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gary watson in his basement after he installed max tile floor tiles thumbnail
Gary Watson Installed Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles In His Basement
Gary Watson has used Greatmats Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles for multiple areas of his basement over the past 10 years and recently expanded his installation with new Max Tiles.
artificial turf grass infill  thumbnail
Artificial Turf Infill & How To Use It
Find out how to use turf infill and what the different types are and what size is best to use as infill for your artificial grass.
Recycled Rubber Flooring thumbnail
Top 11 Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials - Green Flooring
Greatmats sells recycled and renewable flooring materials. Learn about green flooring options for your home and school flooring project. Click to read more.
Liquor Store with rolled rubber flooring thumbnail
Top 5 Uses of Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch Regrind
From liquor stores to dog training spaces, rubber flooring rolls are one of the most versatile specialty flooring solutions around.
steam room flooring thumbnail
What's The Best Flooring For A Steam Room?
Steam room flooring and sauna flooring can be found at Greatmats.
most popular foam mats and tiles at greatmats thumbnail
Top 5 Most Popular Foam Floor Tiles & Mats at Greatmats
Find out what the top 5 foam mats currently sold at Greatmats are, they include general use for kids, home gym and martial arts.
Foam Floor Tiles 5/8 Premium Trade Show thumbnail
Foam Workout Tile Uses For Kids And More
Foam Floor Tiles aren't just great for preschoolers. These foam floor tiles can serve all walks of life as interlocking floor mats. Discover their uses here!
Best Gym Flooring Material Horse Stall Mats for Power Lifting thumbnail
Best Gym Flooring Material Types and Options
Gym flooring material includes rubber, foam, plastic or carpet. Find the right gym flooring material for weight lifting, cardio and multi-purpose gyms.
Rubber Playground Tile Installation thumbnail
What Kind Of Rubber Playground Border Is Needed For Interlocking Tile
Rubber playground borders for indoor and outdoor playground can be found at
play puzzle mat thumbnail
Play Puzzle Mat Uses - EVA Foam Squares
Greatmats customers have found numerous uses for the Play Mat 4 Pack Foam Tiles. From living rooms to camping to construction, they serve many purposes.
Personal Exercise Mats thumbnail
Personal Exercise Mats - Portable Gym Mats
Find Personal Exercise Mats for all applications including Crunches, Situps, Plyometrics, Cheer and Martial Arts
Interlocking Rubber Gym Mats Lexie on ShokLok thumbnail
Interlocking Gym Mats - ShokLok Rubber Tiles
Reduce gym noise and vibration with rugged and durable rubber shoklok tiles, which can handle any abuse thrown their way and remain gentile on the skin.
plyometrics mat for insanity thumbnail
Plyometric Rolled Rubber Flooring 8mm Features and Benefits
Learn the benefits of 8 mm plyometric rubber rolls from Greatmats. Features of low density rubber rolls make them perfect for plyometric or aerobic activities
Easy to clean portable dance flooring tiles thumbnail
Easy-to-Clean Portable Dance Floors
Easy to clean and transport portable dance flooring tiles. Use Greatmats portable dance flooring tiles for banquets and parties.
Home ballet dance for in garage for online classes thumbnail
Do You Need Dance Flooring for an Online Ballet Class?
Greatmats discusses if you need to use dance flooring for an online ballet class and what style of flooring you should use.
Pontoon boat flooring
What Is the Best Pontoon Boat Flooring?
It's easy to find the best pontoon boat flooring at Greatmats that provides protection from weather exposure.
Flip onto Folding Gym Mat thumbnail
Top 10 Uses for Folding Gym Mats, Uses for Folding Exercise Mat
Guide folding gym mat uses. They're not just for gymnastics and these Greatmats customers will tell you why and how they use folding exercise mats.
commercial vinyl plank cost thumbnail
Is Installing Laminate Flooring Difficult?
Laminate flooring is a versatile choice at an affordable price that appeals to many business and home owners wanting a simple flooring solution. Read more here.
horse stall mats thumbnail
What Size Horse Is A 10x10 Stall Good For?
10x10 interlocking rubber horse stall mats can be found at Greatmats.
Dog Bone Pavers installed  thumbnail
Rubber Pool Deck Tile Pavers - Comparing Pavers for Pool Decks
Which rubber pavers for pool deck application are the best? Check out our comparison of deck tile pavers here. We offer ideas for the cheapest, most attractive and more!
Silent Tread Sound Floor Underlayment thumbnail
How Does Sound Floor Underlayment Work?
Learn how sound floor underlayment deadens sound and noise to create a peaceful environment. Read more about this product here.
Home gym flooring for basements thumbnail
Best Home Gym Flooring Over Concrete - 5 Basement Floor Options
Find the 5 best options for home gym flooring over concrete. Basement gym flooring ideas for installation over concrete.
Economy Foam 1/2 Inch Playroom floor mats thumbnail
Playroom Floor Mats: Soft and Inexpensive Ideas
Playroom floor mats can be very affordable. Greatmats offers a guide to the best soft flooring you can buy on a budget. Read the entire article now.
Pebble Mat Interlock thumbnail
Interlocking Gym Mats and Portable Horse Stall Mats
Portable and lightweight pebble topped interlocking foam tiles for home gyms and horse stalls. When it comes to horse stall mats for a home gym, this is the way to go.