats for home in lengths as short as 10 feet. It also has a completely flat bottom, so you’ll want to make sure you use it in dry areas under fitness equipment to make sure it doesn’t trap water below the mats. This is also a common form of treadmill mat.

Rubber Floor Tiles for Indoor Cycling

Rubber Floor Tiles for Best Fitness Bike Mat
The RubberLock commercial grade rubber floor tile is another excellent bike mat choice. These interlocking rubber tiles provide excellent protection under heavy bikes with their ½ inch thickness, providing the highest quality commercial grade high-density rubber floor tile is another excellent anti-slip bike mat choice. These interlocking rubber tiles provide excellent protection under heavy bikes with their ½ inch thickness, providing the highest level of durability that flooring can deliver.

It will not dent or fold when you place heavy objects on it, and it will help to dampen sound and reduce noise levels. This product is made with the best possible construction quality, ensuring the thickness is consistent from tile to tile so it will not fail. These tiles can be ordered in a kit with finished edges, ensuring a smooth and easy installation.

This product does have a rubber smell that will dissipate with ventilation over time, but if you’re highly sensitive to odors, there are other products more suitable for you.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles work really well as a bike mat option, also. This product is easy to install with its interlocking, non-adhesive process. This product is made in the USA and is 8 mm thick for durable, long lasting surfacing. This product is specifically designed to withstand the weight of heavy bikes and other exercise equipment. 

3’x3’ Rubber Mats for Under Exercise Bikes

Rubber Mats for Under Exercise Bikes
Another great rubber flooring product that doubles as an elliptical or bike mat is the 8mm Rubber Utility Mat. This interlocking tile option features a double sided, non slip surface that is precision waterjet cut for a tight fit. This environmentally friendly flooring option features light color flex mix and is resistant to water and will not retain odors.

These rubber mats are tougher than the average peloton bike mat, spin bike mat or other stationary bike mat, ensuring they will do an adequate job protecting the subfloor from wear and damage from recumbent bikes, steppers and other equipment. They also dampen noise and come with a 5-year limited warranty, but you can count on its strength for up to 10 and 20 years.

If 3x3 feet is too big for you, the are different sizes of interlocking rubber mats available.

Alternatives to rubber

If rubber flooring systems aren't your thing, you may want to consider a gym flooring system made of PVC material or high density EVA foam.

Both of these types of floors will provide more cushioning for the bicycle trainer. This is generally most helpful when their is space set aside for stretching or other aerobic type workouts. Most PVC mat flooring can serve as an exercise equipment mat as it is durable enough for most gym equipment.

Interlocking closed cell foam gym mats are a great way to cover hardwood floors directly, rather than having to use a layer or protective paper between the wood and rubber mats. Having a super high-density mat is critical when using foam material as foam is known for compressing under heavy weight.

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