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Sonya Smith On Portable Outdoor Event Tiles

By Paige Cerulli Created: January, 2024

When Sonya Smith purchased Greatmats’ Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles for an outdoor music event, she thoroughly tested the tiles before putting them to use. She carefully evaluated many of the qualities that make these tiles ideal for a variety of outdoor events.

Portable Outdoor Tiles For A Music Event


Smith installed the tiles on grass, noting that the installation was so easy that “you can do it in clogs.” She noted that the one-foot tiles feature holes for drainage, and connecting them is as easy as aligning the tabs and pressing them together. “On the grass you have to give it a good stomp and hear the clicks as the units seal together,” she explained.

Smith installed a section of tiles on February 10th in Oregon, then left them in place to see how the grass underneath them fared. A snowstorm delayed her from removing the tiles, but she returned on February 25th, after the tiles had been in place for about two weeks. “It’s a little yellow,” Smith said of the grass underneath the tiles, “and we actually had strands of grass growing up through the holes in the floor, which was kind of cute.”

grass underneath the portable outdoor event tent tile after a couple weeks

Traction and Support

The tiles gained Smith’s approval when it came to other important factors, like traction and the ability to support people walking in high heels. Smith put on her wedding shoes and tested the floor, noting the inconvenience of having heels that sink down into mud. “Here, I can very comfortably walk on the multi-texture floor in my fancy shoes,” she commented.

Next, Smith poured a full bucket of water on top of the floor, then immediately walked on the tiles in her high heels. “The water beaded up nicely on the plastic, and it’s starting to drain down through the holes, so the puddles are not sticking around,” she said. “The ridge texture on it makes me feel like I’m not going to be sliding around.”

walking in high heels on the portable outdoor event tent tile


Smith faced the challenge of holding a music event on a grass surface, and she needed a floor that was versatile enough to help keep attendees safe and comfortable. “I think this will work really well for the music event that we’re going to be holding that’s going to have audiences of all ages,” she said of the Greatmats Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles. “I’m not going to have to worry about folks in heels having slips, falls, trips on the floor or the soil, so that is a huge improvement over putting chairs on the grass. It was super easy to put together. I would absolutely give this a big thumbs up, five stars.”

Why the Greatmats Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles are Ideal for Outdoor Events

These tiles offer the versatility needed for outdoor events, like weddings, birthday parties, and music performances.


The tiles are non-absorbent and perforated, so they will quickly drain water away and help to prevent puddles from forming, ideal when the weather can be unpredictable. You also don’t have to worry about protecting them from the weather with a tent, so you can focus on your event, instead.


The tiles no-break design is strong enough to withstand varying weather and temperatures. They can withstand the demands of high amounts of foot traffic, and the tiles can even serve as temporary walkways or wheelchair paths.

That strength and rigid surface makes the tiles ideal for various types of footwear, including for use with high heels as Smith noted.


Made of a highly durable plastic, the tiles feature a slip resistant texture. As Smith demonstrated, they maximize traction and help to prevent falls, even when they’re wet. Plus, since the tiles have a rigid surface, they help to eliminate tripping hazards.

Easy Installation

The tiles can be installed over various outdoor flooring, including dirt and grass, even if the ground isn’t completely flat. This can save on your site preparation time and gives you more choices in terms of where you want to install the flooring.

When it comes to installing the tiles, they simply clip together. Once clipped, the tiles form secure connections that won’t pull apart during use. The interlocking system is concealed underneath the tile, creating a smooth surface and a clean, professional look.

The tiles are equally easy to uninstall. You can simply disconnect them and store them away until your next event. Some customers prefer to disconnect the tiles in 3x3 sections, saving you time when you install them again.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the tiles is simple and easy. You can clean them with a pressure washer or garden hose and a non-metal scrub brush to keep them looking their best. Their grey color is versatile and will look great with many different tents and setups.

Order Portable Outdoor Tiles Today

Greatmats Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles are ideal for many different applications. Contact Greatmats customer service today to learn if they’re right for your needs. We’re happy to answer any questions, provide shipping quotes, and help you find the best product for your upcoming event.
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