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Can You Steam Mop Foam Mats?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: July, 2020

Foam mats are a very popular flooring solution for a number of applications. Children’s play areas, workout rooms, basements, and other settings are perfect for foam mats. In many of these settings, however, germs may exist and cleaning the foam mats may be a concern. Steam mopping, for example is an effective way to clean and sanitize many flooring products, but you wouldn’t want to steam mop your foam mats. The heat from the steam could cause the mats to expand and/or buckle, so save the steaming process for your hardwood floors. 

We recommend that you DO NOT steam mop foam mats, but don’t let the cleaning process for scare you off just because they shouldn’t be steam cleaned.

How to Clean foam Mats

There are a number of very suitable products that make your foam mats simple to care for. In general, using a basic cleaning solution made of mild soap and water is your best bet. Gently run it across the surface of the foam mats using a soft cloth or mop. Simply make sure the cloth or mop are damp, but not overly saturated. This prevents water from seeping through at the seams. Should water get through the seams, it could become trapped beneath the mats - in which case, you’ll want to lift the mats and allow the floor to dry below before re-installing.

Be careful not to use harsh cleaners or chemicals, as they are often toxic and could cause harm when coming into contact with skin. Natural, homemade cleaners using vinegar and other ingredients with antibacterial properties are the perfect alternatives to bleach and sanitizers. Foam mats can also be swept frequently and even vacuumed without a beater brush. 

5 Easy to Clean Foam Mats

Wood Grain Easy to Clean Foam Mats
1. Wood Grain
Wood grain foam mats are an excellent choice for your home or office if you want a clean, economical alternative to a traditional wood floor. This is a great DIY installation option that is lead and latex free. It provides the look and elegance of a wood grain floor with added cushioning that is waterproof and durable. These 2x2 interlocking square tiles are made from 14mm thick EVA foam and feature an anti-fatigue component. They are designed to withstand common foot traffic, but are not designed for kids’ rooms or areas where high heels will be worn. 

Foam Mats are Easy to Clean
2. Kids’ Foam Play Mats
Foam mats designed to easily fit together like a puzzle without the use of adhesive are one of the best flooring options for a kids’ playroom, play area, bedroom, and more! They add color, safety, and comfort to any room and space without the high cost and high maintenance that comes with carpet. 

Foam play mats are made from EVA foam material, are waterproof, stain resistant, lead free, latex free, provide a soft surface for kids to play on, and they are available in numerous sizes and colors. These make cleaning up a breeze - which is a great feature to any play area in your home or office. 

Foam Gym Floor Tiles
3. Gym Floor Tile
When it comes to choosing a floor for your gym or fitness studio, there are many foam floor tile options available. Pebble Fitness Tiles create a sharp and crisp look with their deep black color and durable top surface texture. These are also made of an extra dense EVA foam material, and they are designed to withstand the weight of exercise equipment and resist water or spills. They have an interlocking design and are double sided for extra longevity.

Carpet Foam Tiles are Easy to Clean
4. Interlocking Carpet Tile
If you like the look of a nice, soft, plush carpet, but don’t like the price tag or the maintenance that accompanies it, interlocking carpet topped foam floor tiles should definitely be considered! Where these are available in various colors, you may also get them in a standard grey for a fresh, classic look. 

Although there are many options available, the Royal Interlocking Tile is among the best. Not only is it waterproof, odor proof, and easy to clean, but it is also extremely easy to install and remove as it is lightweight and portable. You can mix and match to create a custom design, or, you can stick with one solid color for a uniform look. This tile will provide anti-fatigue and insulation value just like carpet, while providing the many benefits of foam because of its high end backing. This product is so durable and easy to maintain, and it will not absorb water - making it an excellent option for a basement, home gym, trade show, or garage. 

1 inch Karate Foam Mats Easy Cleaning
5. Martial Arts Karate Mat
If you are looking for foam mats that would work in a martial arts or aerobic fitness studio, Greatmats foam karate mats are a durable and versatile option. These mats have a smooth, leather-like surface finish making them appropriate for karate and taekwondo, cardio kickboxing and Jazzercise as well as other fitness and training activities that involve soft shoe foot work. 

They are available in many options, including a faux wood floor look. They are made of high density EVA foam and high density polyethylene (PE), and they are double colored, double sided, portable, and interlocking. They can be installed quickly and easily, and they are easy to keep clean. 

Greatmats - the Best in Foam Mats

Foam mat flooring really is an excellent option if you are looking for something soft, light, and shock absorbent. Your body will really appreciate the soft comfortable footing, and your wallet will appreciate the affordable pricing. Foam flooring is so easy to clean, and it is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and surface materials - all of which are available at Greatmats.