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What Is The Cost To Replace Flooring With DIY Labor?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: November, 2021

The cost to replace flooring with DIY labor varies greatly depending on the materials being used and the room size you’re installing the flooring in.

Some of the most common flooring materials used for diy applications include engineered hardwood, vinyl, carpet tile, foam tiles, artificial turf, and plastic flooring, and DIY installations are often done in areas of a house like kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and also garages, boat houses, and more.

Estimated Costs for Engineered Hardwood: $3 - $8 per square foot

Engineered HardwoodEngineered hardwood is an eco-friendly flooring solution made of several layers, including a hardwood veneer, a slice of a species of wood, plywood or fiberboard, and sometimes an additional layer. It is designed to reduce moisture problems and offer a solution that is low maintenance, cost effective, and easy to install over many subfloors.

Engineered hardwood will cost anywhere from about $3 to $8 per square foot. It’s often a material used in areas of a home, such as a bedroom, which has an average size of 132 square feet. So, the cost to replace flooring in a bedroom of average size would be between $396 and $1,056 per room for a DIY engineered hardwood installation.

Estimated Costs for Vinyl: $1 - $12 per square foot

Vinyl FlooringVinyl flooring, which comes in many styles, forms, and types from sheet vinyl to vinyl laminate, is arguably one of the most durable and widely used flooring materials. It offers many benefits, making it suitable for home or commercial spaces and areas subject to heavy traffic. It is water resistant and very versatile with numerous pattern, color, and design options.

A vinyl estimate will be between $1 and $12 per square foot. Since it is water resistant, it’s often a suitable choice for a bathroom, with an average size of 40 square feet. So, the average cost to replace flooring in a bathroom of this size, for example, would be between $40 and $480 for a DIY vinyl installation.

Estimated Costs for Carpet Tiles: $1 - $25 per square foot

Carpet TilesCarpet tiles are an attractive and user-friendly alternative to traditional carpet, and they are available in the form of interlocking tiles, modular carpet squares, and peel and stick carpet tiles. They are easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to replace. They are suitable for commercial or residential applications.

Carpet tiles are priced between $1 and $25 per square foot. They can be installed in virtually any space, like a bedroom. Since a bedroom is typically around 132 square feet, the cost to replace flooring in an average bedroom would be between $132 and $3,300 for a diy carpet installation.

Estimated Costs for Rubber Flooring: $1 - $21 per square foot

Rubber FlooringRubber flooring is durable, versatile, and widely used in numerous types of settings and applications. It’s eco-friendly, easy to install, low maintenance, and easy to clean. Many options are non-absorbent, comfortable, and resistant to chemicals and oils, as well.

Rubber flooring is priced between $1 and $21 per square foot, and it’s a popular choice for garage work spaces or gyms. On average, a 2 car garage is 360 square feet, so it would cost between $360 and $7,560 for a DIY rubber flooring installation. Keep in mind, however, that rubber does tend to have higher shipping costs than other materials due to its heavy weight.

Estimated Costs for Foam Tile & Flooring: $1.00 - $48.00 per square foot

Foam Tile & FlooringFoam Tile flooring is often made of EVA foam, an elasticized, closed-cell foam with a rubber-like softness and flexibility. EVA foam flooring is available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles, and it has many attractive features like comfort and affordability.

Foam flooring will cost between $1 and $48 per square foot. (The highest-priced options are generally for wet or outdoor areas.) It’s often a great choice for a child’s bedrooms, with the average size of 132 square feet. So, the cost to replace flooring would be between $132 and $6,336.00 for a DIY foam flooring installation in a bedroom setting. Keep in mind that foam is very lightweight, so shipping costs tend to be lower than others.

Estimated Costs for Artificial Turf: $2 - $12 per square foot

Artificial TurfArtificial turf is a safe, healthy, low maintenance, and durable solution that is used in sporting arenas, gyms, and athletic venues, as well as landscaped areas, patios, and other areas where weather conditions prevent the perfect conditions for a lush lawn.

The price will run anywhere between $2 and $12 per square foot, which varies greatly depending on the type and size of space where the installation will be completed - as well as the specific turf product being used.

Estimated Costs for Plastic Flooring: $2 - $25 per square foot

Plastic FlooringPlastic flooring is a versatile selection that can be used for many specialty requirements in commercial settings as well as for installations in home settings like garages and basements. It is intended to handle hefty loads, and it can be perfect for gyms, industrial settings, and more.

Plastic flooring will cost between $2 and $25 per square foot. It’s often used in a garage setting, with an average size of 360 square foot. So, the cost to replace flooring in a garage setting would be between $720 and $9,000 for a DIY installation using plastic.

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