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Soft Outdoor Patio Flooring for Kids
Learn some of the key features and products to created a kid friendly patio floor with cushion, fall protection and excellent drainage.
Does Cork Flooring Come in Different Colors?
Greatmats discusses the cork flooring color options and styles that are available for purchase, from modern to industrial appearance.
What Is The Cost To Replace Flooring With DIY Labor?
Greatmats discusses what it costs to replace flooring when you do it yourself and use different flooring.
What Are Dry Lay Floor Tiles?
Greatmats discusses the question of what are dry lay floor tiles and what the best products are.
The Best Materials for Roof Decking
Roof Decking has gone far behind concrete and wood. Here are some of the best new materials to help you design roof top deck system.
What Are The Thickest Carpet Tiles?
Greatmats identifies a number of thick carpet tiles that will create a soft, cushioned feel to your space.
Qualities To Look For In Mobile Dental Clinic Flooring
Greatmats discusses flooring options for a mobile dental clinic that are durable, provide traction and waterproof.
What Size Horse Is A 10x10 Stall Good For?
10x10 interlocking rubber horse stall mats can be found at Greatmats.
How Long Will Exterior Tiles Last?
Greatmats discusses how long will exterior tiles last, rubber being a specifically long lasting option.
What Is the Best Type of Flooring for Dogs?
Find the best flooring for dogs at! We have multiple options for various spaces from home training to doggie daycare to dog grooming flooring.
How Much Do 4x6 Rubber Mats Cost?
4x6 rubber mats, 4x6 rubber stall mats, and 4x6 rubber gym mats can be found at Greatmats.
Ballet Barres and Marley - St. Cloud School of Dance Testimonial
Discover how St. Cloud dance studio owner Susan Arnold finds success equipping her ballet studio with Greatmats dance flooring and barres.
What type of floor mats offer the most padding?
Greatmats identifies padded floor mats products that provide cushioning and a padded surface for kitchens, kids rooms, family room and more.
Small Basement Flooring Ideas & Best Products
Greatmats discusses a number of small basement ideas for flooring and some of the best products for easy diy flooring.
What Is The Price Of Interlocking Rubber Roof Tiles?
Greatmats discusses the prices of interlocking rubber tiles for sale from lowest to highest cost.
Is There Insulated Flooring and What Are The Benefits?
Greatmats talks about insulated flooring systems and what the benefits are to specific materials like foam, rubber, plastic and cork.
Rubber Horse Stall Flooring Systems - Why are they so important?
Rubber horse stall mats provide comfort, ease of cleaning and price effectiveness.
What are the best mats for wheelchair paths on grass?
The best wheelchair mats for grass and uneven terrain provide access to handicapped individuals. Here are our top five picks.
Where Would You Use Red Floor Mats?
Greatmats discusses where you would use red floor mats and for what purposes and where you would use red flooring mats.
What Is The Best Removable Flooring?
Greatmats identifies the best removable flooring options for temporary or non-permanent solutions for home or commercial settings.
Is Vinyl Flooring Good For Garages?
Greatmats identifies a number of vinyl garage flooring options that are durable and versatile, with those made of PVC being the best.
How Big Are Carpet Tiles For Basement Floors?
There are many different styles and types of carpet tiles for basement floor settings. Deciding on which size to install really depends on how big the space is.
How Expensive Are PVC And Rubber Tiles For Roof Patios?
Pvc tiles for roof and rubber roof tiles prices are affordable. These roof tiles come in many different options to match your syles.
What Are Some Lightweight Tiles for a Roof Terrace?
Adding lightweight tiles to a rooftop terrace can transform an underused area into a beautiful hangout spot.