What Are The Best 3x3 Rubber Mats?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: March, 2021 - Modified: December, 2023

3x3 rubber mats are used for many applications. From anti-fatigue to exercise mats to entryway mats and horse stall mats. 3x3 foot rubber floor tiles are super popular, because they cover a large amount of space in no time, making it fast and easy to transform a space. Regardless of which particular type of 3x3 rubber floor tiles you’re interested in, Greatmats has the best, low cost options for sale, anywhere.

For The Gym & Weight Room Settings:

Greatmats offers so many different types of 3x3 rubber mat options that provide a sports pad on which to lift, squat, and work out. They can be used alone, or, by piecing a number of them together to create a suitable floor for your workout or weight room space.

Geneva Rubber Tile ​Geneva Rubber Tile with 10 percent color is a quality flooring product that is a durable option for those seeking something other than a basic black rubber tile. These ⅜ inch thick tiles feature a 10 percent distribution of color flecks throughout the tile. It’s a made-in-the-USA product that is easy to assemble and install without adhesive. It’s a great solution for home or commercial gym floors. There are also 8 mm Thick Geneva Tiles with 10 percent color that carry a Shore A 60 material hardness rating, making them perfect for weightlifting areas, keeping the subfloor safe from accidentally dropped weights.

Geneva Rubber Tile For an option with even more color, try the Geneva Rubber Tile with 20 percent color! These ¼ inch thick 3x3 rubber floor tiles offer an excellent level of performance and value, and they come with either tan color flecks or blue color flecks. The color will never wear away over time, and the product will look and perform well long beyond its 5-year warranty.

Geneva Rubber Tile Geneva Rubber Tile is also available in a classic black look, which really appeals to certain gym owners. These 3x3 rubber floor tiles provide a high level of quality that ensures the mats will stay put once installed - preventing potential tripping hazards that occur from exposed seams of other mats. These ⅜ inch thick mats are made from block rubber, so they lie flat and will not curl like cheaply made mats do. The Black Geneva Rubber Tile is also available in an 8 mm option. Geneva Rubber Tiles really are among the best that are for sale, anywhere. They are waterjet cut, providing for a tighter fit than those that are stamped or die cut. They are also environmentally friendly and priced right. The tiles are also very tough and durable.

Spectation Gym Floor Straight Edge Rubber TilesSpectation Gym Floor Straight Edge Rubber Tiles are great for a fitness or gym floor, as they offer great shock absorption and spike resistance. The mats also come in a variety of colors, so they are great for those looking for 3x3 rubber floor tiles that aren’t just standard black. These are 9 mm thick and are non porous with a hammered finish on top and recycled black rubber underneath. They require a glue down application process.

Rubber Tile Utility Black MixRubber Tile Utility Black Mix is a low-odor, rubber 3x3 rubber mat that provides excellent traction and is slip resistant. The tiles are also sound and shock absorbing, and they are very easy to install with their adhesive-free interlocking design. Use Rubber Tile Utility for weight rooms, locker rooms, gyms, skating rinks, and any other application requiring spike protection. These 3x3 rubber floor tiles are made of the most durable rubber available and will last for years under the heaviest use.

For Other Applications:

SuperFoam Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat Anti fatigue mats are perfect for a kitchens and work areas. This 3x3 mat option offers a comfortable cushion under the feet of workers. It also protects against movement due to grease or water and prevents slips in moisture-prone areas. The mat provides anti-fatigue benefits and protection against sore feet and backs that could otherwise occur. They are black in color and made in the USA.

Performa SD Black Mat Performa SD Black Mats are among the highest performing anti-fatigue mats available anywhere. This 3x3 rubber mat option is an interconnecting anti-fatigue mat that is used to cover large flooring areas or workstations where ergonomic benefits are needed. They are resistant to grease and they are thick and tough enough to endure 24/7 shift operations, offering cushioned support where needed.

Wash Rack Classic Interlocking MatWash Rack Classic Interlocking Mats work really well in wash bays and other wet areas. They are extremely durable, control odor, and have an anti slip surface texture. Ring mats are perforated with holes that allow water to flow through, and the 1/2 inch thickness allows for heavy weight. They are made from durable material that is suitable for any indoor or outdoor area.

How Thick Are 3x3 Rubber Floor Tiles?

There are many different thicknesses of 3x3 rubber mat products, and deciding which thickness is best for your space or project depends on what the mat will be used for.
  1. Will you be having furniture and exercise equipment on the mats?
  2. Are you using mats to protect a subfloor?
Perhaps, you will be using a 3x3 mat flooring system to work out on. There are different thicknesses for different applications and purposes.

Domination Rubber Gym Square Tile A slightly thicker, 10 mm (.39 inch) 3x3 rubber mat flooring system is the Domination Rubber Gym Square Tile product. Designed to absorb shock and resist stains, it’s also sound reducing and spike and blade resistant. It’s made from 50 percent recycled rubber and made to endure dropped weights and heavy equipment.

Geneva Rubber Tile Geneva Rubber Tile, as highlighted in Part 1, is available in numerous thicknesses - including the ½ inch (12.7 mm) thick options. This particular black mat can be used in commercial gyms, weight rooms, or home gyms. It is one of the top products for those looking for a 3x3 rubber mat, as it interlocks tightly with other mats - ensuring the highest level of performance. It’s a durable option to provide support for heavy exercise equipment in your home or commercial athletic facility without damaging the sub-floor.

Cushion Tred Anti Fatigue MatsCushion Tred Anti Fatigue Mats are ⅞ inch (22.23 mm) thick. This ergonomic safety mat can be used in wet, dry, or oily areas such as restaurants and food service facilities. They are made of a durable rubber compound that can endure almost anything, and a holed drainage system eliminates liquid and debris from the work area. Its flexible cushion design offers the highest level of comfort and anti-fatigue benefits for those forced to stand and work for extended periods of time.

Greatmats - for the best variety of 3x3 rubber mat and floor tile options!

Greatmats truly offers the best in terms of 3x3 rubber mat flooring solutions; the best price, the best quality, and the best service. From colored 3x3 rubber floor tiles to create a custom look, to a variety of simple rubber mat options that simply interlock for a DIY self project. Greatmats offers it all. This size of options are extremely popular for their ease of installation, low lifetime and replacement cost, durability, and versatility. Regardless of the options you choose - either one of those highlighted here or one of the others at Greatmats, you can be confident in your purchase and know that you’re getting the best.