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The Best Home Gym Mats - Comparing Rubber, Foam and PVC Gym Mats

By Julia Nass Created: March, 2017 - Modified: February, 2024

Working out shouldn't have to be a chore. You should be able to exercise when you feel like it and be able to practice your sport spontaneously. Going to the gym, however, can be difficult to fit into a busy day. Navigating traffic, crowds, and gym costs can quickly become more exhausting than the workout itself.

The easiest solution to all that stress is a home gym. Sounds fancy, right? It doesn't need to be. With home gym mats, this option is no longer just for the rich and famous. Creating a personal workout space can be simple, affordable, and even portable. All you need is a hard surface on which to put mats down and a little room to move and ... Voila! You're ready to have all the exercise freedom you want.

Options for Home Gym Mats

Greatmats offers three formats for the best gym mats:

  1. Gym floor tiles
  2. Flooring rolls
  3. Exercise/gymnastics mats

We also offer these workout mats and flooring options in three different materials:
  1. Rubber
  2. Foam
  3. PVC plastic

Each of these best mats for a home gym has specific benefits, especially depending on the activity. However, there is one thing that each mat has in common: They are high quality, easy to move and install, and easy on the wallet.

There are several different kinds of modular tiles available for home gym floors, including foam, rubber, and plastic. Floor tiles provide one of the easiest installation processes and make removal and relocation extremely simple. With the following variety of materials and sizes, you can choose what would work best for you.

Rubber Gym Mats

interlocking rubber mats for gyms

Rubber flooring is ideal for use as a workout floor, thanks to its durability, longevity, wear resistance, and noise absorption.

Interlocking Gmats Rubber Tiles

Our Interlocking Gmats Rubber Tiles are among the most durable floor mats for home gym options we offer. They cater to a variety of activities, including weightlifting and circuit training. Not only can they withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment, such as weight machines or treadmills, but the tight-fitting seams are protective of the surface underneath. Interlocking rubber floor tiles are one of the easiest ways to install a rubber floor, and seams will virtually disappear after use.

Rubber Flooring Rolls

Our Rubber Flooring Rolls are another common choice for multi-purpose fitness and exercise locales. It's hands down one of the most cost-effective home gym floor mats. Flooring rolls come in a standard size of 4x10 feet, but a wide variety of thicknesses are available. Further, you can always custom order a different size. Some flooring rolls are more dense and sturdy, while others are more porous to allow for more cushion and shock absorption.

Sundance Straight Edge Mats

For the most durable option in rubber flooring, our Sundance Straight Edge Mats are a popular choice. When laid end to end or side to side, these 4x6 foot horse stall mats cover a large space at a reasonable price. They can withstand the force of dropped barbells and dumbbells, while also cutting down on unwanted noise. They’re not just for use with horses!

Foam Gym Mats

interlocking foam mats for gyms

Foam is comfortable, value-priced, and more durable than you may think.

Home Gym Flooring Tiles

Our Home Gym Flooring Tiles use an interlocking edge to simplify the installation process. They have a pebble-top texture to help athletes avoid slipping during workouts. All the foam tiles Greatmats offers are waterproof, slip-resistant, and consist of premium-quality material.

Home Sport and Play Foam Tiles

Our Home Sport and Play Foam Tiles are consistently a top choice for martial arts flooring. Home gym foam mats are soft and comfortable and provide both cushion and insulation. They come in a variety of thicknesses and textures. Many of our foam tiles offer color variety, so you can get creative with customizing your home gym. These particular Sport and Play tiles are reversible with different colors on each side.

Roll Out Wrestling MMA Mats

If playtime or athletic workouts at your home get a little rambunctious, our Roll Out Wrestling MMA Mats have the cushioning you need to keep everyone safe. Each mat uses a 1.25-inch thick foam padding attached to a vinyl top layer, yielding the best mix of stability and cushioning to protect against falls. (A carpet top layer is available, too.) With a 5x10 foot coverage size, there’s plenty of room for workouts. You can select among eight colors in the vinyl color when you want to add a splash of style.

4x8 Folding Gym Mats

Our 4x8 Folding Gym Mats is an extremely popular choice for high-impact sports such as tumbling, cheerleading, and gymnastics. However, they have enough cushion to be comfortable for any floor exercise. Folding gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. All are made with 18-oz coated vinyl with double-stitched seams and thick polyethylene (PE) foam, which promises extreme durability, shock absorption, and comfort.

Other Flooring Options

interlocking foam mats for gyms

Home gym floors made from PVC plastic are highly popular among our customers.

StayLock PVC Plastic Tiles

Our StayLock PVC Plastic Tiles present the strength and durability of rubber with the cushion and comfort of foam. Greatmats' interlocking PVC gym flooring tiles for home gym floors offer superior ergonomic benefits with anti-fatigue cushioning and bounce support. Therefore, they are another fantastic option for all-around fitness. Our PVC gym mat options come in two textures, bump top and orange peel. Both are aesthetically pleasing, non-slip, and hardwearing.

Let Greatmats Help With Your Home Gym Mats Purchase

The best at-home gym mats don’t have to be boring or run-of-the-mill to yield the level of performance that you want. When you rely on Greatmats to deliver your gym mats for home, we offer almost any size, material, and color that you could want. Our team of flooring experts is ready to help you make the perfect product choice. Reach out today for advice on finding the best home gym mats.