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Wood Look Floor Tiles, Planks and Rolls: Blogs, Videos and Testimonials

Wood floors are known for their beauty and their quality, and these floors can instantly enhance and elevate any space. Whether you’re renovating your home or making improvements in your business, you might be considering investing in new flooring to get that clean, finished, quality look that you seek.

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Wood Look Floor Tiles, Planks and Rolls: Blogs, Videos and Testimonials

While genuine wood flooring is a great way to go, many synthetic alternatives offer benefits over traditional wood. The right choice for you will depend on your project, your goals, and your budget. To help you decide, this guide compiles all of the information you need.

Wood Tile

Wood look flooring tiles are highly versatile and are easy to install. These tiles are available in many materials, including foam, vinyl, and more. Their compact size makes them easy to move around, and most of our tile products are designed for an easy DIY installation.

Wood tiles come with a few different edge designs. Interlocking tiles, like our Foam Tile Wood Grain, fit together easily like puzzle pieces. Vinyl and plastic tiles can feature different types of interlocking systems, but they’re all designed to be easy to connect and to establish a secure lock so that the tiles don’t separate.

Wood Plank

At Greatmats, we offer wood plank flooring in many finishes and materials, including vinyl, laminate, and other faux wood materials. These planks offer the same color and overall design of wood, so they can still transform your space with that beautiful finish. Highly durable and easy to clean and maintain, these planks create a classic look that’s much more affordable than genuine wood flooring.

Wood planks can be installed in multiple ways. Some feature interlocking modular bases, while others have beveled edges. Many of these plank products are waterproof, giving them a distinct advantage over real wood.

Specialty Wood Flooring

If you’re outfitting a dance studio or practice space, then you’ll want to consider our specialty wood flooring dance products. Products like our Sprung Dance Floor Full Panels are designed to eliminate hard and soft sports in dance floors, while still being easily portable. With a perimeter that connects to concrete or wood floors, these floors can go anywhere your dance group does.

Other options like our Tap Dance Floor Kit are also designed to be portable. The tiles snap together easily, and they can be separated and transported to your next performance or practice space. They’re available in six faux wood grain finishes for a classic, professional look.

Benefits of Synthetic Wood Products

With wood look flooring, you can get the same look of wood without the high price point and the high degree of maintenance. Some wood floors, like pine, are soft and easily scratched, and they require attentive care and maintenance. Even with quality maintenance, wood floors will eventually wear down and need to be refinished, so you’ll need to invest more money into your flooring.

Wood look flooring is not only more affordable, but is also easier in many ways. Most wood look flooring products are designed to allow for a DIY installation, saving you upfront costs. Many can be laid directly over your existing floor, so there’s no need to invest in an underlayment.

Once the floors are installed, they’re easier to care for than wood. Many of these products are waterproof, so spills and even floods and leaks are no big deal. Because they’re highly durable, these products require minimal maintenance, and they’re easy to care for. Many of these products are modular, meaning if one part of the flooring becomes damaged, you can remove and replace that one tile or panel.

If you’re looking to install flooring in certain areas, like a bathroom, then a synthetic wood is a must, since the water and moisture of a bathroom would damage traditional wood. Even if you’re doing a project in an area where genuine wood flooring could work, there are plenty of reasons to consider a wood look flooring product, instead.

Wood Colors

One of the great benefits of wood look flooring is that it’s available in a wide array of color and finish options. At Greatmats, we carry wood and wood look flooring products in the most popular and beautiful wood colors and styles:
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Birch
  • Ebony
  • Hickory
  • Acacia

Finishes include gloss and matte options. Whether you’re looking for a rich gray or a dark, glossy woodgrain, chances are you’ll be able to find the specific finish and color that you prefer.

Wood and wood look flooring buying guide. When you’re ready to buy flooring for your home or business, you’ll have plenty of wood look flooring products to choose from. For information on the best options for your project, click on the links in our guide. You’ll find everything from product recommendations to installation tips. And don’t forget, if you need more help, our Greatmats customer service team is always here and ready to assist you.