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How Are Rubber Roof Pads, Mats, or Tiles Used for Flat Roof Walkways?

By Kyle Schurman Created: June, 2024

If you have a fear of heights, the thought of climbing onto your home’s peaked roof – let alone walking around on it – seems like a really bad idea. However, if you have a home or commercial building with a flat roof, you know that walking on it is a necessity. You can use rubber walkway pads, mats, and tiles to create a much safer walking space, but how do you construct this type of walkway?

How to Create a Roof Walkway

roof walkway pads

Follow these tips to create your roof walkway out of mats, pads, and tiles.

  • Always start and end the path at primary access points to the flat roof. Don’t make someone take a few steps on the membrane before they reach the path.
  • Install the walkway well away from the edge of the roof or from any trip hazards. If the path must be close to the edge, you’ll want railings or other fall protection items in place.
  • Create a walkway that’s highly visible. Use a contrasting color to the roof membrane or add high-visibility colors like yellow on the edges of the path.
  • Try to keep the walkway’s design as straight as possible. People who are not paying complete attention to where they’re walking may not see a curve or corner until it’s too late.
  • Base the width of the path on the type of work being done. A 24-inch wide path is usually adequate for occasional foot traffic. You may want to go 36 inches or wider if people are regularly carrying equipment along the path.

Use only extremely durable and long-lasting materials to create the rubber roof walkway. You do not want to have to replace these items regularly or risk someone tripping on worn-out products. Thick rubber mats, tiles, and pads work nicely for this process because of the excellent durability they offer.

Why You Need a Flat Roof Walkway

roof walkway mats

Multiple reasons exist for laying out roof walkway pads, mats, or tiles on your flat roof.

Protecting the Roof Membrane

Most flat roof buildings have a rubber roof membrane installed. This thin material resists rain and moves it to the gutter system. It prevents water from leaking into your home or building.

While you can occasionally walk on most membranes, it’s only recommended in emergency situations. The rubber roof membrane is not made for regular foot traffic or to survive the weight of heavy gear being carried over it or installed directly on it.

You can use the rubber roof walkway path to create safe zones to walk across the membrane.

Servicing Mechanical Equipment

If technicians need to be able to service an air conditioning unit or other equipment installed on the flat roof, roof walkway pads allow them to reach the equipment safely.

Preventing Noise and Vibration

When you use portions of your flat rooftop to operate mechanical equipment, you may hear noise or feel vibration inside the building. Installing rooftop walkway pads underneath the equipment helps to absorb noise and vibration, thanks to the natural properties of thick rubber tiles, pads, or mats.

Creating a Path to a Rooftop Patio

If you have a rooftop patio area on a section of your flat roof, you may need to create a safe walkway to allow people to move across the rubber membrane area and onto the patio area.

By using rubber flooring to create the path, you create a slip-resistant surface that feels safer – even for people who may be a bit leery about walking on a flat roof.

Top Features in Roof Walkway Mats

rubber roof walkway matting

Rubber roof walkway mats offer several key features that make them an ideal selection for this type of installation.

  • They can withstand freeze-thaw conditions, allowing you to leave them in place during any time of the year.
  • Rubber is naturally slip-resistant, even when it’s wet, ensuring a safer space.
  • These mats can withstand constant sunlight without breaking down prematurely, which is a must for a product being used on a flat roof.
  • They rarely need glue for the installation, as they’re heavy enough to remain in place, even in high winds.
  • They are thick enough to protect the rubber roof membrane from foot traffic, while also protecting the zone near other key areas on the roof, like access doors, hatches, and skylights.

Trust Greatmats for the Best Roof Walkway Pads

When you want to purchase the best roof walkway pads for your flat roofs, you can trust Greatmats to deliver the highest-quality matting for your space. Our roof floor systems protect your roof membrane while delivering anti-slip protection that you can trust to enjoy your roof patio or to access your mechanical gear stored on the roof.

If you’d like some help deciding on the right product that fits your needs and the style and size of your roof, reach out to the roof walkway pads experts on the Greatmats customer service team today.