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In What Forms Are PVC Flooring Available?
Greatmats discusses what forms of pvc flooring are available such as interlocking tiles and rolls.
How Often Should Gym Mats Be Cleaned?
Discover how often gym mats should be cleaned depends on a number of factors including use and environment.
Which Artificial Turf Products Are Available In Blue?
Greatmats identifies the best blue colored turf options and there are a variety of indoor and outdoor products.
What Are The Best 2x2 Rubber Mats And Tiles?
2x2 rubber floor mats, rubber floor tiles, and rubber gym mats are great for home or commertial gym, outdoor roof, patio, playground and more!
Why Are There So Many Artificial Turf Thicknesses?
Greatmats identifies many thicknesses of artificial turf and their specific uses and base layers. The purpose of the turf will determine the required thickness.
How Do I Get The Look Of Metallic Floors?
Greatmats discusses how you can get the look of metallic flooring by using a few of our selected products in tiles or rolls.
How Long Do Commercial Anti Fatigue Mats Last?
Greatmats discusses how long commercial anti fatigue mats last and specific limited time warranties.
The Best Home Gym Mats - Comparing Rubber, Foam and PVC Gym Mats
Discover which home gym mats are best for any given situation. Compare different materials, installations, uses and styles in this post. Click to learn more.
Jazz Flooring - Top Flooring Considerations for Jazz/Swing Dance
There are many things to think about when picking out a jazz or swing dance floor. Here are the top items you should consider.
What Is LVT Flooring? Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring
Discover what makes LVT flooring such a popular low cost alternative to expensive luxury floors.
What Is The Most Pet Friendly Flooring?
Greatmats discusses what types of flooring are the most pet friendly products that are eco-friendly and animal safe.
What is the Best Flooring for a Garage Gym?
Greatmats discusses the best garage gym flooring options: 4 styles of flooring, including tiles and mats, are listed as very good for diy garage gyms floors.
Where Can You Use Rubber Floor Covering?
Rubber floor coverings work great for patios, garages, basements, decks, gyms, and trucks.
What Is The Difference Between A Rubber Floor And A Wood Floor?
Rubber floor and wood flooring have many benefits. Find the best cost for rubber and wood flooring at
Comparing Patio Tile Materials and Installation
Breaking down patio tile options by material and installation over surfaces such as concrete, wood, grass and dirt.
Where Would You Use Green Rubber Floor Tiles?
Green rubber floor tiles are simple to instal and can be found at
How Do I Protect My Old Dog From Slipping On Hardwood Floors?
Prevent old dog slipping on hardwood flooring with greatmats foam and rubber flooring.
Top 5 Horse Stall Mats on a Budget
Discover which five horse stall mats offer the most benefits for the lowest price. Look at our rubber and foam selections here. Click to read more.
What is the Best She Shed Flooring?
Greatmats helps you sort through the best she shed flooring ideas and has numerous options from which to choose. 
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Tennessee?
Specialty flooring in Tennessee in cities like Nashville, Davidson, and Memphis can be found at
What Makes Rubber The Best Chicken Coop Floor?
Chicken coop flooring can be found at Greatmats in several different rubber varieties.
How to Get Rid of Rubber Mat Smell - Neutralizing Rubber Odor
Learn how to get rid of rubber smell from rubber mats. Removing the rubber odor from rubber mat flooring isn't hard work, but may take some time.
How thick should trade show flooring be?
Trade show flooring should be at least 1/2” thick in order to provide comfortable footing for your workers; although 5/8” and 9/16” are common thicknesses as well.
How to Clear Snow From a Rubber Playground Surface
Rubber playground flooring will inevitably end up with snow on it, especially in northern areas. Learn how to safely clear snow from a rubber playground. Read more here.