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What Are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts?

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2021 - Modified: June, 2023

  1. What Is the Easiest Homemade Flooring to Install for a Playroom?

  2. Is It Easy to Install Carpet Tiles or Wood Grain Tiles Myself?

  3. What Types of Flooring Are Comfortable for a Home Exercise Room for Mom?

Mother’s Day gifts often fall into one of two categories: Sentimental or practical. When you want the best practical gift that a mom or grandma will truly appreciate, consider installing a new type of flooring for her.

Any of a few different types of flooring will serve as a way to give your mother or wife unique Mother’s Day gifts that they can appreciate all year around.

  • Kids playroom flooring: First time moms will appreciate a kids room flooring that ensures their toddler son or daughter can play safely, even if they fall occasionally.
  • Stylish DIY flooring: Moms may want to redo the flooring in a bedroom or basement. So the idea of using flooring tiles to make a new floor for her that has a stylish look can result in practical Mother’s Day gifts that she will appreciate for years to come.
  • Workout flooring: Perhaps your wife or adult daughter has been wishing for a workout space that also can serve as an oasis. The gift of giving her time for herself by laying out new flooring in her exercise room may be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever.

What Is the Easiest Homemade Flooring to Install for a Playroom?

When seeking Mother’s Day gifts of easy to install flooring for a child’s playroom, look toward an interlocking foam mat with puzzle edges. For ease of installation, EVA foam tiles have a number of benefits, including:

  • Lightweight for carrying into place
  • Puzzle style edging pops together quickly
  • A single person can do the install
  • Easily cut tiles to fit tight to a wall

Try the Wood Grain Martial Arts Premium Mat for a safe play area. Each tile measures 1 inch in thickness, so moms and grandmothers will appreciate the cushioning in case the child falls while playing. Quickly transform a basement or a spare bedroom into a safe, fun playroom with these. (It’s also stable enough to make a great yoga floor.)
Wood Grain Martial Arts Premium Mat
As an added advantage of these, each piece measures 1-by-1 meter, which means each tile covers more than 10 square feet, speeding up the installation process. These tiles ship in multiple colors, including wood grain, with a reversible design, so the installer can create almost any desired look.

Is It Easy to Install Carpet Tiles or Wood Grain Tiles Myself?

For Mother’s Day gifts, if your wife or mother would prefer a type of flooring that transforms the look of a room, you may want to consider an easy-to-install faux wood or carpet tile design. These tiles have puzzle edges that pop together with little effort, giving you the opportunity to lay out a great looking floor without the need to hire a professional.

The Foam Tile Wood Grain product has a textured finish that makes it resemble a real wood floor after completing the layout.
Foam Tile Wood Grain
Multiple wood grain finishes and colors are available with this puzzle edge foam product, allowing customers to find just the right look for the room. Each tile measures 2-by-2 feet to ensure a fast layout.

If laying out a roll of carpet to transform the look of a room seems like a daunting task, the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile product is a far easier solution to use. These tiles pop together with a puzzle style edge in almost no time at all and with no experience required. Installers need no glue to complete the layout.
Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile
The Royal brand offers six different colors of carpet, allowing the installer to generate just the right look. Best of all, the manufacturer has attached each piece of carpet to a foam backing, which generates cushioning without the need to add a roll of foam underlayment, such as must occur with a roll of carpet.

What Types of Flooring Are Comfortable for a Home Exercise Room for Mom?

Home gyms need a flooring that has some comfort to protect the lower joints of the athlete. So when mom is working out, look for a flooring with softness and durability.

Athletic flooring installations used as Mother’s Day gifts also need to be easy to install, so there’s no need to hire a professional installer. For a clean looking installation in an interlocking floor, try the StayLock Tile Orange Peel Top.
StayLock Tile Orange Peel Top
These StayLock tiles work nicely for almost any kind of workout, as the texture delivers a sure footing for the athlete. Consisting of PVC plastic, they have a softness similar to EVA foam and a durability similar to rubber.

When mom will be working out while lying down, such as for floor exercises like crunches, the 4x8 Foot Foldable Discount Gym Mat is a great choice for maximum cushioning levels.
4x8 Foot Foldable Discount Gym Mat
This mat has 1-3/8 inches of thickness, using a comfortable, soft foam. A 15.5-ounce vinyl covers the foam, giving it the longevity and stability needed for workouts.