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Soft Gym Flooring Jazzercise Exercise Mat thumbnail
Soft Gym Flooring Options: Exercise Mat Ideas
Soft gym flooring and exercise mats can be a great asset when you do a lot of floor exercises. And exercise floor with cushion can relieve fatigue.
waterproof warehouse tiles thumbnail
Waterproof vs. Watertight and Water Resistant Flooring
Waterproof pvc, plastic, and laminate flooring can be found at Greatmats.
home gym pebble  thumbnail
What Is The Best Gym Floor Padding?
Gym floor padding is great for home or commercial climbing, weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio rooms.
Floating Basement Floor Carpet Tiles thumbnail
What is a Floating Basement Floor?
Floating Basement Floor Guide: Learning about the what's and why's of floating basement floor tiles and how they're used.
What Are Clean Room Floor Mats thumbnail
What Are Clean Room Floor Mats?
Clean Room Floor Mats are used to pull dust and other debris from the soles of shoes as people enter the sterile environment room.
interlocking gym mats thumbnail
Why Should I Use Interlocking Workout Mats?
Interlocking workout mats and exercise flooring come in rubber, eva foam, and turf. Interlocking puzzle gym mats are great for easy installation.
popular features of black rubber floor tiles thumbnail
What Features Make Black Rubber Floor Tiles So Popular?
Find out why black rubber floor tiles are so popular in gyms, industrial, basement, and entryway settings and more.
Horse Foam Tiles thumbnail
EVA Foam Tiles - Top 7 Uses for Foam Mats
EVA foam mats are a versatile form of interlocking foam floor mats. Discover the seven most common uses for EVA foam squares and why.
Foam Mats are Easy to Clean thumbnail
Can You Steam Mop Foam Mats?
Learn the answer to the question ''Can you steam mop foam mats?'' Also discover the best cleaning processes for foam mats.
Keep Foam Mats from Slipping thumbnail
How Do I Keep My Foam Mat From Sliding?
Discover a few solutions to keep your foam mats from sliding on the floor, from using large area installations to non-skid rugs.
find flooring for spot jogging thumbnail
What's The Best Flooring For Spot Jogging?
Greatmats names a few products that would work well for spot jogging or running in place which include tiles, rolls and puzzle mats.
Foam Home Gym Flooring Mats over hardwood floors thumbnail
What’s the Best Home Gym Flooring Over Hardwood?
Take a look at these 5 best home gym flooring options to use over hardwood floors including foam, rubber, pvc, carpet, etc.
How Do You Clean Ground Protection Mats thumbnail
How Do You Clean Ground Protection Mats?
Ground protection mats are easy to clean. To clean off mud, and even heavy clay, just spray them down using a hose or a pressure washer.
Home MMA 2x2 Foam Dojo Mats thumbnail
How Large Are Martial Arts Mats?
Greatmats discusses sizing and how large martial arts mats should be for specific uses and environments.
Residential Exercise Room Flooring thumbnail
Residential Exercise Room Flooring Tile Options And Ideas
Residential gym flooring options and ideas for your home. Use home gym flooring on basement floors or spare rooms to create workout space in your home.
garage floor tile thumbnail
What Are The Differences Between Modular Garage Floor Tiles?
Modular garage floor tiles are interlocking and easy to instal. These garage floor tiles have economical and inexpensive, making it the perfect option for all budgets.
Garage Floor Tiles thumbnail
Are garage floor tiles any good?
Are garage floor tiles any good? Yes - Garage flooring, whether plastic tiles or rubber mats, are an excellent choice for home garage flooring.
garage gym flooring tiles for weight lifting thumbnail
What’s The Best Budget Garage Gym Flooring?
Greatmats offers many budget friendly options for garage gym flooring that can be used over concrete including foam and rubber.
Brick Breaking Mat thumbnail
What Are the Best Floor Mats for Martial Arts Board and Brick Breaking
Brick breaking mats and board breaking mats are critical to protecting hardwood or other finished floors at martial arts academies, tournament or competition venues.
Pilates Plyometric Rubber Roll thumbnail
What is the Best Flooring for a Pilates Studio? Home and Commercial
Commercial and home gym floors that are best for pilates exercises. Mats and flooring systems with comfort, support and stability.
Thick horse Stall mats thumbnail
Thickness Guide for Rubber Horse Stall Mats
What is the best rubber horse stall mat thickness? When choosing a thin or cheap horse stall mat versus a thick high quality rubber stall mat what is the tradeoff??
Best aerobic floor tiles for high impact thumbnail
What's the Best Flooring for High Impact Aerobics?
Greatmats discusses what's the best flooring for high impact aerobics including foam, rubber and pvc.
Home Gym Foam Floor thumbnail
EVA Gym Floor Tile Uses Beyond Workouts and Fitness
EVA gym floor tiles serve more purposes than just for workouts and fitness routines. They're also great for horse trailers, art studios, basements and more!
Soft home athletic flooring thumbnail
Home Karate Tiles - Features and Benefits
Learn what makes Home Athletic Sport Floor Tiles a top choice for home athletic training.