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Best Rubber Gym Flooring for Plyometrics thumbnail
What Are The 3 Best Rubber Mats for Home Gyms?
Take a look at the best rubber mats and flooring for home gyms. These rubber gym flooring systems have excellent durability and easy installation.
turf specs include pile height and colors thumbnail
What Are The Key Specs for Artificial Turf?
Greatmats discusses a number of key turf specs to help you understand how that product will perform and whether it’s a good fit for your needs.
sonya smith on greatmats portable outdoor tent event floor tiles thumbnail
Sonya Smith On Portable Outdoor Event Tiles
When Sonya Smith purchased Greatmats’ Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles for an outdoor music event, she thoroughly tested the tiles before putting them to use.
rubber roof walkway pads thumbnail
How Are Rubber Roof Pads, Mats, or Tiles Used for Flat Roof Walkways?
Greatmats offers high-quality rubber matting, perfect for making a flat roof walkway.
Best Tap Fitness Flooring - Portable Tap Dance Floor Kit 3x3 thumbnail
What Is The Best Tap Fitness Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what is the best flooring for tap fitness, a tap dance based fitness workout, and recommends 3 dance floor options for tap fitness flooring.
foam mats flooring for physical therapy school thumbnail
What's The Best Flooring For Physical Therapy Schools?
Greatmats identifies flooring options for physical therapy schools that are durable, versatile and simple to maintain.
balance ball exercise flooring  thumbnail
What's The Best Flooring For Balance Ball Exercises?
The best flooring for balance ball exercises can be found at
Blue StayLock Perforated Tile thumbnail
How To Install StayLock Perforated Deck and Playground Tiles
Installation of StayLock Perforated Tiles Made Easy - How to install these deck and playground tiles.
rubber pavers for a sidewalk thumbnail
Can You Make A Rubber Sidewalk Out Of Paver Tiles
Greatmats discusses how you can use paver tiles to create a rubber sidewalk which provides a cushioned surface.
Large Grappling BJJ Puzzle Mats thumbnail
How Large Are Grappling Mats?
Grappling mats are available in various sizes, both small and large. Greatmats has many large mat and custom size options.
rubber flooring rolls in various lengths thumbnail
How Long Are Rubber Flooring Rolls?
Greatmats discusses the various lengths that rubber flooring rolls are available which include 10,25, 35, 50 and also some custom cut lengths.
outdoor tent wedding flooring tiles thumbnail
What Type Of Flooring Is Good For An Outdoor Tent Wedding
Greatmats discusses some of the top qualities for an outdoor tent wedding and what type of outdoor event flooring works best.
How do you maintain artificial grass thumbnail
How to Maintain Artificial Grass
How to maintain artificial grass? Here are a few tips on cleaning, maintenance and and what to avoid with artificial turf products.
Residential Exercise Room Flooring thumbnail
Residential Exercise Room Flooring Tile Options And Ideas
Residential gym flooring options and ideas for your home. Use home gym flooring on basement floors or spare rooms to create workout space in your home.
Rubber Pig Stall Mats thumbnail
Where To Find Rubber Pig Stall Mats
Rubber pig stall mats add comfort and ease of cleaning to indoor pens, allowing you to keep your sows, boars and piglets safe.
How long do horse stall mats last? thumbnail
How Long Do Horse Stall Mats Last?
Greatmats identifies top factors to determine how long horse stall mats will last. Thickness, high quality and proper care will extend longevity of stall mats.
best floor mats for rhythmic gymnastics thumbnail
What Are The Best Mats For Rhythmic Gymnastics?
Greatmats identifies a number of roll out mat options that are used for rhythmic gymnastics.
Best indoor soccer field turf thumbnail
What's the Best Indoor Soccer Turf?
Greatmats identifies the best indoor soccer turf options that is safe, durable and similar to real grass.
determining costs of artificial grass thumbnail
How Much Is Artificial Grass? Calculating the Expense of Turf
Calculating the cost of artificial grass will mean taking several factors in to consideration. The price of artificial grass turf isn't just limited to the tag.
PVC Plastic is the Best Terrace Floor Surface thumbnail
What Is The Best Surface For A Terrace Floor?
The best surfaces for a terrace floor include interlocking tiles made of rubber and plastic.
cheer tumbling mats thumbnail
What is the Best Cheer Mat Thickness?
Choosing the right thickness of cheer mats can be critical to the safety of your athlete. Learn which cheer mat thickness and style is right for each activity.
Michael Rodrigues at the Escrima Seminar thumbnail
Martial Arts Inspiring Story - Michael Rodriguez- Pukulan Pencak Silat
Compton man responds to being attacked on a bus by researching different forms of martial arts on YouTube.
Folding exercise mat  thumbnail
How Large Do Folding Mats Get?
Folding exercise mats come in many different sizes and thicknesses. Greatmats gymnastics mats come in single fold, bifold, and trifold.
Best jiu jitsu mats for home thumbnail
What Are The Five Best Home Jiu Jitsu Mats?
When looking for the best home jiu jitsu mats, consider size, thickness, impact absorption, surface texture and storage.