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Can You Put Artificial Turf on a Roof Deck?

By Paige Cerulli Created: April, 2024 - Modified: April, 2024

A flat roof can be a great gathering space, but a traditional roofing surface is less welcoming. Installing artificial turf on a roof can make it more comfortable and enjoyable and can increase its versatility, too.

Can You Put Artificial Turf on a Roof Deck?

artificial turf on roof
Yes, you can absolutely install artificial turf on a roof deck. Artificial turf or astro turf instantly creates a welcoming and aesthetically appealing space, so you can use your flat roof or roof deck for socializing and spending time outdoors.

A fake grass product can make your rooftop terrace more enjoyable. Artificial grass on a flat roof creates a softer, more comfortable surface that you can walk and stand on barefoot, and artificial turf won’t heat up as much as roof tiles, an asphalt surface, or a rubber roof membrane will.

Installing artificial turf on a roof not only makes it more comfortable but can encourage your family and friends to use the space more. Purchasing synthetic turf gives you many more design options for the space and allows you to use a previously underutilized area in your home.

The Best Artificial Turf Products for a Rooftop Installation

If you’re planning to install artificial turf on a roof, it’s important to choose the right product. Greatmats offers several synthetic products suitable for rooftop installation.

Roof Open Drainage Tile

open drainage roof top tile
When dealing with a flat, impermeable surface like a rooftop, drainage is essential to avoid standing water. The Open Drainage Tile can be paired with synthetic turf to create drainage.

This tile only needs a 0.25 slope to create drainage, making it an ideal choice for roof decks. It can drain 2.85 inches of rainfall in one minute on a nearly completely flat surface, so it can prepare your roof for heavy rain.

Crafted from a no-break plastic, this tile is a highly durable choice. It can hold 0.576 gallons of water per square foot until the water reaches the perimeter exit drains. Pair it with the synthetic turf of your choice for a fast-draining rooftop.

Endless Summer Artificial Grass Turf

artificial turf on roof
The Endless Summer Artificial Grass Turf creates a natural look and reaction underfoot for a highly realistic surface. Its messy turf look creates a natural appearance, and the turf is highly durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

The turf features thatch to maximize its volume, while a two-tone color blend in the turf surface resembles the look of a natural lawn.

The 15-inch-wide turf is suitable for commercial and residential areas and can quickly cover larger surfaces.

La Jolla Artificial Turf Roll

artificial turf on roof deck
The La Jolla Artificial Turf Roll has a 1 3.4-inch pile height, creating a plush and comfortable turf. It features a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene yarns and is extremely durable. Backed by a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty, this turf is ideal for both dogs and children and delivers consistent performance over time.

This product features a thatch pattern to enhance the body and reduce the infill needed for installation, so it’s an ideal choice when installing artificial turf on a roof deck. It’s easy to care for, too, and can be periodically rinsed with water. Since the turf is available in custom-cut lengths, you can minimize product waste and stay within your budget.

Grizzly Grass Carpet Tile

artificial grass on flat roof
The Grizzly Grass Carpet Tile offers all the benefits of artificial turf in an easy-to-install tile design. These tiles feature a peel-and-stick backing, so installing them on your roof deck is simple and requires no special tools.

These waterproof tiles dry quickly, allowing you to use the rooftop even after a heavy rain. The turf is resistant to stains, soiling, and fading, and since it’s made of recycled materials, it’s an eco-friendly choice. The fibers are highly durable and won’t unravel or pull out, maximizing your investment in your rooftop turf.

Choose from four color options to get the perfect look for your roof.

GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat Rug

artificial turf on flat roof
The GreenSpace Artificial Turf Mat Rug offers the easiest installation of all. Measuring 9x12 feet, this rug is sized for easy transportation and installation. You can dry lay it on your roof to instantly create a welcoming space.

The turf is soft and comfortable, plus it’s made of eco-friendly synthetic fibers. It’s resistant to mold, mildew, and odors, so it can create the perfect gathering space for your whole family to enjoy. Plus, since it’s fade- and stain-proof, you can spend more time with your family instead of maintaining the space.

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