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What is composite flooring? 
Greatmats looks at what is laminate flooring and multiple different materials that been blended together to result in a final laminate product.
How to clean deck tiles of different material types
How do you clean deck tiles? We lay out how to clean these based on material type - plastic, rubber, wood plastic composite and foam rubber. Read more now!
Where Can I Buy Event Tent Flooring?
Event tent flooring for party's and weddings can be found at Greatmats.
Can You Lay Basketball Court Tiles Over Grass?
Have you ever wondered if you can lay basketball court tiles over grass in your yard?
What Types Of Flooring Can Be Installed Over Dirt?
Flooring over dirt is great for ground protection, patios, walkways, garages, and event flooring.
Outdoor Tent Flooring Ideas
Some of the best outdoor tent flooring ideas include interlocking pvc floor tiles and larger heavy duty composite mats.
What Types Of Flooring Can Be Installed Over Gravel?
Flooring over gravel is great for outdoor events, greenhouses, sheds, garages, crawlspaces, and porches.
What Kind of Flooring Can You Install Over a Boat Dock?
Greatmats discusses what kind of flooring can be installed over a boat dock to cover old or weathered docking.
What's The Best Outside Flooring For Parties?
Outside flooring for parties, events, and weddings, can be found at Greatmats.
How Long Do Deck Tiles Last - Rubber and Plastic Interlocking Squares
How long do decking tiles last? Consider the material type, where they will be installed and the duration of the warranty.
What Is The Best Wood Plank Flooring?
Greatmats identifies a few of the best wood plank flooring options with varying color, design and textures.
What Are The Best Handicap Beach Access Mats?
Beach access mats are needed to help handicapped or disabled people in wheel chairs get on and off the beach. Use this flooring for a path, walkway or ramp.
What Are the Best Crane Mats?
Greatmats discusses which are the best crane mats that will support extremely heavy loads and are easily portable.
How Do You Install Modular Tent Flooring?
Modular tent flooring comes in many different forms, from outdoor tile to portable dance floors and pedestrian mats. They perform well in a temporary setting.
What Kind Of Flooring Can I Use On A Beach?
Beach flooring is important to have when throwing an event on the beach or needing a walkway to go across the sand.
What Kind Of Flooring Can Be Used On A Lawn?
Lawn flooring comes in many different options including artificial grass, vinyl, mats, and perforated outdoor tile.
What's The Best Flooring For An Outdoor Beer Garden Or Tent?
Beer garden flooring or beer tent floor tile can be found at and can be used over the street, gravel, dirt, and grass.
What's The Best Flooring For A Canopy Tent?
Canopy tent flooring is great for outdoor party's and having ground protection.
What's The Easiest Garden Party Flooring To Install?
What is the easiest garden party flooring to install in your backyard or other outdoor areas?
What's the Best Floor for an Outdoor Dining Tent?
Greatmats identifies the best options for outdoor dining tent floors that are sturdy and work well over various surfaces like grass or gravel.
What Products To Use For Synthetic Turf Protection
Greatmats identifies a handful of products that can be used for synthetic turf protection for events or other uses.
Basement Soccer Training on Turf Tiles - Bella Douglas Testimonial
New Jersey soccer player installs interlocking turf tiles in her basement for an indoor soccer training surface.
Cool Glamping Flooring Ideas
Glamping tent flooring is a great way to turn any camping trip into a luxury outdoor vacation spot.
How To Build A Floating Deck Over Grass
Floating deck and patio floor tiles over grass can be found at Greatmats in a variety of styles and colors.