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Dragon's Den Mixed Martial Arts - 1'' Karate Mat Demonstration Video

Shihan Swicks swears by Greatmats Karate Mats in his Grafton Dojo

Twenty-two year mixed martial arts instructor/coach Sensei Eric Swick has been a big fan of Greatmats Martial Arts Karate Premium 1 inch mats ever since installing them.

Shihan Swick is a 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate-Do, third degree black belt in both Renzoku Jiu-Jitsu and Dragon Kenpo and first degree black belt in Judo. He is also very active in the Grafton, West Virginia, area community, serving as a motivational speaker and karate demonstrator at five schools, teaching karate at home school co-ops and at special events and local crunching. Shihan Swick volunteers as part of the Volunteer Initiatives Program for his local police department and works with the Deputy Phil Program and community outreach program Project Hopelessness. for the last 13 years, he's taught martial arts at the Taylor County 4H Camp.

Shihan's volunteer activities don't stop there and for his efforts, he was recently nominated for the 2016 National Martial Arts Instructor of the Year Award by his community.
Sensei Eric Swick
Dragon's Den Mixed Martial Arts
Grafton WV
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