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How To Measure A Room For Wall Padding

By Lisa Hobbie Created: August, 2021 - Modified: February, 2024

There are steps to take to measure a room for beginning with creating a sketch, diagram, or taking a picture with noted measurements.

Measuring For Wall Padding - The Process

  1. If you plan to do a full wall-to-wall padding install, measure corner to corner on each wall. If you are padding just a section of the room, measure only that portion. Provide measurements that are to the nearest 1/8''
  2. If you will be installing padding on a wall with doors, measure the walls on both sides of the door to the nearest corner. If you are installing padding on walls with columns, measure the distance of the wall on each side of the column or post and measure the depth of the column on each side and the width of the face.
  3. Some walls will have cutouts. If this is the case, measure from the floor up to the object needing a cutout and from the nearest corner or to the end of the row of padding.
  4. For doors, measure the width of the door and the height. Include the height of the door handle and the size you would want the cutout to be for the door handle.
  5. For walls with windows, measure the wall space on either side of the window to the corner of the room. Measure from the floor to the bottom of the window, and include the size of the window.

Considerations Regarding Greatmats’ Wall Padding

  1. All pads are custom made per order. They can go any height up to 8 feet, but 6 feet is the most common height. With the wood backboard, the pads generally measure about 2.5'' thick.
  2. Greatmats will adjust the pad sizes to allow for the thickness of the pads in the corners.
  3. Typical pads are 2 feet wide, which will be run down the wall with a custom width pad to fill the remaining area to get the wall padded corner to corner.
  4. Let the Greatmats’ staff know if this is a drywall application so they can allow for the thickness for strips if the plan is to install the pads that way. If not, the extra wiggle room can be hidden in the corners.
  5. If you need to pad a room that is more than 8 feet in height, you will have to go with two rows of pads. You will also need to do a combination of attachment styles to stack pads. The 1'' nailing margin would be substituted out for z-clip attachments where the pads join.

Wall Padding Options From Greatmats

Now that you know how to measure for padding, you may find yourself wondering what the best products are. There are many padding options from Greatmats, with the following being among some of the most popular:

  1. Wall Pad 2x6 Ft WB ZClip ASTM
  2. Gym Wall Pads and Mats All Sizes
  3. Wall Pad 2x6 ft 2 Inch ASTM Foam WB Lip TB

Wall Pad 2x6 Ft WB ZClip ASTMWall Pad 2x6 Ft WB ZClip ASTM is a solution to use as gym wall pads, basketball court wall pads, fitness facility pads, and school wall pads. They feature a 2 inch polyethylene foam core and 16 oz. phthalate free vinyl cover.

This padding is ASTM impact rated. It’s also Class A fire rated, and the vinyl coated polyester is puncture and tear-resistant. The vinyl covers are also antifungal and antibacterial.

Gym Wall Pads and Mats All SizesGym Wall Pads and Mats All Sizes are made in the USA of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. They feature 16 oz. phthalate free vinyl covers and a 2 inch foam core.

This product is also ASTM impact rated. These work for a DIY direct screw-on or Z-Clip installation method, and the resulting pad is antifungal and antibacterial.

Wall Pad 2x6 ft 2 Inch ASTM Foam WBWall Pad 2x6 ft 2 Inch ASTM Foam WB Lip TB is another made in the USA product that is available in custom sizes and cutouts. They feature 14 oz. vinyl covers and a 2 inch standard thickness.

This padding is ASTM 2440-04 impact rated. It has wood backing for direct wall mount attachment method using lip top and bottom. There are class A fire rated panel options, if desired.

They are suitable for school walls, gym walls, safe rooms, home calm rooms, stage walls, sport court walls, martial art studios, and other areas where people may charge or hit the wall.

Greatmats - For Padding For Walls & More!

Greatmats offers the best wall padding products that are a breeze to measure for and install. If you have questions about measuring, or, about the products, please reach out to the fabulous customer service staff at Greatmats. They can assist you with ordering and make the process as easy as possible. Together, you can decide which product is the right one for you. No matter which one you go with, you can’t go wrong when it comes from Greatmats.