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Gym Carpet Flooring vs. Rubber Gym Flooring
Which is better? Carpet gym flooring or rubber gym flooring? Learn the pros and cons of both and how to switch out your carpet for rubber.
Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring - Snap Fitness Testimonial
Rolled rubber gym flooring performs exactly as needed for 24-hour fitness center Snap Fitness in Somerset, Wisconsin.
Playground Flooring Materials: Indoors and Outdoors
Rubber playground flooring for both indoor and outdoor use can be found at Greatmats.
Can Artificial Grass Be Laid Over Gravel?
Artificial grass?over gravel is a great way to achieve a lush, attractive lawn with drainage properties and low maintenance. View your flooring options here.
How Many Square Feet Is A Wrestling Or Jiu Jitsu Mat?
jiu jitsu mats are great for wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Use these interlocking wrestling mats at home, in your garage or for commercial use.
Is 8mm Rubber Flooring Good For Gyms?
Greatmats discusses whether 8mm rubber flooring is a good size thickness for gyms, 8mm is the same as 5/16 and great for most gyms.
Can You Cover A Wheelchair Ramp With Rubber?
A wheelchair ramp can be covered with rubber to deliver a non-skid surface that will not rot or rust.
What Is The Best Faux Wood Gym Floor?
Greatmats identifies the best faux wood gym floor options made from materials like plastic, foam and/or vinyl.
How Much Thickness Should You Plan For A Dance Floor?
Dance floor thickness can vary depending on the type of material and the type of fatigue relief, and clearance you'll need. Find a variety of dance floors at Greatmats.
Do You Need Special Flooring For Cable Machine Workouts?
Greatmats answers the question do you need special flooring for cable machine workouts and identifies suitable products.
Ice Arena Floor Covering - Rubber Mats and Rolls
What makes the best ice rink floor mats? Compare rubber stall mats with interlocking rubber tiles and rolled rubber ice rink floor systems.
What Type Of Flooring Is Best For A Food Truck?
Greatmats identifies a few products that are perfect for food truck flooring, including rubber and vinyl options.
What Are The Best Rubber Utility Flooring Options
Greatmats compiles a list of the best rubber utility flooring options that are affordable and easy to install.
What Is the Best Calisthenic Mat?
Find out what the best calisthenic mats are for at-home workouts that use the resistance of body weights.
How Large Are Karate Mats And What Size Is Right For You?
Karate mats, at Greatmats, are the best quality and are great for competitions. Easy to install karate mats come in puzzle foam mats, rolls, and are easy to build.
Do You Need Special Flooring For Belly Dancing?
Belly dance flooring for studio training or stage performances can be found at
The Best Dance Flooring For Hiplet: Hip Hop Ballet
Hiplet dance, also known as hip hop ballet is a fun cross between hip hop and ballet. Find the best hiplet dance flooring at
What is the Best Squat Rack Mat: Top 5 Flooring Options
For anyone who is serious about outfitting their weight lifting workout space, a squat rack mat is a must have. Here are top options to consider.
Which Artificial Turf Products Are Available In Blue?
Greatmats identifies the best blue colored turf options and there are a variety of indoor and outdoor products.
How To Build A Disco Party Dance Floor?
Disco party dance flooring can be a really fun task, that when you select the right products, can also be an easy process.
The Top 5 Gymnastics Mats on a Budget
Provide superior safety for your gymnasts with our top 5 affordable gymnastics mats.
What are the Best Box Jump Mats?
Learn what the best mats are for box jumps. Greatmats identifies 6 top products used for crossfit workouts and exercises like box jumps.
BJJ Open Guard Pass Technique with Comprido
Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros shows how to pass an open guard in this video tutorial.
Cheer Mats - What Are They Made Of?
Cheer mats for competition tumbling, stunting and practice all serve a similar purpose, but their materials and construction may vary.