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What Are Clean Room Sticky or Tacky Mats?

By Kyle Schurman Created: January, 2021 - Modified: March, 2021

  1. Are Permanent Adhesive Mats Better Than Clean Room Sticky Mats?

  2. What Is the Best Way to Choose Clean Room Sticky Mats?

  3. What Is the Longest Tacky Mat?

Clean room sticky mats, also called tacky mats or clean room mats, use an adhesive surface to catch contaminants on the shoes of people or on the wheels of carts entering the room. These mats sit outside the entrance to a room, forcing those entering the room to move across the adhesive.

As another usage option, customers may lay out these mats on the inside of a doorway, forcing those who are leaving the room to walk across them to remove contaminants or hazardous materials before they enter a hallway or another part of the building.

When used outside a room, these clean room sticky mats keep dust and other contaminants from reaching the interior of the room they’re protecting, maintaining a cleaner environment in that room.

Are Permanent Adhesive Mats Better Than Clean Room Sticky Mats?

A permanent style of clean mat often will consist of a polymer material that also pulls dust and other contaminants away from the soles of the shoes of people walking across them. On the other hand, clean room sticky mats consisting of disposable sheets that use adhesive to remove the soils from shoes and cart wheels.

With the disposable design, just peel the top layer of the adhesive mat pad once it becomes soiled, disposing of it. This is a convenient design, as the facility can have a completely clean mat at any time.

That’s where a product like the Clean Room TackyMat 24x36 Inches model can be a beneficial selection for those who want to make use of disposable mats. This is one of the best disposable clean room sticky mats, as it has 120 sheets per order, each of which has a number printed on it. Customers always know exactly how many sheets remain on the pad.

Place these disposable sheet pads over the top of carpet floor, ceramic tile, wood floor, or vinyl.

Clean Room TackyMat 24x36 Inches

However, some facilities prefer permanent flat polymer mats over using disposable mats, as they never have to worry about the polymer mat running out of temp sheets like a disposable mat system could.

One disadvantage of a permanent installation of a polymer mat is the fact that cleaning crews must wet mop the surface regularly with a special detergent to ensure it is clean enough to pull contaminants off the shoes of people walking on it.

What Is the Best Way to Choose Clean Room Sticky Mats?

Suppliers attempting to find just the right protective floor mat should look closely at the entrance to the room where the mat will be protecting the area.

Start by measuring the door frame leading to the room that must be kept clean. The mat’s measurement specifications should be at least wide enough to handle the full width of the door opening. Additionally, the length of the mat should ensure that people approaching the door opening will have to place both feet on the mat at least once while walking normally.

Study how people commonly enter the room. If people always approach the doorway from the front, extra width in the mat is not necessary. However, if people frequently approach the doorway from the sides before going through, such as if they are walking along a hallway, a wider mat will catch the debris from everyone’s shoes.

Finding just the right size of clean room sticky mats is an easy process, as these clean room pads are available in a variety of dimensions and coverage options. If needed, place two or more disposable pads side by side to expand the potential coverage space.

What Is the Longest Tacky Mat?

For those facilities that want to lay out a long tacky mat, forcing people to take several steps on the material before entering the clean room, the Statfree B2 Tacky Mat Roll Dark Blue Desco product is well worth considering.

This sticky mat uses a bright blue color, so people walking toward the room clearly can see it, knowing that they need to step on it before they can enter the clean room.

Statfree B2 Tacky Mat Roll Dark Blue Desco

Each mat has dimensions of 50 feet in length and 2.5 feet in width, so it is extremely long when rolled out fully. This mat consists of a heat fused thermoplastic two-layer vinyl design, which delivers durability while eliminating the generation of static charge.

The blue mat is only 1.5 mm in thickness (about 0.06 inches), so installers who need to cut the mat in half to provide a greater coverage in width and less coverage in length easily can cut through the mat material.

Because this tacky mat roll has flat edges on all four sides, installers even can lay more than one mat side by side to gain extra coverage area. These are versatile mats that simplify creating a long runway.

These are permanent layout mats, rather than using disposable sheets, so they will need to undergo regular cleaning in the facility.