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What Types Of Flooring Are Scratch Resistant

By Paige Cerulli Created: June, 2022

A deep scratch in your flooring is difficult or impossible to repair, and may mean that you need to replace the flooring. Scratch resistant flooring can help to prevent this scenario, ensuring that you get the maximum value out of your flooring investment.

Qualities to Look for in Scratch Resistant Flooring

If you know that a certain area is going to see significant wear and tear, it can pay off to invest in scratch resistant flooring. These products tend to be highly durable and often feature an additional wear layer to give them additional protection against damage.

As you shop for scratch resistant flooring, make sure that the product you’re considering is designed for the type of wear that it will see in your building. For example, some products are designed to withstand dog nails, while others are designed to withstand foot traffic or rolled carts.

Brew House Laminate Scratch Resistant Flooring

It’s also important to consider the flooring’s predicted lifespan and warranty. A product that has a longer lifespan is likely to be more durable, and you’re likely to get more use and value out of that product.

Think about the type of installation method that you would prefer, too. While a permanent installation might be appealing, keep in mind that if you choose a product that can be dry laid, you could replace individual tiles or planks if they do become worn or scratched.

Once you choose a flooring product, be sure to follow the installation and maintenance instructions, too. If you’re working with a product like home flooring planks, excess dirt or sand could contribute to scratching.

Often, it’s important to keep floors as clean as possible, which can reduce their chances of being scratched. You can also ask that family members take off their shoes before entering the home, which offers additional protection against scratching.

While scratch resistant flooring is more durable than other products, it can still be damaged. Be sure to lift, not slide, furniture when you’re cleaning or rearranging, and consider investing in furniture pads to help protect your floors.

The Best Scratch Resistant Flooring

We have several scratch resistant flooring products for sale at Greatmats. Whether you’re looking for flooring for your home or business, you might find the right fit in these products.

Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

The Max Tile Raised Floor Tile is a waterproof tile that’s highly durable. The modular tile is designed with a 3 mm vinyl laminate top surface that is wear- and scratch-resistant.

Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

The vinyl layer includes a UV protective coating and it will never need to be refinished. When the tile is used in a residential area, the wear layer is rated for 15 years, and it’s rated for seven years in busy office settings.

These tiles are available in several wood finish options, while the base is made of polypropylene that has the strength needed to support multiple installations. The raised base allows air and moisture to circulate underneath the tiles for faster drying and mildew and mold prevention.

The tiles are engineered with tab and loop connectors for easy installation and removal. They can be installed permanently or make a popular choice for portable dance floors.

Brew House Laminate SPC Flooring Plank

The Brew House Laminate SPC Flooring Plank features highly realistic luxury wood details, but is also scratch resistant and durable. This waterproof flooring can be used in any room in your home or office, including rooms with radiant heat.

Brew House Laminate SPC Flooring Plank

The flooring features a rigid core for durability, as well as an embossed texture. Its sound reduction underlayment contributes to a more enjoyable space.

These richly colored laminate planks feature an easy click installation, making them a DIY-friendly project.

Geneva Rubber Tile Black

The Geneva Rubber Tile Black is a rugged, durable tile ideal for use in gyms, basements, and garages. The ⅜-inch-thick tile is made from block rubber, so it will lie flat without curling up.

Geneva Rubber Tile Black

The tiles can be dry laid, thanks to their interlocking design, and there’s no need to use adhesive. They also feature a low rubber odor, making them ideal for indoor use.

These environmentally friendly tiles qualify for LEED points and are made from recycled tires. They are scratch resistant and one of the best product choices for a home gym or other space that will see extensive use.

Rubber Flooring Rolls

Our Rubber Flooring Rolls are made with recycled rubber and are highly durable flooring for use in weight rooms, gyms, skating rinks, and warehouses. The rolls have a low odor, so they’re suitable for indoor use.

Rubber Flooring Rolls

These rolls can help to protect floors from dropped weights and wear and tear. They’re highly resilient and can be ordered in custom-cut lengths, making them a cost-efficient choice.

These rolls are also easy to install and can be installed over a hard, flat, smooth surface, including concrete and hardwood.