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Abbie Montermini thumbnail
Portable Dance Subflooring - NorthEast Dance Center Testimonial
Greatmats portable dance subflooring system provides NorthEast Dance Center with safety and support both indoors and outdoors.
Rolled Rubber Basement Flooring thumbnail
Best Basement Flooring Material Options - Rubber, Foam, Plastic
The best flooring material options for basements include rubber, foam and plastic tiles for cold concrete surfaces.
fire hydrant workout wood flooring thumbnail
What's The Best Fire Hydrant Workout Flooring?
Fire hydrant workout and other floor exercises require a soft padded flooring. Find the perfect flooring for your floor gym exercises at Greatmats.
Garage Home Practice Floor thumbnail
Garage Dance Flooring - Josie Stewart Testimonial
Garage dance flooring makes COVID-19 quarantine period bearable for Stewart family in south Florida.
how do you install garage tiles thumbnail
How Do You Cut Garage Mats And Tiles?
Garage mats and tiles are great for garage gyms, storing cars, and motorcycles.
green studio flooring thumbnail
Is There Such A Thing As A Green Screen Floor?
Green screen flooring is important when filming or creating photo shoots. It allows you to remove or change the background image in post production footage.
Birthday Gift Ideas for Him thumbnail
What Are The Best Birthday Gifts For Him?
The best birthday gifts for him from workout mats to garage tiles or man cave flooring can be found at Greatmats!
Red Rubber Pavers thumbnail
Greatmats Rubber Pavers Options and Service Video
Let Greatmats help you find the perfect rubber pavers for any job. You can choose from one of the largest rubber paver tile selections on the internet.
Best Shower Soft Foam Floor Tiles thumbnail
What Is The Best Shower Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the best shower flooring options from a foam and rubber blend soft tile to flexible PVC plastic tiles.
Marley Dance Floor thumbnail
Permanent vs. Portable Dance Flooring
Discover the differences between portable and permanent dance floors and how they are constructed.
Rubber floor tiles and rolls are the most popular gym floor option. thumbnail
Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles vs. Rubber Flooring Rolls
Guide to rubber floor tiles and rubber rolls. Rubber floor tiles and rolled each have unique advantages and disadvantages.
Home Cheer Roll thumbnail
How thick should your mat be: gymnastics versus cheer flooring
What is the difference between gym and cheer mats? Discover how the needs of cheerleading and gymnastics differ when it comes to their flooring. Read more now.
gym floor carpet tiles in gymnasium for concert gala event thumbnail
Reasons to Use Carpet Tiles to Protect Gymnasium Floor
Protect your school or university gym floor with our large carpet tiles that can be used as a temporary cover for special events held in the gymnasium.
bocce ball turf court field thumbnail
How To Build A Bocce Ball Court With Artificial Turf
Greatmats discusses how to build a bocce ball court with artificial turf for recreational or professional purposes.
fashion runway flooring thumbnail
What Is The Best Temporary Vinyl Flooring?
Temporary vinyl flooring is removable and interlocking. This flooring works great as dance flooring, apartment rental flooring and much more.
should rubber flooring be glued down thumbnail
Should I Use Glue Or Rubber Flooring Adhesive?
Greatmats discusses whether you should glue rubber flooring or use an adhesive to secure it.
Rosco Adagio Roll thumbnail
Top 5 Dance Floors for Ballet
Ballet dance flooring in Marley and Vinyl can be found at
Karate Front Stance thumbnail
Basic Karate Stance Tutorial - Karate Training Series Video #9
Perfect your karate stance with these tips from USA Karate Master David Younglove. Learn about front stance, back stance, horse stance, cat stance and more in this video.
golf simulator carpet  thumbnail
Best Padding, Flooring and Mats for Golf Simulator
Golf simulator padding and mats must endure the hitting of golf balls, swinging of clubs, a potential divot, and other abuse that an indoor practice facility brings.
Sterling Athletic Tile Brown thumbnail
Rubber Athletic Flooring Tiles - Sterling 1.25 Inch
Sterling Athletic Rubber Tiles, at a 1.25 inch thickness offer superior durability and versatility for weight rooms and university locker rooms.
Holiday Gift Ideas thumbnail
Holiday Gift Ideas for Home Training Floors
Greatmats identifies the top 5 Holiday gift ideas for training floors to use at home for gymnastics, exercise and martial arts.
Best Kids foam puzzle mats thumbnail
What Are the Best Puzzle Floor Mats for Kids?
The best puzzle floor mats for kids should be safe and provide cushion and a tight fitting interlock.
gym rubber flooring in wisconsin thumbnail
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Wisconsin State?
Greatmats offers many different types of specialty floors in Wisconsin, from gym and dance floors to martial art and dog training floors.
rubber base artificial grass turf tiles thumbnail
What Are Artificial Grass Rubber Tiles?
Greatmats discusses why artificial grass rubber tiles are preferred for indoor sports training spaces such as gyms or basements.