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Rosco Adagio Touring Dance Marley

By Greatmats Staff Created: May, 2019 - Modified: July, 2021

Your dance floor – whether you’re touring, teaching, or building your own home studio – is one of the most essential elements that contributes to your safety and success as a dancer. Our marley dance floor combines the top quality you need as a dancer with easy portability and installation, making it one of the more versatile dance flooring options.

Why the Marley Dance Floor Is Ideal for Dancers

Vinyl marley dance floor is designed with dancers’ needs in mind. Our Rosco Adagio Tour marley dance floor is highly versatile. It’s suitable for use as a portable tap dance floor, as well as for all dance types, including ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. It’s durable enough to withstand both hard and soft shoe use.

The Rosco Adagio Tour flooring offers the same qualities as our standard Adagio by Rosco flooring, but it’s thinner and more portable. As a result, this lightweight dance floor is ideal for touring, theatrical applications, and other situations where a temporary installation is preferable.

How to Install the Rosco Adagio Tour Marley Dance Floor

You can install this flooring yourself. You can lay it over a hard, flat surface. The roll is designed to lay flat quickly for an easy installation. Its matte, non-reflective surface looks ideal in any performance environment, and the flooring’s flexible design makes it easy to unroll and re-roll.

When installing the flooring, you’ll want to tape down the edges for security. You can install it over surfaces like concrete and even carpeting, but be sure to add an appropriate subfloor in between. Choosing a quality subfloor will help with shock absorption, stability and rebound, creating your ideal dance surface.

When the floor is not in use, roll it up around a properly-size core, tube or pipe and store it in an upright standing position. Laying the flooring roll flat can make the roll flatten, possibly resulting in rippling in the material. It's typically a good ideas to save the core it has been shipped with if you plan to use your marley as a portable or temporary surface.

Top Reasons to Invest in Rosco Adagio Tour Flooring

Rosco Adagio Tour flooring is a worthwhile investment for many professional dancers. It’s suitable for use as a home practice space you’ll use when you can’t get to the studio, allowing you to perfect your skills and get that extra practice time in.

It’s also an ideal investment for touring dance groups. When you’re able to bring your dance floor with you, you’ll always know that you’ll be dancing on a quality floor that offers the exact feel and response that you need. Because you’ll already be familiar with the floor’s performance, your dancing performances can be more consistent and enjoyable. You’ll also have the advantage of being able to create your own floor in nearly any performance environment, including at fairs and festivals that may lack a professional dance floor.

This portable dance floor is also an excellent investment for schools, theaters, and performance venues. Because it can be temporarily installed, it can increase the versatility of a stage, allowing that venue to accommodate more artists in a professional manner.

All of these benefits can help to justify the cost of a marley dance floor, especially one as helpful as the Rosco Adagio Tour floor. That investment can pay off in more performance opportunities, better dancing, and enhanced practice options.

Can you tap dance on a marley floor?

Yes, you can tap dance on a marley floor, but we suggest using our full thickness Adagio flooring for daily tap dancing, since it’s a thicker, more durable option. The Adagio Tour flooring is suitable for touring, occasional performances, and less frequent use.

If you wear aluminum taps, they can leave black oxidation marks on any marley flooring. These marks stand out more against grey flooring, so we recommend avoiding the gray flooring when tap dancing. If you use steel taps, they won’t leave behind black marks. Keep in mind that all tap shoes will leave some non-colored markings on the flooring surface. If you notice that the tabs are causing abnormal or excessive wear, then be sure to check that the screws are tight.

Will the flooring scuff up?

You might notice some shoe marks when you first use your marley flooring, but this is to be expected. Scuffs result when friction exists between the shoe and the floor’s grip. Your shiny new floor makes each scuff noticeable, but as you continue to use the floor, those scuffs will blend into the floor’s patina.

Can you put marley over carpet?

Carpet can make a great subfloor for your dance floor. Rather than install marley rolls directly over carpet, we recommend installing our EZ Portable Dance Floor. This floor creates a more stable base and is designed to prevent slipping and sliding on carpet.

Or you can lay down a layer of our flat top court tiles over the carpet and install a layer of Rosco Adagio Marley on top of the court tiles.

How do you disinfect marley dance floors?

When cleaning these marley floors, be sure to only use Rosco floor cleaner to maintain the floor’s warranty.