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How Much Are Outdoor Pavers?
Outdoor pavers are easy to instal and are cheaper and more cost effective than brick.
What Is The Best Strength and Conditioning Turf
Strength and conditioning turf will provide a safe and stable surface work muscle and endurance building workouts.
What Is Universal Interlocking Flooring?
Greatmats discusses interlocking flooring and how it is designed to be easy to install.
Noise Reducing XFit Gym Flooring - CrossFit Duluth Testimonial
Cross Fitness gym uses sound proof gym flooring to cushion crashing weights, reduce fatigue and conquer noise transfer in northern Minnesota.
The Best Flooring Options for Outdoor Patios
What is the best flooring for an outdoor patio? Greatmats breaks down the options based on price, installation and outdoor patio flooring materials. Click now!
Why Are Green Outdoor Floor Tiles So Popular?
Greatmats identifies a few popular green outdoor floor tiles that are used in various settings and of varying materials.
How to Clean Rooftop Deck Flooring
Greatmats discusses the best way to care for and clean rooftop deck flooring. With many roof deck flooring options, find out which cleaning method works best.
How Do You Control Mud in a Horse Paddock or Pasture?
Greatmats discusses how do you control mud in a horse paddock or pasture and how the geogrid paving system could be a solution.
What's the difference between non slip patio tiles for outside?
Need to update the flooring of your patio? Read this article to learn the differences between various forms of non-slip outdoor patio tiles.
What Kind Of Floor Can You Install Over Garage Concrete?
Greatmats discusses a few different options for a garage floor over concrete, these include snap together or interlocking tiles.
What Is The Best Pee Resistant Flooring?
Pee Resistant Flooring and urine resistant flooring is important for areas that may have accidents from pets or toddlers
Best 8 Fall Protection Surfaces For Playgrounds 20'' - 10'
Greatmats offers fall protection for playgrounds in a variety of products with fall height rating from 20 inches to 10 ft.
What Kind of Flooring Is Used In A Gym?
Greatmats answers the question ''what flooring do gyms use?' The purpose of the gym will help determine what type of flooring is used or should be used.
How to Eliminate Noise Complaints From Cross Fitness Gyms
Soundproof XFit Gym Flooring Sterling interlocking weight lifting floor tiles help eliminate noise complaints
What's The Best Surface For Military Dog Training
Greatmats identifies flooring options that are top surfaces for training military dogs that provide the right amount of cushion to protect against falls and prolonged use.
Can You Lay Pavers Over Dirt?
When you install pavers over dirt it's important to consider the best ways to lay pavers over dirt. Install it directly or use portable flooring with products.
What Flooring Works Best For 10x10 Dog Kennels?
Greatmats discusses what flooring options are best for 10x10 dog kennels, from plastic to rubber to foam options.
What Is The Best Gazebo Flooring?
Gazebo flooring is easy to install. We recommend perforated interlocking tile and bricky style rubber that are cost effective and easy to maintain.
Leed Points: Greatmats Product Material Sustainability
This product may qualify for LEED points. Greatmats is committed to offer our customers products that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.
How To Measure Flooring: Square Or Linear Feet & Interlock Loss
Greatmats discusses how to measure your rooms to determine how much flooring you will need and what you need to consider.
Which Outdoor Patio Interlocking Tiles Can I Use Under A Grill?
Interlocking outdoor patio tiles work great for underneath grills and can be found at Greatmats.
What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gray Flooring
Gray flooring color options can be found in wood, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl at
What Do I Need To Make A Home Playground?
Home playground flooring and safety mats for indoor and outdoor use can be found at
Pro MMA Mats Smooth Introduction Video
Greatmats offers another elite training surface for BJJ and MMA practictioners.