What Is Engineered Flooring

By Lisa Hobbie Created: August, 2021

refers to products where the original material has been modified to change the way it functions naturally; it typically refers to engineered hardwood.

There are numerous engineered flooring solutions available at Greatmats - all of which are attractive, high performing, and among the best available anywhere. Of the many engineered flooring products, the following 5 represent the most popular:

  1. Italian Coast Engineered Hardwood Flooring 43 SF per Carton
  2. TechFloor Solid Tile with Raised Squares Carton of 10
  3. Envee Tacky Back LVT Planks 48 in x 7.25 in Carton of 10
  4. Sterling Athletic Sound Rubber Tile 2.75 Inch Black
  5. Saddle Trax Anti-Fatigue Mat 2x3 ft

Within this list are options for just about any type of application. If engineered flooring interests you, one of these 5 products would be a great place to start. From wood planks to plastic modular options, there is something for every space and project.

Italian Coast Engineered Hardwood Flooring 43 SF per Carton is a super high quality flooring solution that is handcrafted. This wood grain plank product is available in dynamic and vibrant colors that compliment the engineered hickory flooring’s wood grain, hand stained pattern.

This product has beveled edges and comes in random length planks. It is a breeze to maintain and clean, and it looks and performs well in commercial or residential settings. It is Lacey Act Compliant and contains at least 60 percent recycled pre-consumer raw material.

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed specifically to reduce moisture problems and not swell or warp, making it very low maintenance.

TechFloor Solid Tile with Raised Squares Carton of 10 are made of polypropylene and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), resulting in an engineered product that delivers superior grip for wet or dry non-slip use. These tiles are extremely robust and resistant to chemicals and water.

This product has a loop and tab attachment system to keep the floor tightly together with a seamless look. The tiles are a breeze to install to create a super strong floor that will float over a subsurface. This product is available in black, blue, gray, red, and tan.

Envee Tacky Back LVT Planks 48 in x 7.25 in Carton of 10 are some of the most aesthetically pleasing engineered wood plank products that are commercial grade plank vinyl. It’s a great product to choose if you prefer a clean, classic look that resembles real wood. This product is superior to authentic wood in some ways, as it is slip resistant with a patented grip layer backing and dirt tight surface.

These planks hold up really well in high traffic areas, and they resist the growth of mold and mildew. They’re a breeze to clean and maintain, and they are extremely attractive.

Sterling Athletic Sound Rubber Tile 2.75 Inch Black flooring system is an engineered product that is designed for reducing noise in weight rooms and fitness centers. It absorbs sound well - even when dropping weights and doing the most intense workouts on it.

This heavy duty flooring is professional quality, and it delivers superior sound attenuation and shock insulation. It’s a breeze to clean and maintain, and its tile-locking system delivers tight seam lines and fabulous aesthetics.

Saddle Trax Anti-Fatigue Mat 2x3 ft is a thick and dense anti-fatigue mat that is tougher than others. It is engineered to meet today’s highest industrial fatigue mat standards.

This product is certified by the NFSI and made of 100 percent recycled materials. It has a diamond plate texture, beveled edges, and is slip and wear resistant. This ergonomic safety mat is suitable for warehouses, workstations, hotels, reception desks, banks, restaurants, and more.

Greatmats - For The Best Engineered Flooring

The products featured here represent some of the best engineered products available. They are cost effective, high performing, and attractive.

There are other engineered products available, with numerous wood options from teak to oak and many others. With easy installation methods without needing glue, great warranties, and fabulous features and benefits, the engineered solutions are truly top notch.

If you have questions about any of the featured products, or any others available at Greatmats, just reach out to the fabulous customer service team. They can help you decide which product is perfect for your space or project, and they can even assist you with ordering.

No matter which product you go with, you can be confident in the fact that you’re getting the best. Greatmats has the best products, pricing, service, warranties, and quality.
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