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Do You Need Dance Flooring for an Online Ballet Class?
Greatmats discusses if you need to use dance flooring for an online ballet class and what style of flooring you should use.
What Makes Rubber Flooring The Best For A Ski Resort
Greatmats discusses using rubber rolls or tiles as an option for ski resort flooring that is water and slip resistant.
What Is The Best Flooring For Stair Stepper Workouts?
Stair stepper machine workout flooring and gym floor tiles can be found at
Professional Home Ballet Dance Flooring - Timmorie Freeman Testimonial
Professional ballet dancer Timmorie Freeman equips home dance studio with Greatmats marley and dance subflooring for online courses during COVID-19 distancing.
What Are The Common Dimensions Of Turf Softball Fields?
Greatmats discusses the dimensions of turf softball fields that should be adhered to according to age variations.
What Are The 5 Best Gym Mats For Home Exercise?
The best gym mats for home exercises vary depending on location and type of exercises you'll be doing. Here are Greatmats top 5 picks.
What Are The Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring?
Discover the benefits and drawback of laminate flooring including everything from where you can install laminate to how easy its is to clean and refinish.
What's the best flooring for an exercise room?
Greatmats identifies the best flooring options for a home exercise room based on environment, use, workout type and desired look of the workout room floor.
How Do You Cut Marley Dance Flooring?
Cutting marley dance flooring is easy. Our guide can help you install it in a home, studio or stage. Install multiple rolls side by side with vinyl tape.
What Are The Average Dimensions Of A Turf T-Ball Field?
Greatmats discusses the average dimensions of a turf t-ball field and identifies multiple turf options.
How To Measure Flooring: Square Or Linear Feet & Interlock Loss
Greatmats discusses how to measure your rooms to determine how much flooring you will need and what you need to consider.
How To Clean Indoor Gym Turf Products
Greatmats discusses how to clean and maintain indoor gym turf for exercise facilities and schools and even sporting centers.
What Are The Best Garage Dojo Mats?
Garage dojo mats are great for practicing your martial arts, aikido, karate, and dojo skills.
Top 5 Workout Mats on a Budget
It should not cost an arm and a leg to get strong arms and legs - find budget friendly gym mats for exercise!
What Is The Best Artificial Field Hockey Turf?
Greatmats talks about the best artificial field hockey turf and how to choose the what product will work for you.
What To Look For In Mats For Sambo Martial Arts?
Greatmats discusses what qualities to look for in Sambo martial arts mats to keep all participants safe.
Virgin Rubber vs. Recycled Rubber Gym Flooring
Compare virgin rubber gym flooring with recycled rubber, including plyometric rubber, for athletic, fitness and weight training mats.
What makes rubber the best ice arena floor covering?
Rubber flooring used for ice arena coverings offers a thermal barrier for the cold concrete surrounding the ice. Learn about 3 options for ice &amp; skating arenas.
What Is The Significance of Red Kitchen Mats?
Greatmats discusses why red kitchen mats are significant and what a red color application means, which generally is a grease resistant feature.
What Are The Best Portable Grass Mats For Indoor Gaga Ball Pits?
Gaga ball pit synthetic turf and fake grass tiles can be found at
Can Corkball Be Played On Turf Products & Which Ones Are Best?
Greatmats identifies a number of artificial turf products that can be used for corkball which is very similar to baseball.
The Best Mats For Brazilian Martial Arts
Brazilian martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu mats can be found at
Can You Pressure Wash Rubber Mats?
Rubber mats are great for easy cleaning like pressure washing.
Why Is Marley the Best Flooring for a Dance Studio?
Greatmats discusses what is the best flooring for a dance studio and what qualities to look for in dance flooring.