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What Is the Best Calisthenic Mat?

By Kyle Schurman Created: April, 2021 - Modified: February, 2023

For an at-home workout for beginners, a calisthenic mat is a good place to start. When undergoing a calisthenics routine, the athlete will use the resistance of body weight to build muscle and improve fitness and flexibility levels.

Some of the best options for a calisthenic mat athletes can use at home include:

  • Home BJJ Mats
  • Grappling MMA Mats
  • 4x8 Foot Gym Mats
  • Home Cheer Mats
  • Roll Out Wrestling MMA Mats
  • RageTurf Rally Interlocking Tiles

Why Are Padded Mats Important for Calisthenics?

An exercise with calisthenics will involve quite a bit of pushing, jumping, and quick movements. Having a cushioned floor that has a higher than average level of padding will protect the lower body joints of the athlete. Whether doing the calisthenics program at home or at the gym, the right flooring is extremely important for good health and success.

The flooring also should have enough firmness to it that the athlete can make a quick movement without concerns over slipping or sinking too far into the flooring, which would cause a potential stumbling or tripping hazard.

Calisthenics rarely involve the use of any equipment, so installers don’t have to worry about making sure the flooring in use can support heavy weights or large machines during training.

Can You Use EVA Foam in a Calisthenic Mat?

EVA foam is an outstanding choice as flooring for calisthenics, as it provides an excellent mixture of cushion and firmness. Additionally, EVA foam tiles are easy to install, as they often feature interlocking puzzle edges that go together without the need for adhesive. These mats have a low cost per square foot of coverage too.

Home BJJ MatsThe Home BJJ Mats measure 1.5 inches in thickness, which yields a high level of cushioning. Martial arts studios often use these mats to protect their athletes, while also providing a secure footing for making quick movements.

These martial arts mats also work well for calisthenic body exercise training, according to customer Dave, who set up a home gym with these mats.

Each of these 2-by-2-foot tiles has a different color on either side, so installers can flip a tile if damage occurs on one side. Color combinations include red/blue and black/gray.

Grappling MMA MatsA larger 1.5-inch thick calisthenic mat option is the Grappling MMA Mats product. This is another reversible mat product, which lengthens the lifespan of the mat. Color combinations available include red/blue, green/gray, and black/gray.

Each tile’s interlocking puzzle edges will create a tight fit that will stand up to the stress of people exercising on it. The EVA foam is lightweight and waterproof, making it easy to clean. Installation goes fast, as each mat measures 1 by 1 meter.

What Is the Best Roll-Up Mat for Calisthenics?

When doing calisthenics at home, having a calisthenic mat that is easy to store away under a bed, in the corner of a room, or in a closet is a significant benefit. Fold-up and roll-up mats both work nicely for this purpose.

4x8 Foot Gym MatsThe 4x8 Foot Gym Mats have a fold-up design. The individual panels in the mat fold onto each other accordion-style. Each panel connects to the other panels through an 18-ounce vinyl cover, which delivers excellent durability and a sturdy footing for calisthenic exercises.

The individual panels have a PE foam core, which compresses under stress and bounces back to its original shape quickly, delivering an extremely high level of cushioning and resiliency. According to customer Peggy of Los Altos, Calif., the mat’s cushioning properties are ideal for calisthenics and martial arts.

Home Cheer MatsA roll-up option is the Home Cheer Mats model. This mat has a 1-3/8-inch thick foam backing on a needle-punch carpet top layer.

The foam layer has slits across its width that allow the foam layer to pull apart when rolling it up, ensuring the tightest possible roll. Once the installer rolls out the mat, the slits in the foam press tightly against each other, giving the entire mat a high level of stability for calisthenic workouts.

Roll Out Wrestling MMA MatsFor those who prefer a vinyl top layer in the roll-up foam mat, the Roll Out Wrestling MMA Mats product is a similar option to the Home Cheer Mats product. It has a 1.25-inch PE foam layer that yields a high level of cushioning for hard calisthenic workouts.

It also uses slits in the foam to create a tight roll for storage.

The vinyl layer is extremely durable, meaning athletes can use athletic shoes, martial arts boots, or bare feet on the mat. This is a pro-quality design that will protect athletes.

Is Athletic Turf Safe for a Calisthenic Exercise Workout?

Artificial turf is a great workout flooring for those who are doing sprint training, sport-specific training, and calisthenics.

RageTurf Rally Interlocking TileThe RageTurf Rally Interlocking Tiles have a rubber padded layer attached to the underside of the artificial grass layer, giving athletes protection for their lower body joints during tough workouts.

The rubber layer has puzzle-style edges, which allow installers to connect them tightly without the need for gluing. The individual tiles will be easier to handle when creating the layout of the flooring than a large, heavy roll of artificial turf would be, especially for a residential user.