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What are the 5 best protective gym floor covering options?
Take a look at the best options of floor covering to protect hardwood gym floors from damage from non athletic events.
What Is Engineered Flooring
Engineered flooring can be found at
What Are The Best Milking Parlour Mats?
Greatmats identifies a number of milking parlour mats from which to choose, from EVA foam options, to rubber and PVC options.
Playground Flooring Materials: Indoors and Outdoors
Rubber playground flooring for both indoor and outdoor use can be found at Greatmats.
Save Your Money with Safe PVC Playground Flooring
If you're looking for cheap outdoor playground flooring that performs well, take a look at these plastic playground floors from Greatmats. Read more now.
What Are The Types Of Soft Floor?
Greatmats offers the best selection of soft floor options, including those made from foam, rubber, carpet, pvc, and cork.
Outdoor Mat Sizes
Outdoor mat for commercial properties can be found in sizes 3x5, 9x12, 4x6, 8x10, and can be found at
What Is The Best Mold Resistant Flooring For Basements?
Mold resistant flooring for basement can be found at Greatmats.
What is the Best Flooring for a Pilates Studio? Home and Commercial
Commercial and home gym floors that are best for pilates exercises. Mats and flooring systems with comfort, support and stability.
Plyometric Rubber Roll Gym Mats - HB Fitness Testimonial
Learn how this Minnesota based fitness center get the most out of Greatmats Plyometric Rubber Flooring.
What Are The Easiest Patio Floor Covering Options to Install?
Greatmats offers many patio floor covering options and ideas that are easy to install and affordable.
What Is The Best Flooring For Lunge Exercises?
Flooring for lunges is very important for safety and joint mobility. When doing lunge exercises pick a matting that helps support your muscles.
Reviews For Garage Interlocking Tiles
Read testimonials about garage interlocking tiles products and how Greatmats' customers are using them.
What Do You Put Under A Horse Stall Mat?
So what do you put under the stall mat to make it a suitable surface? You may need to alter the surface to make it suitable.
How Often Should Gym Mats Be Cleaned?
Discover how often gym mats should be cleaned depends on a number of factors including use and environment.
How Expensive And Heavy Are Outdoor Deck Tiles?
Outdoor rubber deck tiles can give your deck a facelift and extend its life. Whether you are looking for wood, patio tiles or stone, has what you need.
What Are The Advantages Of Interlocking Gym Flooring?
Greatmats discusses the advantages of interlocking gym flooring and a number of top recommended products.
What Is The Easiest Flooring To Install?
Interlocking floor tiles are among the easiest flooring to install. From foam tiles, to pvc tiles and court flooring options have very easy installation.
How Long Do Gym Floor Mats Last?
Gym floor mats, made from rubber, and foam, if properly cleaned and maintained, are designed to look great and perform well for quite some time
Outdoor Flooring Options and Services For Over Grass, Decks and More
Get the most out of your outdoor spaces with Greatmats extensive selection of outdoor flooring options.
The Best Equine Flooring System Options
Equine flooring systems come in many forms here are the top 5 options to make the most of your barn, stable or trailer floor space.
Home Quarantine Flooring Projects - Martial Arts, Dance, Gym
DIY home improvement projects for home gyms, home dojos and home dance studios in the basement, garage or attic.
Top 5 Workout Mats on a Budget
It should not cost an arm and a leg to get strong arms and legs - find budget friendly gym mats for exercise!
Safety Pool Decking - Unity School District
Discover how the switch from tile to Life Floor Pool Decking has eased concerns and made the Unity School District Swimming Pool a safer place to swim.