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What Is The Best Artificial Turf For Dogs?

By Kyle Schurman Created: January, 2024 - Modified: May, 2024

When it’s time to create a space for your best friend to spend time playing outside, we recommend artificial turf for dogs. You want play time to be safe, and the proper fake grass delivers the protection you want. You don’t have to worry about weeds, mud, or insects bothering your pooch with faux turf grass.

Even better, artificial turf for dogs protects your lawn from your pet. Let’s face it: Some doggies are better at digging holes than at learning obedience. If this describes your four-legged buddy, dog friendly synthetic turf is dig-proof.

Best of all, it won’t soak up urine, and it’s easier to remove poop from the yard versus natural grass. (Even if it’s the kids’ job to pick up the poop, this product ensures they’ll be able to handle it easily – although they may still complain incessantly.)

How to Choose the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

The best canine artificial turf products work both for use at home or at a commercial facility. Whether you need a product that easily allows rainwater (and pee) to drain through to the ground underneath or you want turf that focuses on durability, Greatmats has products that fit these specific use cases.

We also have multiple price points available, so you can find one that perfectly fits your budget, especially if you have the need to cover a large space.

Here are the five best artificial turf for dog daycares products, as recommended from our Greatmats experts.

best artificial turf grass for dogs

1. Pet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf Roll

When you want the most natural feel in your artificial grass, the Pet Heaven roll is an ideal choice.

It requires very little maintenance and provides a natural reaction similar to real grass when the dog runs across it. (Your dog may be so certain that the grass is real that it may try to dig a hole or two, but this roll will stand up to rough treatment without giving way.)

The turf’s performance makes it especially useful in a backyard setting, where you may want the faux grass to both feel and look like the real thing to impress the neighbors.

2. Play Time Artificial Grass Turf Roll

For artificial grass that works nicely for letting the kids run and play with the dogs, the Play Time roll is a popular selection among our customers.

It has a thick yarn that’s comfortable if the kids happen to fall while running. It’s also easy on the paws of the dogs as they chase the kids.

If you live in an area with dry winters, static electricity can be a problem with some artificial turf rolls. The Play Time roll includes ChargeGuard technology that reduces static conductivity by 200% versus other rolls.

3. UltimatePet Artificial Grass Turf Roll

For those who live in an area that receives a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year, artificial turf that drains efficiently is a must.

Although it may seem like overkill, the permeable backing on the UltimatePet roll can drain more than 250 inches of precipitation per hour. Even if your lawn never gets that much water, it is nice to know that this faux grass can handle any realistic amount of rain you receive.

You can trust the durability in the roll, as it has a high tear resistance. It’s made in the United States, which ensures you receive high-quality ingredients and perfect manufacturing tolerances.

UltimatePet Artificial Grass

4. True Turf Artificial Grass Roll

If you would like to operate dog training and dog agility at your facility, having a short pile height in the faux blades of grass works nicely. The True Turf roll has a pile height of 9/16 of an inch. This design ensures that the animals will not sink into the turf and stumble while running during training.

Because it’s so durable, the dogs can dig their claws into the roll while making sharp cuts without tearing up the material.

And if you have an interest in creating a space where you can practice golf, this short pile height is ideal. (Of course, you don’t have to tell the rest of the family that it’s anything but a great turf for the dogs, as the golf possibilities can be our secret.)

5. Greatmats Pro Pet Turf Roll

When you need great value in your canine artificial turf, you can trust the Greatmats Pro Pet roll. When stocking this roll, we sought the best combination of value and performance. It’s also highly sustainable, featuring 100% recycled materials in the design.

Dogs can run across this turf throughout the day without creating unwanted wear spots. It has a 1.25-inch pile height, so it gives off the look of a freshly mowed lawn, yet it requires almost no maintenance on your part, whether used indoors or outdoors.

Let Greatmats Help You Find the Best Artificial Turf for Dogs

Finding just the right outdoor artificial lawn turf that’s suitable for pets at home can be a bit of a challenge, even for a DIY expert. Reach out to our Greatmats customer service team for help with finding a product that fits your needs. Explain what features are most important to you, and our experts will recommend the perfect selection.