Unfinished Basement Ideas For A Soft Play Room

Interlocking Kids Play Mats Offer a Soft Surface Over Concrete

Economy Play Mats

Whether you're looking to convert your for kids or a workout space for yourself, Greatmats interlocking play mats are just what you need to soften than concrete floor and create a space that is comfortable and safe. The foam play mats also insulate against the cold temperature of concrete, adding to the comfort factor.

No longer does an unfinished basement need to be reserved for storage. An interlocking kids play mat flooring system can quickly and easily transform that cold, hard space into an inviting multipurpose room or small game room without the need for hiring professional flooring installers.

With these mats, parent's can breath easier knowing that kids will have a soft place to play in the basement. Even the adults benefit from this soft surface as it relieves fatigue and makes it easier to get down and play with the youngsters at their level.

Thick Foam Play Mats

Greatmats also offers thicker interlocking foam play mats for situations where even greater cushion is desired. The thickest option is 1.5 inches thick and offers a critical fall height rating of 4 feet. While the thinner interlocking play mats mentioned above offer a scuff and stain resistant surface, the thickest EVA foam play mats present a skin burn resistant surface designed to be gentle on the skin.

This is a great option for those families with multiple kids who love to wrestle and roughhouse, plus if you put them in the unfinished basement, it keeps some of the rambunctiousness out of your living room and away from those fragile decorations. And with its fall protection, it's a great surface to put under a DIY basement jungle gym.

Play flooring for over dirt basement floors

Many older homes don't even have a concrete surface in the basements. Their dirt floors take ''unfinished'' to a new level. But don't be discouraged, because Greatmats has a solution to that as well. Greatmats StayLock perforated tiles are designed to be used both indoor and outdoors. Their flexible PVC material and active locking connectors will hold tight and conform to slightly uneven terrain. This makes a great surface for dirt basement floors. You can install these indoor/outdoor play tiles directly on the compacted dirt and still have the airflow needed to prevent the dirt surface from generating mold and mildew. If for some reason, you need to access the dirt floor, much like the foam puzzle mats, these floor tiles can be removed and re-installed without damaging the flooring system.
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