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Patio Tiles and Rubber Pavers
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Interlocking Outdoor Rubber Tiles
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Whether you're looking for the perfect finish for your dream home's patio, or need something durable enough to withstand the traffic of a commercial patio, Greatmats is sure to have the right patio tiles for your project. As one of the largest distributors of rubber, plastic and foam , Greatmats is proud to offer more than 60 patio tile products. From interlocking patio tiles, straight edged paver or plank-style tiles, or dog bone shaped tiles, Greatmats can help you cover your patio with a safe and stylish surface you'll love. We offer patio tiles for both home and commercial use that can withstand the damaging effects extreme temperature fluctuations, water and sunlight.

How To Clean Rubber Patio Tiles

  1. Rubber patio tiles can be vacuumed or swept with a broom and then scrubbed with a neutral detergent and soft nylon brush scrubber
  2. Pick up solution with a wet vac.
  3. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly.

How To Clean PVC Patio Tiles

  1. Damp mop with common household cleaner.
  2. Do not use bleach.

Factors for Determining Appropriate Types of Patio Tiles

Greatmats offers an excellent selection of patio tiles. The type of tile right for your project will depend on a number of factors, including:
  • Budget
  • Installation surface
  • Expected use of the patio
  • Desired appearance
  • Desired installation method
  • And more

Patio tiles can come in numerous materials and designs specifically for factors such as installations, water drainage, comfort, look, portability, versatility and even fall protection. Be sure that tiles you choose for your patio are the best fit for your desired location, usage and desires. Greatmats is always willing and able to help you in the selection process. Let's take a look at some of our most popular types of patio tiles.

Rubber Patio Tiles
Rubber patio tiles, also known as patio paver tiles, are available in a number of designs, thicknesses, weights, and more.

These patio tiles are made of recycled rubber content, so you can feel good about your decision to use them for your project. They range from the economic Rubber Patio Paver tiles, which are 3/4 inch thick, to the 3.5-inch thick Interlocking Playground Tiles.

One of the major advantages of rubber patio mats and tiles is that they require little to no maintenance. Made in the USA, these tiles help to soften hard surfaces. Rubber outdoor tiles are more temperature stable than brick or concrete surfaces, and they make for a comfortable outdoor space any time of the year.

These patio deck tiles rubber will not freeze or crack, and they are also UV resistant. Most rubber patio tiles are safe for use on rubber roofing membranes as well as compacted or concrete surfaces. To prevent the tiles from curling, you will want to choose a thick tile, or secure thinner tiles with an adhesive. This will also help to ensure a smooth finish, and can help to prevent tile edges from raising up and creating tripping hazards.

The right tile option for your project will depend on the durability and length of life that you're looking for in your patio surface. With increased rubber tile thickness comes increased weight, protection and durability.

Thin rubber patio tiles can weigh as little as 6 pounds per tile. Thicker tiles can weigh in at upwards of 30 pounds per tile. All tile versions are durable and carry at least a 5 year warranty, but you can expect a significantly longer lifespan as you increase the thickness of your patio tiles. A 10-year warranty is common for many playground-style tiles and some rubber paver style patio tiles even carry a limited lifetime guarantee.

You will also want to consider the fall protection offered by the rubber patio mats and tiles, especially if you know that children or the elderly will be using the area. Look for a tile which provides non-slip traction to help prevent falls. If a fall does occur, critical fall height rated patio tiles can help to prevent serious injury. Many of the thicker rubber patio tiles carry a critical fall height rating of 6 to 10 feet, so be sure to check for fall height ratings before deciding on your patio tile.

While most rubber patio tiles are square and 2x2 feet in size, Greatmats also offers patio tiles that are 16x16 inch squares or irregularly shaped tiles made to look like stones. Flexstone Rubber Paver Tiles are 14 to 18 inches across and represent oval, rectangular or square shaped stepping stones. Use the tiles for a more natural looking patio or landscaping accents without the cold, unforgiving surface of natural stone.

Dog Bone Outdoor Paver tiles come shaped like dog bones and lay much like bricks. They create an aesthetically pleasing, but forgiving surface.

Sterling rubber patio tiles offer you the opportunity to create an interlocking rubber deck tile surface that will last for both ground level or rooftop patios. The outdoor interlocking rubber tiles are heavy enough to keep from lifting in strong winds and interlock together to avoid shifting and separation under heavy traffic. Sterling rubber patio tiles, available in 1.25 or 2 inch thicknesses, also feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Rubber patio pavers add a comfortable layer of safety to an outdoor recreational home area. The textured surface of the rubber patio tile provides a non-slip area that is also equipped with grooves to channel water off the surface of the tiles.

If you want a patio tile with substantial weight and top level durability, you should definitely look into rubber patio tiles.

Plastic Patio Tiles
Plastic patio tiles come in many different forms, some of which even resemble wood planks or grass. The tiles are usually square or rectangular, and they snap together using a tab and loop connection system for easy, secure installation. While most plastic tiles feature this tab and loop design, some do have straight edges that do not interlock.

Perforated plastic patio tiles are most common and are ideal for areas which receive heavy rainfall. These tiles feature an innovative design which allows water to flow through their surface without giving it the time to pool on top of the tiles. The tiles also feature a raised base which allows water to drain away, and air to reach the underside of the tile to help with drying. This design helps to combat standing water, making for a more sightly and safer patio area while avoiding the formation of mold or mildew.

Many of these perforated patio tiles are made of a soft and flexible PVC material. Some of the tiles even offer a 20-inch critical fall height rating for improved safety, and many offer ramped border strips for a smooth transition between the patio and other surfaces.

StayLock perforated interlocking patio tiles are designed to create a beautiful, tight fit, and they feature a perforated surface design so that water flows freely through them. These tiles are made of a soft PVC plastic which feels great to touch and is comfortable to stand and play on.

Staylock tiles offer the rare ability to be laid directly on the ground without the standard requirement of a subsurface. The interlocking design keeps the outdoor patio tiles in place over time, so you don't have to worry about them separating or developing gaps. Staylock perforated tiles feature a 5-year limited warranty.

Our standard Patio Outdoor Tile is also made of PVC and has a perforated surface. This tile is UV stable, comfortable to stand on with a more textured non-slip surface, and ideal for areas around pools or hot tubs. This patio tile carries a 1 year limited warranty.

Some of our perforated plastic tiles can double for both patio and athletic surfaces such as tennis or basketball courts.

If you're looking for the appearance of wooden decking without the upkeep, then consider our wood plank-style plastic patio tiles. These straight edge tiles are made of recycled plastic and look just like wood planks. The planks are held together by a flexible PVC rod that allows the tiles to flex with surface irregularities. These tiles come with a lifetime warranty against material defects.

For a super soft patio surface option, artificial turf tiles can create a leisurely place for you to relax. They provide the look and feel of grass, but without the maintenance. You can install artificial turf tiles over any hard, flat surface, and some even accommodate grass or other slightly uneven surfaces. These tiles are a great way to enhance the comfort and natural appearance of your outdoor patio.

If your top priorities include water drainage, air flow and portability, then plastic patio tiles are the way to go.

Foam Patio Tiles
Comfortable, durable, and stylish, our foam patio tiles will convert your outdoor space into the go-to place for gatherings. With a large variety of designs and colors to choose from, you'll find just the patio tiles you need to complete your project in a timely fashion. To top it off, all of our tiles are simple to install, carry a manufacturer's warranty, and most are made with recycled materials.

Our outdoor foam patio tiles are popular options since they make soft, safe, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. These tiles are durable and will last for years, maximizing your investment and your enjoyment of your property.

For pool patio areas, you may want to consider one of our many varieties of Life Floor Foam Tiles. These tiles are soft, temperature stable and extremely slip resistant. They also offer limited fall height protection. You can find them in surface textures that emulate wooden boards, slate or ripples for virtually any finish that you desire, and they are also available in a large variety of vibrant and earth tone colors.

If temperature stability, comfort and slip resistance are at the top of your wish list for your patio tiles, it would be worth your time to check into Life Floor tiles for pool decks and patios.

Roof Patio Tiles
If you would like to convert your rooftop into an outdoor recreational area, rubber deck tiles can help to bring your project to life. These outdoor tiles are designed to be used on rubber membrane rooftops with a floating system which eliminates the need for glue. These tiles are available in several colors, giving you plenty of choices.

Your Next Steps
If you know the dimensions of an area that you will be covering, our online room designer tool - available on each product page - can help you narrow down your tile choices and determine just how much of a product you need to order. This tool can help to determine just how much tile you will need while helping to minimize waste. You can also see the layout of the tile within different dimensions.

Greatmats is proud to say that a large number of our outdoor tiles are made in the USA. Our tiles are available in solid or flecked colors with textured, grooved or perforated surfaces to ensure you have all the design possibilities you could hope for when planning your outdoor patio.

Have questions about products or freight weights? Please contact the Greatmats professional customer service team at 877-822-6622 for help.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want you to be happy with your product and with your shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model - treat others as you want others to treat you. Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can buy from us with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our priority.

You can feel good about buying from Greatmats. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

Do you have questions about these products? Would you like a quote or a sample of one of these flooring options? Please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help you choose the right flooring for your next project.

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