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How Can I Protect A Golf Simulator Ceiling?
Greatmats offers a few products that can be used to protect a golf simulator ceiling, mostly foam mats.
What Are The Best Mats For Japanese Martial Arts?
Japanese martial arts, or budo, including karate, aikido, iaido, and judo, rely heavily on striking techniques and employ mats to protect against fatigue and injury.
What's the Best Flooring for a Lake House?
What are the best indoor and outdoor flooring options for a Lake House? Here are 5 options that can work for any cabin.
Folding Martial Arts Mats for Fall Training and Ground Fighting
Greatmats 5x10 ft by 2 inch folding mats are great for fall training in martial arts such as judo, hapkido, jiujitsu and aikido
Noise Reduction Workout Mats For Hybrid Fitness
Cross fitness flooring that will reduce noise and the complaints associated with that noise. Sound proof rubber gym flooring tiles as tested at CrossFit Duluth.
What Kind of Mats Help With Backbends and Back Walkovers?
Greatmats identifies a number of typed of mats that help with backbends and back walkovers including incline wedges and octagon mats.
Snowmobile Shed Flooring Ideas
Discover some great snowmobile shed flooring ideas that include pvc plastic or rubber products.
Tent Floor Mat and Campsite Flooring Ideas
EVA Foam Tent Floor Mats can add cushion and comfort to your sleeping space while modular outdoor tiles make great campsite flooring outdoors.
What Is The Best Under Pool Mat?
Greatmats offers a number of under pool foundation mat options from which to choose - all of which are designed to perform well for years of summer fun.
How to Clean and Jerk: Fitness Training Video Part 6
Learn how to clean and jerk from CrossFit specialist Dale Collison. The clean and jerk is an olympic lift designed to mimic putting a heavy object above your head.
What Are The Best Martial Arts Tricking Mats?
When looking for the best martial arts tricking mats, you have to consider the desired thickness.
What Chinese Martial Arts Benefit From The Use Of Mats?
Chinese martial arts is Kung Fu, also referred to as Wushu, Gonfu, Kuo Shu, or Wing Chun.
How to Make a Temporary Pool Deck
Greatmats discusses how to make a temporary pool deck, using modular tiles, that can be easily taken down or moved.
Installing Outdoor Artificial Grass Turf for Residential Homes
Greatmats lays out the steps for installing residential artificial grass for lawns and yards. Grass turf is becoming a very popular choice for homeowners.
What makes the best dog crate floor protection mat?
Greatmats identifies products that make the best dog crate floor protection for underneath dog crates. The floor will be protected from the frequent scratches or damage.
Kids Basement Playroom Flooring Options and Ideas
Waterproof playroom basement flooring options can be great flooring for kids game rooms and can be easily installed over concrete.
What Is A Cheer Dead Mat?
Cheer dead mats require a different way of landing as they have no spring to them. They are however still very useful for cheerleading training and competition.
What Are The Best Mats For Israeli Martial Arts?
Greatmats discusses what the best mats are for Israeli martial arts for safety and protection and suggests 2 foam mat products.
Greatmats Guarantee and Warranty
Greatmats customer guarantee. Greatmats offers outstanding customer service, pricing and products.
What Are The Thickest Exercise Mats?
Greatmats identifies a number of thick exercise mats that will work well when more cushion is needed including 1 and even 2 inches thick.
Playground Floor Tile Thickness for Fall Safety
How thick should my playground tiles or mats be - Find playground flooring in tiles and mats in various thicknesses for fall height protection.
Outdoor Playground Options for Cool Designs
Outdoor playground flooring comes in many forms. In this guide, Greatmats picks out some of the best outdoor playground flooring options. Read now.
The Best 1.5 Inch Thick Grappling and MMA Mats
The best grappling mats feature a no-burn tatami surface molded into a 1.5 inch thick EVA foam core. These grappling mats offer fall and skin protection.
What is the Best Pile Height for Artificial Turf Grass?
Find out that pile height or blade thickness is best for specific artificial turf uses: for pets, kids, sports, playground, yard, golf and more.