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What Are The Best Home Gym Mats?
Home gym mats come in many forms. Find the best gym mats for sale at Greatmats, whether interlocking puzzle or folding panel mats.
What's the Best Flooring for Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise flooring comes in many forms that can offer cushion, style and easy installation in both commercial and residential workout spaces.
Personal Space Fitness Testimonial - Plyometric Rubber Rolls
St. Louis small group fitness gym find relief with plyometric rubber gym flooring the owners were able to install themselves.
The Best Flooring For Dancercise
Dancercise is an all-encompassing genre of exercise that is popular for people of all ages, and it combines dance and workout moves choreographed to music.
What Matting System Is Best For A Circuit Workout?
Circuit workout flooring for home for commercial gym can be found at Greatmats.
What mat texture is best for judo?
Greatmats discusses the best mat texture for judo practice, training and competition. A tatami textured surface is preferred by some and others prefer a smooth surface.
What Is The Best Vinyl Wood Flooring: Rolls, Peel and Stick, Planks
Vinyl wood flooring is great for giving your home a luxury look at an affordable cost.
What is the Best Treadmill Mat Over Carpet or Concrete?
Greatmats identifies multiple options for treadmill mats that can be used over carpet or concrete floors, under treadmills, in your exercise room or home gym.
What Is The Best Waterproof Wood Flooring Alternative?
Waterproof wood flooring comes in laminate, foam and vinyl. They are affordable and easy to install. Works great in bathrooms or any space needing protection from water.
What's the Difference Between Rubber and Foam Gym Mats?
Greatmats discusses the differences are between rubber and foam gym mats and the best uses for each.
What To Look For In A Halloween Party Dance Floor
Greatmats discusses what important features to look for in Halloween party dance flooring.
The Best Workout Flooring For Home And Commercial Exercise Rooms
Workout room flooring and exercise room flooring are great for home, commercial gym, or hotel gym settings.
Jiu Jitsu Safety Wall Pads & Foam Rolls- Ben Tallini Testimonial
Ben Tallini, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach, purchased safety wall pads and a foam roll underlayment to create a safe space for his students to protect from injuries during classes
Does Artificial Turf Get Hot?
Greatmats addresses the question if artificial turf gets hot by performing outdoor temperature tests on 44 samples for outdoor turf.
What Is the Best Garage Dance Studio Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best garage dance studio flooring and shares the stories of a few families that have created studios in their garages.
What Size Floor Mats Are Most Popular For Home Entrances?
Greatmats identifies a number of floor mats that are perfect sizes for home entrances like 2x3 or 5x8 or larger.
What is the Best Flooring for a Basement Home Gym?
Basement gym flooring comes in a variety of styles and works great over concrete or carpet. Greamats offers these gym floor mats at a great price and easy assembly.
What Are The Best Plastic Mats With Holes?
Greatmats identifies 6 popular plastic mats with holes in them for various indoor or outdoor purposes.
What Makes Rubber Flooring The Best For A Ski Resort
Greatmats discusses using rubber rolls or tiles as an option for ski resort flooring that is water and slip resistant.
How to Clean Cheer Mats - Disinfecting and Sanitizing
Cleaning cheer mats is often as simple as a vacuum and or damp rag or sponge. You can even use disinfecting wipes on occasion to maintain they hygiene of your mats.
Do You Need Dance Flooring for an Online Ballet Class?
Greatmats discusses if you need to use dance flooring for an online ballet class and what style of flooring you should use.
What Is The Best Flooring For Stair Stepper Workouts?
Stair stepper machine workout flooring and gym floor tiles can be found at
Professional Home Ballet Dance Flooring - Timmorie Freeman Testimonial
Professional ballet dancer Timmorie Freeman equips home dance studio with Greatmats marley and dance subflooring for online courses during COVID-19 distancing.
What Are The 5 Best Gym Mats For Home Exercise?
The best gym mats for home exercises vary depending on location and type of exercises you'll be doing. Here are Greatmats top 5 picks.