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Balcony, Dog, and Outdoor Athletic Turf

Creating an area outside for activities for the kids to play, for practicing sports, or for pets often involves natural grass. However, when you prefer the area to appear green and lush all year round, artificial outdoor turf from Greatmats is the better choice.

Customers have several options for selecting the perfect style of faux grass that will not turn brown in the winter and that requires only minimal maintenance on your part.

Size and Shape Options

We have multiple sizes and shapes of outdoor turf that you can install at your home, at an athletic facility, at a school, or at a golf course practice facility.

Because this is a style of artificial turf made for use outside, it is most commonly available in huge rolls measuring 15 feet in width. Some rolls even measure 20 feet in width. Customers can then select the approximate length they need for the project.

We also offer pre-cut faux turf pieces available in sizes like 6x35 feet or 7x10 feet. We even have some products that resemble the size of a rug or a segment of carpet at 3x5 feet.

Multiple thickness options are available for these products. The thickness varies in the section of the roll that contains the blades of the outdoor turf as well as the base padded layer on the underside.

Material Options

These rolls of outdoor artificial turf typically have polyethylene plastic on the top side and durable foam on the bottom. Some rolls do not have padding on the bottom and simply use a flat base layer that holds the faux blades of grass in place.

The manufacturer molds the polyethylene plastic into individual blades of grass, giving this outdoor turf a look and feel similar to natural grass.

Customers can select the pile height that best fits the planned use case. For workouts or if a pet or child will be playing on the surface, a thicker pile height is desirable, such as 1 or 2 inches. For a putting green, a smaller pile height works better, such as 0.375 or 0.75 inches.

The padding layer helps protect kids who may fall while playing or the joints of athletes working out on the surface. It’s even safer for dogs to do agility. The pad layer can range from 1/5 inch (or 5 mm) to about 2 inches. The thicker pads offer a fall height rating of up to 9 feet.

Pattern and Texture Options

Although the majority of outdoor turf rolls that we at Greatmats offer for sale will have a green color that resembles actual grass, a few of these products are available in non-traditional colors. Some of these non-green colors include:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Clay
  • Maroon
  • Navy blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver or gray
  • Tan
  • White
  • Yellow

We even offer various shades of green to enhance the realistic look of the installation. For a putting green, for example, customers may want a lighter shade of green that looks like a tightly mowed green on the golf course. Rolls with thick pile heights will often be a deeper green color, resembling tall grass.

Manufacturers will treat the faux blades of grass with UV resistance, so the colors should not fade noticeably over time.

Common Use Options

Customers can install this turf at home to use as a play area for kids or pets. It also works for athletic workouts, such as at a batting cage or near a soccer goal. Some people will create an at-home golf turf practice area.

Those who want to create a sharp-looking gathering area may install this turf over the top of an existing patio or deck, adding a splash of natural color.

The rolls also work in areas where homeowners or businesses do not want to have to care for natural grass or where grass does not grow well.

Installation Options

Installation of this outdoor turf can be a tricky process. Some of our customers choose to hire a professional for the work. When going over a large area, mechanical equipment may be necessary to aid in the installation process.

Most of the time, the installer will need to bury wood to use as an anchor system around the perimeter of the layout. For a large layout that may have exposed seams in the adjacent rolls of grass, installers can use seam tape to connect them.

It’s important to have a sturdy base layer under the roll of turf, such as finely crushed gravel, compacted sand, or hard soil.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Because this turf is made for outdoor use, cleaning and maintenance is easy.

To clean the turf, customers can use a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower to remove dry debris. It’s also possible to simply rinse the turf with a garden hose and spray nozzle. To make the cleaning process easier, do not allow gum or sunflower seeds on the field.

Avoid introducing heated objects to the surface of the turf, as direct heat could damage the material.