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How to Remove and Replace Greatmats Patio Outdoor Tiles

Date Published: 12-23 - 2021

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If you use Greatmats Patio Outdoor Tiles and have a damaged tile, there’s no need to worry. You can remove and replace just the damaged tile and here are a couple of methods.

The first option involves replacing a tile out of the middle of an installation.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find something firm and skinny that you can slip between the tiles. The tiles are flexible, so it gives you a little wiggle room for the type of tool you plan to use.

Generally a putty knife or standard, flat-blade screwdriver works well - as long as it can fit between the loops of the interlocks.

Push the tool between the tile, ensuring you’re also between the loop interlocks and pry the tabs out of the loops. Since each tile has two sides with tabs and two sides with loops, it is important to know which direction the tiles are facing so that when you are prying, you are lifting up on the tabs and not the loops as the tabs are pressed down into the loops for installation.

Once you’ve gotten one full side of a tile free, you may be able to release the other tab side of the tile without a tool by simply pulling it up with your hand.

Since two sides of the tile are now free, it may move a little more freely, requiring you to hold down the damaged tile with one hand while you free pry up and adjacent tile on a loop sides of the tile you’re removing. With three sides free, you can either continue prying with your tool or fold the tile back over the remaining attached set to get the connectors to let go.

Now that the damaged tile has been removed, you can install the replacement tile. Again, pay close attention to which side the loops are on to make sure your replacement tile is facing in the right direction.

Place your new tile overtop of the hole and start by securing the tab sides of the new tile in place by pushing the tabs down into the loops.

Then you’ll need to tuck the loops of the new tile under the tabs of the already installed tiles and press down over the tabs of the existing tiles to connect them together. In some cases, it may be easier to use your foot and tap the tab into place at an angle.

If you have trouble getting all of the tabs and loops aligned, your screwdriver or putty knife can be used again for leverage. Finish popping all of the tabs into place and your patio outdoor tile floor is as good as new!

The second option for removing and replacing a patio outdoor tile is a bit simpler. If the tile you’d like to replace is near an edge, you can simple peel back a row of tiles at the seam until you get just past your damaged tile. Then peel out the desired tile - again keeping in mind that tabs are on top of the loops.

Replacing the tile is much like the first method. Keep the loops facing in the same direction. Press the tab sides into place first. Tuck the loops under on the other sides and continue tapping in the remaining sides.

Enjoy your just like new patio outdoor tile floor!

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