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beachbody workout flooring thumbnail
What Kind Of Flooring Is Best For Beachbody Workouts?
Beachbody workouts are a great way to get exersize from home. Check out greatmats for beachbody workout flooring and mats.
The Best Luxury Gym Flooring Vs. Budget-Friendly Gym Flooring thumbnail
Where To Buy Luxury Gym Flooring Vs. Budget-Friendly Gym Flooring
Home gym flooring can be found in many different styles, features, and buedgets that will suit every home gym, even over xarpet
Pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring thumbnail
What Are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring for home or commercial installations.
Mother's Day Gift Ideas thumbnail
What Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts?
Greatmats give you some great ideas for what are the best Mother's Day gifts.
disco party dance floor thumbnail
How To Build A Disco Party Dance Floor?
Disco party dance flooring can be a really fun task, that when you select the right products, can also be an easy process.
stylish carpet tiles for basement thumbnail
Is Carpet In A Basement Considered Stylish?
Greatmats discusses whether carpet for a basement floor is considered stylish as it is a classic flooring style for basements.
luxury vinyl plank flooring thumbnail
Factors That Affect Vinyl Flooring Expansion
Greatmats addresses the question of whether vinyl flooring can expand or not and how to remedy that expansion.
easy faux wood commercial laminate flooring thumbnail
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Faux Wood Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the pros and cons of faux wood flooring, from cost effectiveness to required maintenance.
apartment floor tiles thumbnail
What Is The Best Temporary Flooring For Renters?
Temporary flooring for renters is a great cost effective solution. The tile comes in carpet, wood, or plastic. They work great over carpet, concrete, and linoleum.
turf on balcony with drainage tile underneath thumbnail
Can You Put Turf On A Balcony?
Greatmats identifies a couple options for putting turf on a balcony which can use drainage tiles underneath.
best tiles for basement floor thumbnail
What Is the Best Tile for a Basement Floor?
The best basement tiles from Greatmats are cheap, waterproof, and easy to install.
StayLock Bump Top Interlock thumbnail
Staylock PVC Floor Tiles for Basements
Basement flooring tiles that is flexible and waterproof with a raised base. Staylock interlocking PVC basement tiles are perfect for basement flooring.
how to stagger vinyl plank flooring thumbnail
How To Stagger Vinyl Plank Flooring
Greatmats discusses how to stagger vinyl plank flooring to achieve the look of a staggered installation.
entryway carpet  thumbnail
Carpet Tiles And Mats Materials
Carpet tiles are made from materials such as peel and stick, raised carpet tiles, modular carpet tiles, and foam carpet.
Nursery Flooring EVA Foam Tiles thumbnail
What are the safest nursery flooring options?
Soft nursery flooring is a great way to keep your new addition safe and comfortable. Check out these top options for nursery floors.
How Thick are Laminate flooring Tiles? thumbnail
How Thick Are Laminate Flooring Tiles?
Greatmats discusses how thick laminate flooring tiles are on average, from peel and stick to raised tiles.
roll out cheer mats for martial arts training classes thumbnail
Which Martial Arts Mats Are Best For Kali Martial Arts?
Greatmats identifies a number of martial arts mats that are best for kali martial arts because they are heavy duty.
golf waterproof artificial turf thumbnail
Is Artificial Turf Waterproof?
Waterproof artificial turf can be used for indoor and outdoor use. Find the best waterproof turf at Greatmats.
Interlocking Plush Carpet Tile Features & Benefits
Interlocking plush carpet tiles are perfect for basements and trade shows. Greatmats royal interlocking carpet tile is the best puzzle style carpet square.
what is cost to replace flooring with diy labor in garage thumbnail
What Is The Cost To Replace Flooring With DIY Labor?
Greatmats discusses what it costs to replace flooring when you do it yourself and use different flooring.
Children's play area in basement thumbnail
Top 5 Budget Basement Flooring Ideas
Instantly transform your cold basement into a desirable living space with these budget basement floors options. Choose between foam, rubber & carpet tiles & mats.
thick plush carpet tiles thumbnail
How Thick Are Plush Carpet Tiles?
At Greatmats, we carry several plush carpet tiles in varying thicknesses that offer many benefits.
Super Grip Ripple Tile Pool Decking thumbnail
Most Slip Resistant Pool Deck Tiles
Greatmats offers several swimming pool deck tiles with superior protection against slips and falls. Take a look at the top pool deck tile options.
the best home gym flooring thumbnail
What Kind Of Floor Is Best For Online Fitness Classes?
Online fitness classe and virtual fitness class flooring can be found in rubber, wood vinyl, and artificial grass turf, at