What Kind of Flooring Can You Install Over a Boat Dock?

By Kyle Schurman Created: May, 2021 - Modified: August, 2021

Boat dock flooring will work to cover an old, worn out dock. This gives it a fresh new look, while also protecting people walking across it from ending up with splinters from the rough wood base or adding comfort and style to that worn aluminum or steel material. This type of flooring may consist of marine grade materials that will stand up to constant dampness and all kinds of weather.

Some of the best boat dock flooring covering options include:

  • PVC plastic in the Patio Outdoor Tile product
  • Rubber in the Cascade Regrind Rubber Roll product
  • Vinyl in the LonWood Marine TopSeal Commercial Roll and the LonWood Marine Collection Commercial Roll products

Each material in this list delivers anti slip protection for those walking on the dock, even when it’s wet. Each model has outstanding durability, ensuring that it will look great for years to come.

What Is the Easiest Boat Dock Flooring to Install?

For those who want to simplify the installation of the pier flooring, using an interlocking mat will do the trick. The right tile will pop together without the need for adhesive.

Patio Outdoor TileThe Patio Outdoor Tile product fits this use case perfectly. It consists of flexible PVC plastic, which makes it comfortable underfoot. This is ideal for docks where kids will be running and jumping off it into the lake.

This tile uses hidden tabs and loops, so the pieces will pop together quickly. Each tile measures 1-by-1-foot, making the individual tiles easy to handle.

When water splashes onto the dock or when heavy rains fall, these tiles have perforations that run through the full 1/2-inch thickness, allowing water to drain away instead of pooling on top.

What Material Covers a Large Dock for a Low Price?

Cascade Regrind Rubber RollRolled rubber is a popular selection for outdoor flooring, as it has a high level of durability and slip resistant capabilities. The Cascade Regrind Rubber Roll product consists of recycled rubber materials, making it an environmentally friendly selection.

For a dock that consists of a dense base material, rubber is shock absorbent, making it work well for a boat dock flooring where people will be walking regularly. Installers can use glue or tape to install the material over the top of the existing dock.

This 1/2-inch thick rubber roll ships in coverage sizes of 4-by-25-feet, so it will cover a large area quickly.

What Is the Most Stylish Boat Dock Flooring?

In an area where the docking material needs to have a high quality look, vinyl rolls with a natural wood grain design will deliver excellent results. These vinyl floors will give a dock at a club the type of design that visitors will expect to see.

LonWood Marine TopSeal Commercial RollBoth the LonWood Marine TopSeal Commercial Roll and the LonWood Marine Collection Commercial Roll consist of a faux wood grain pattern that resembles teak and holly.

Many times, these products will appear on the flooring of the interior of a boat or yacht. They create an upscale feel in the area. Because of the weather resistant designs they have, they also will work on the outdoor decking of a boat or on a dock.

The LonWood TopSeal product includes a urethane finish that’s applied at the factory, providing a high level of durability. There’s no need to refinish this vinyl flooring, as it will stand up to regular dampness.

The LonWood Collection product has a top wear layer that provides protection against regular foot traffic and weather.

Each roll covers 6-by-60-feet, so it can cover a big dock in a short amount of time. Installers will need to make use of adhesive to keep the vinyl roll in place.

Unlike laminate, this vinyl roll doesn’t become slick when it’s wet, so it works nicely for allowing people to walk across it without worries of slipping.

What Are the Most Popular Base Materials for a Dock?

Traditionally, boat docks consist of wood. However, there are many other base materials potentially in use on a dock. The boat dock flooring covers listed earlier all will work for an installation over any of the following types of docks.

Aluminum: An aluminum dock requires very little maintenance, which makes it a popular choice in publicly accessible areas. Aluminum heats up in the sun, so a covering is a good idea.

Composite: Composite has excellent durability, making use of recycled wood and plastic. Composite boards are available in quite a few different color options.

Plastic: A plastic dock may make use of air bladders to create a floating dock, allowing it to adjust its height to match the amount of water in the lake. Plastic doesn’t have the durability of other materials, though.

Wood: Wood treated for weather resistance will work for a boat dock. Natural wood has a great look, but it will show weathering over time. Treated wood has a green tint that some people don’t like, so rolling out another material over the top is helpful.
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