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HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors

SKU# HLST116.5
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HiddenLock Floor Tiles, Basement Floor Tile, Event Floors

Tan and Green on sale for $2.99 per tile while supplies last.
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Top Features for HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors

  1. Hidden locking design with upscale look
  2. Designer look with slate top surface texture
  3. No glue, easy installation
  4. Earth tone colors
  5. Durable floor tile
  6. Made in the USA
  7. For indoor basement floors, entryways and around the home
  8. For garage floors use the coin top version
Use Types

Basement Flooring Tile, Entryways and Mud Rooms, Family Rooms and Hallways, Commercial Entrance Mats

PVC slate floor tile, Plastic slate floor tiles, Faux slate flooring

and flooring in entry areas can be difficult to protect from mud, water, and other foreign objects that the kids or dogs drag into the house. Our HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile Colors product will keep your basement and entryway flooring looking great, as it's easy to clean and can stand up to heavy and rough foot traffic.

Our HiddenLock floor tiles will provide a high end, commercial quality tile option that stands up to rough treatment without suffering color damage. These plastic slate floor tiles feature a hidden locking design, which means you don't have to see puzzle-shaped seams. You'll only see the look of traditional tile edges with this product.

Attractive and durable, this basement floor tile is excellent for a variety of applications, including basement floors, entryways, mud rooms, family rooms, event floors, and commercial building entryways.

This product has a minimum order of 20 tiles.

Tough Materials

The PVC slate floor tile is a Made-in-the-USA product. It's manufactured from quality PVC plastic material that yields an excellent color consistency. It carries a material density rating of Shore A 75-85, and has an extremely tough surface that will stand up to all kinds of foot traffic and dirt or mud that's tracked indoors.

Our faux slate flooring is the most durable and thickest of its kind on the market. Each PVC slate floor tile measures 1/4 inch in thickness, which gives it durability against foot traffic.

PVC plastic is one of the toughest and most reliable materials available for use in flooring, and the plastic slate floor tiles carry a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Cleaning the faux slate flooring is an easy process. You can use a common household floor cleaner mixed with hot water as the cleaning solution. Apply the solution with a damp mop and allow it to air dry. Each tile will not absorb liquid, which makes cleaning easy.

Easy-to-Install Tiles

Our HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile uses an interlocking design that means you won't lose any coverage capacity. The faux slate flooring design eliminates having to see obvious interlocking seams in your floor.

No adhesives are required for the installation of the PVC slate floor tile. The interlocking design holds the tiles together tightly, meaning you won't have to worry about raised seams causing a potential tripping hazard. And because you won't be using adhesives, should you ever need to disassemble the tiles and return to the original floor, it's an easy process.

Each tile measures 12 by 12 inches, giving it 1 square foot of coverage. This makes it easy to calculate the number of tiles you need.

You'll also like these plastic slate floor tiles because you don't need a perfectly level sub-floor before installing the tiles. They will bend a little bit to match the surface of the sub-floor. Whatever undulations or imperfections are in the sub-floor, the faux slate flooring will match them. Just make sure there is not a significant level change at a seam as this could cause the tiles to separate when not glued down.

Interlocking Design

Our plastic slate floor tiles have tabs on two sides of the square tile. The other two sides have slots on the underside of the tile into which you'll fit the tabs.

To install the tile, just lay the square on the floor with the two edges with the tabs in the direction you want to lay additional tiles. Place the area with the slots on the underside of the tile over the tabs of the adjacent tile and press down on the seam between the two tiles. You'll feel the tiles pop into place.

If you need to cut the PVC slate floor tile to make it fit in a wall-to-wall installation design, you just need a utility knife and a straight edge. Using a series of shallow scores, cut completely through the tiles. You also can cut these tiles easily to fit around obstacles, such as a post.

Although gluing the tiles is not necessary because of the interlocking tabs and slots, if you want a permanent installation, you can use adhesive on our PVC slate floor tile. Here are some tips for deciding whether you should glue the flooring.

Glue-down Installation: If you will be placing or moving heavy objects on the flooring on a regular basis, a glue-down installation ensures the tiles won't slip around or pull apart. Or if you are planning to leave the tiles in place as permanent flooring over the sub-floor, you can use a glue-down installation successfully. Garage flooring where vehicles will be parked or turning the tires works well with a glue-down installation.

Interlocking Installation: When using the plastic slate floor tiles in an area that will have average or below average foot traffic, an interlocking installation should provide the stability in the flooring you need. If you expect that you'll need to disassemble the tiles at some point and return to the original sub-floor, you'll obviously want to avoid using any adhesives on the tile. Most basement or event flooring installations of this tile work well with an interlocking design alone.

Great Looking Floor

Our PVC slate floor tile will improve the look and feel of any room. Our HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile is designed for numerous use cases. Here are some places where you'll find for our plastic slate floor tiles.

Basements: Because our faux slate flooring resists water, it's a smart option in a basement where moisture can occasionally be a problem. Should the flooring you select absorb water and moisture, you could end up introducing an area for bacteria and mold to grow, which is why our PVC slate floor tile is such a good option. However, if you have a significant moisture problem in a basement, you may want to consider our raised floor tile, which will introduce airflow beneath the tiles, allowing the moisture to drain or evaporate.

For a great look in a finished basement, our plastic slate floor tiles will give you the look of expensive slate tile without the difficult installation.

Entryways: Rather than using a thin vinyl tile in a mud room at your home, consider our pvc plastic tile. This tile is tough enough to stand up to anything that your pets or kids will drag into the home. Because the faux slate flooring is easy to clean, it also works well in an entryway area in the home.

Laundry Room: Because our plastic tiles will not absorb water, you may want to lay out this product in your laundry room. Should you need to place dirty or wet laundry on the floor, or should the washing machine suffer a leak, the flooring will resist any moisture. You also can set a heavy appliance on the tile, such as a washing machine or a clothes dryer, without causing any damage to it.

Workshop: Should you need a tough kind of flooring to stand up to your woodworking hobby, while also looking nice, our plastic slate floor tiles are a smart idea. These tiles can handle heavy furniture or tools being place on them, and should you inadvertently drop any wood on this flooring, it will not suffer damage. Because the faux slate flooring has no texture in the surface, it will be easy to sweep up any sawdust or other materials that you create during your woodworking, while keeping the floor in the area look great.

Commercial Entrances: If you need an area in your warehouse to welcome customers or to conduct some business, use our PVC slate floor tile in the customer facing area of your warehouse or business. This tile will look stylish, and it's easy to lay down. If you have a boring cement floor in the warehouse, you can use these tiles to dress up the flooring for customers.

Event Flooring: Our faux slate flooring works extremely well as a type of flooring to use for events, including trade shows. The tiling is easy to install and disassemble as needed, meaning you can carry it with you as part of your trade show materials. Each tile only weighs 1.2 pounds, which allows one person to perform the installation and to carry multiple tiles at once.

Ordering Options

We offer the HiddenLock Slate Floor Tile in three earthy types of colors of brown, tan and gray. You can create a tile installation with a single color through the room. Or you can order more than one color of tile and create patterns of color within the tile installation, such as a checkerboard design. No matter what color of tiles you select, all the tiles are designed to fit together, featuring the same interlocking pattern.

If you are looking for a type of flooring tile to install in an area that will be wet frequently or that needs to stand up to heavy vehicle traffic, such as a garage, We also offer coin top and diamond top flooring that will provide a bit of traction because of the texture on the surface of the tile.

Should you have any questions about your tile ordering options with our PVC slate floor tile or your other options for tiles, just contact our helpful customer service team.


Clean with damp mop, hot water and common household floor cleaner.


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
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SKU# HLST116.5
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type PVC Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 1/4 inch
Width 1.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.20 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 20
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 75-85
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Slate
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

Can this product be removed and reinstalled in the event that you need access to the subfloor?
Yes this is not an issue and can be done easily.
How do you cut the tile?
These PVC tiles can be cut using a sharp utility knife. Remember to measure twice and cut once.
Does the floor have to be exactly level?
No the tiles will flow with the flooring surface.
is this product goo to use on surgical room floors
We are not sure about this application, the tiles are not completely waterproof.
How do these tiles react to pet urine and poop?
PVC is very durable and is resistant to most acids and oils. As for your particular pet, we can not say. The product has not been tested for pets.
In the photos it appears that the tiles have some straight edges which would make it so I don't need to buy a border. Am I correct? I cannot find this info anywhere online so far. Thank you.
This product does not have a border option that fits this tile. Two sides of the tile are straight, the other two sides have the lower tab exposed. One could use a traditional edge molding to finish any exposed edges as needed.
Looking for a tile for my semi-finished basement. We have had one ''flooding'' (about an inch of water) since we bought the house, but we got a new sump pump and have hopefully rectified the water situation. Would this tile withstand occasional water?
This tile may trap moisture, but you might do better with a raised tile, like our MAX Tile. Check out our blog about waterproof flooring for flood zones.
How well would this tile hold up to sand? dog claws?
I think this would be fine for sand and dog claws as long as the dog is not scratching.
what about safety from slippage when wet?
This product has a video showing how the tiles perform when wet in regards to slipping.
Could I use this product in a 3 season sunroom? No heat in winter and no cooling in the summer. Also can it be installed over a plywood subfloor? Is it dimensionally stabile?
The material is stable when not in direct sunlight and with no changes in temperature and or humidity. It can be used for residential installations on any hard flat surface.
Can I install this over a gravel floor?
This tile does need to be installed over a hard flat surface, so gravel is not so good. Perhaps our Staylock tile is better for gravel
Will shoes damage the floor? I’m sure sneakers would be fine, but what about heels (pumps)?
These tiles will hold up to all shoe types. They're made from a durable PVC Plastic.
Can this product be installed over carpeted floors in a residential application such as a home office?
The Hiddenlock Tiles should only be installed over a hard surface. Carpeting will cause the tiles to separate.
can product be used in a travel trailer
These tiles may be used in a travel trailer. They can be cut to fit with a sharp utility knife.

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Customer Rating:

Perfect product for covering up the basement concrete floor, turning an unused storage area into a much more habitable place. Tiles just as described, shipped quickly. Easy to install, quickly transformed the area.

Franktown, CO

Customer Rating:

Amazing product. Easy to install. I liked the lock in design. 600 square ft done in 2 days

Staten Island, NY