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How to Clean Roll Out Mats for Wrestling and Martial Arts

By Kyle Schurman Created: April, 2024

When setting up a practice or competition area for martial arts and wrestling, you know the importance of the flooring. High-quality martial arts mats and wrestling mats are key to giving athletes a safe place to do workouts, delivering a mix of cushioning and grippiness for making quick movements.

Because these athletes will be sweating and doing ground-based work, the flooring must stand up to tough conditions. You need to be able to clean it thoroughly, all without spending a lot of time on the process. Learning how to clean wrestling mats and martial arts mats is easier than you may think. Greatmats specifically offers products that simplify the process and save time, while thoroughly disinfecting the surface.

How to Dry Clean Wrestling Mats and Martial Arts Mats With Vinyl Covers

Start the cleaning process by sweeping the vinyl to remove any dry debris.

  • Dry mop: Use a dry mop to remove dust that could lead to staining, discoloration, or other damage if left alone.
  • Broom: You could use a soft-bristled push broom, an angle broom, or a corn broom to remove any dust and other particles left on the mats.

You should sweep this flooring before and after every use to remove any dry particles.

How to Use Martial Arts and Wrestling Mat Cleaner on Vinyl Mats

After each session, you should use a wet disinfectant cleaner that’s safe to use on the vinyl covers. You should not use unapproved cleaning products to disinfect the mats, as this could shorten their lifespans.

Avoid using too much cleaner as you don’t want to saturate the mat. It’s possible to have the liquid soak through the vinyl if you use too much.

After using the cleaner, you can allow the vinyl covering to dry naturally in the air over a couple of hours or wipe it down with a towel to speed up the drying process.

Selecting Wrestling and Martial Arts Mat Cleaner Products to Use on Vinyl Mats

We recommend using one of two different liquid cleaning products on your vinyl-covered mats, each of which we sell in 1-gallon bottles. When using either product, follow the specific instructions for the application that the manufacturer provides.

Goldshield Long-Term Antimicrobial GS 75

wrestling mat cleaner

The Goldshield Long-Term Antimicrobial GS 75 product is a powerful cleanser, as it works to inhibit bacteria and fungi. It also reduces odors, staining, and discoloration, providing multiple benefits each time you use it.

This is a water-based formula that does not contain alcohol. It works on the vinyl cover of martial arts mats, but it also will work on textiles and carpets so you can use it in multiple locations at your studio.

It is a long-lasting disinfectant, so you can use it when you can’t clean the mats as often as you would like. It’s EPA-registered and consists of an organosilane compound. It’s easy to apply, non-flammable and has a shelf life of one year after opening the bottle.

Pure & Clean Disinfectant and Sanitizer

how to clean martial arts mats

The Pure & Clean Disinfectant and Sanitizer product works as a multi-purpose sanitizer, as it does not contain harsh chemicals, making it safe to use in a variety of situations.

It has a low toxicity rating compared to other cleaners and does not contain alcohol or antibiotics. Those using this product to clean the vinyl mats do not have to wear special equipment or take multiple safety precautions to use it.

It uses naturally occurring minerals, including hypochlorous acid, which is shown to effectively eliminate multiple types of viruses. It is an EPA-registered disinfectant.

Other Tips for Maintaining, Storing, and How to Clean Wrestling Mats and Martial Arts Mats

Here are a few more tips to help you take care of these products properly and ensure the longest possible lifespan for them.

  • Shoes: Never allow street shoes to be used on these mats. Such shoes will have dust and, potentially, gravel in the grooves that could cause damage.
  • Usage: Never allow anyone other than the athletes, coaches, and competition officials to be on the mats, as this introduces unnecessary wear and tear. People not involved in the competition or practice session are likely wearing improper shoes.
  • Scuff marks: If the mats end up with scuff marks, you can use a plastic bristle brush or a scouring pad with a household spray cleaner in a concentrated area. A product like Goo Gone also may work.
  • Storage: Before storing these roll up vinyl mats, be sure to clean them and allow them to dry completely. Rolling them up when damp could allow mold or mildew to form.

Trust Greatmats for Advice on How to Clean Martial Arts Mats

Should you need any further information regarding cleaning techniques, reach out to the Greatmats customer service team. Our wrestling mat and martial arts mat experts are ready to suggest the best methods to deep clean, sanitize, and disinfect BJJ, jiu-jitsu, MMA, wrestling, and grappling mats.