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Options for Patio & Outdoor Tiles

Our outdoor patio tiles deliver a wide range of designs that fit either commercial or residential use cases. At Greatmats, we offer both perforated and solid surface designs that are slip-resistant and waterproof. Multiple sizes, thicknesses and colors are available, too.

Interlocking outdoor patio tiles are available to install as a DIY job, which saves you money versus hiring a professional. They provide a temporary portable option or a permanent solution to spruce up an old, stained concrete area, while also making it far more attractive and comfortable.

Types of Patio Tiles

At Greatmats, we have dozens of different designs of patio floor tiles that can be installed over existing patios. You can select among multiple styles and materials, matching the product to the needs you have for the space.
  • Flexible PVC plastic: For drainage tiles’ exterior designs, look at PVC plastic with perforations that allow water to quickly drain away. PVC tiles are flexible and can be installed over uneven surfaces, such as cracked concrete. One of our most popular options is the StayLock perforated, which prevents water from pooling and has a soft feel underfoot.

  • Rigid plastic: Use rigid plastic outdoor tiles over existing patios or other concrete areas to create a sports court or to support the weight of any vehicles you need to park in the area.

  • Rubber: The best way to cover a roof patio floor is with rubber tiles, as they are extremely durable and provide a bit of comfort. Outdoor rubber tiles consist of recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly choice and are very low maintenance. In areas that experience freezing temperatures, our interlocking patio tiles will not crack. Full sun exposure doesn’t affect them, as they have built-in UV exposure protection. The Sterling Roof Top Tile is a popular choice with fall height protection.

  • Outdoor carpet: Select carpet tiles for a patio or deck that needs a comfortable surface. We offer outdoor carpet tiles that are waterproof and can withstand harsh weather.

PVC and plastic tiles can have a slightly raised base, which encourages the proper drainage of rainwater and allows airflow to dry the moisture quickly. This results in a lower chance of mold or mildew forming in the area.

Benefits of Interlocking Outdoor Patio Tiles

Greatmats has many patio floor ideas in our Patio Tiles Buyer's Guide. Our customers can create a comfortable outdoor gathering space in an area that may not be usable otherwise. Some benefits of flooring tiles for outdoor spaces include:
  • Added comfort versus bare concrete
  • Multiple size and thickness options
  • Waterproof and water resistant
  • Perforated designs drain water away
  • Non Slip
  • Versatile
  • Multiple designs and colors
  • Need very little maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to replace a damaged tile
  • DIY installations are possible
  • Incredibly durable
  • Many value-priced designs
  • Affordable replacement alternative to wood or concrete
  • Withstand all kinds of weather

Ideas on Where to Use Greatmats Outdoor Tiles for Patios

Our outdoor flooring options can vastly improve the look and use of space for multiple locations at your home or a commercial facility, delivering a good return on your investment. The tiles can be installed over concrete, over grass, and over dirt for temporary or permanent uses.
  • Over concrete patios
  • On roof decks or patios
  • On porches or balconies
  • Over old wood decks
  • Over pool deck surrounds
  • On hot tub floor areas
  • Over grass or dirt to create a temporary patio in the backyard
  • On outdoor restaurant seating areas
  • On walkways

Patio Tiles Q&A

How do you install interlocking patio tiles over concrete that’s uneven?

Our interlocking decking tiles can be installed over slight concrete imperfections. The material conforms, allowing it to match the undulations of a subfloor that has minor cracks or holes. The materials deliver a bit of cushioning, too, which is nice to have on top of cement. However, if major cracks in the concrete exist, repair them as much as possible with patching cement before the installation.

Can you place interlocking outdoor tiles over grass?

Yes, as Greatmats has interlocking outdoor tiles made for grass that will flex to conform to the slightly uneven ground frequently found in this spot. This differs from interlocking options that competitors offer, as they often only work on perfectly flat, firm ground.

How do you keep patio tiles from becoming uneven on dirt?

You have a couple of options for using patio tiles over dirt. Use landscaping tools to smooth out the dirt and create an even surface for your patio flooring. We also offer the interlocking GeoGrid Paving System that addresses drainage and delivers erosion control. Install the GeoGrid tiles and then place them over the top.

What are some outdoor patio tile ideas?

Some of the best patio tile ideas for outside include using PVC plastic perforated tiles to help drain water away after a rainstorm. For maximum durability, consider outdoor rubber tiles as well. If you want to create a temporary patio over grass or dirt, we have options for this purpose, too.

How do you choose the best outdoor patio tile?

To select the best outdoor patio tile, think about how you want to use the space. In areas that will have significant water exposure, consider perforated tiles. If you prefer more comfortable flooring, look for PVC plastic or rubber. If you need to support weight, look for firm plastic tiles or rubber.