2x2 Rubber Mats - Sundance Interlocking Tiles

What Makes 2x2 Foot Interlocking Sundance Tiles so Great

Greatmats 2x2 foot interlocking rubber Sundance floor tiles are perfect for weight rooms and home gyms as well as horse stalls.

This 3/4 inch thick recycled rubber tile offers excellent impact absorption for dropping weights.

Conveniently-sized and featuring a puzzle style interlocking design, they are also simple to install and hold tightly together for easy cleaning as the tiles won't shift. If you need to customize the sizing a bit to fit a room or go around obstacles, they can also be custom cut using a sharp utility knife, and you'll find there will be less waste than custom cutting larger mats.

Designed with a textured surface this rubber gym flooring and horse stall system are non-slip and extremely durable.

The 2x2 foot size keeps them easily manageable by one person for diy installation and even portability. At just 17 pounds per tile, they are great portable stall or trailer mats. The lightweight design makes it easy to pull them up from a stall, re-install in a trailer, and then do the same at a show barn for those who spend a lot of time trailering to horse shows and competitions and want to provide a safe and comfortable space for their horses without having to lug around a traditional 100 pound stall mat.

Greatmats Interlocking Sundance Tiles are designed to last and feature a 10 year warranty.

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