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What Is the Best Type of Flooring for Dogs?

By Kyle Schurman Created: December, 2023

When you have dogs at home or when you want to set up a commercial dog care facility, you want flooring that keeps the animals safe and comfortable. Selecting and installing the best flooring for dogs is key.

Finding just the right floors for your canine companions depends in large part on the planned use case. When you want to create a space that’s comfortable for laying and resting, it calls for a different material than what’s needed for running and playing.

Home Flooring for Dogs

If your dog is slipping on vinyl, laminate, or wood floors, finding a covering that delivers some traction is a good way to keep the animal safe. This is especially important for older dogs who need non-slip floors.

If you like the look of faux wood or faux slate floors versus using a covering, you can find some easy-to-install laminate flooring that’s good for dogs, even for older animals.

For those who are involved in dog agility at home, or who simply want comfortable flooring for an indoor play area for the kids and dogs on rainy days, look for home dog training flooring that protects the leg and hip joints of the animal – and of the trainer – so all of you can practice and play for longer periods.

dog relaxing laying down on carpet tiles flooring at home

Doggy Daycare Floors

If you are opening or operating a doggie daycare facility, the best flooring for dogs in this space needs to be durable, easy to clean, easy to install, and comfortable. The dogs are going to rambunctiously run and play with each other, so a hard concrete floor is going to lead to injuries.

Some of the top flooring options for dog daycares include:
  • Rubber
  • EVA foam
  • PVC plastic
  • Artificial turf

Installing artificial turf for doggie daycare is a popular choice in outdoor play areas, especially when you want to cover a large area for a good price.

best dog daycare rubber flooring with dogs running

Comfortable Kennel and Crate Dog Flooring

Whether your dog is spending time in a kennel at home or a daycare facility, you want the animal to be able to lay down and rest comfortably. Hard plastic floors found in many crates are easy to clean but are not as comfortable as dog crate floor protection mats consisting of rubber or EVA foam.

If you have a standard 100 square foot kennel, you can simplify things by looking for a 10x10 dog flooring kit made of rubber or EVA foam.

So, how do you choose between rubber and foam in a dog kennel floor? If the kennel is large enough for play as well as for rest time, a non-slip rubber dog mat is a smart choice. It’s also highly durable. Consider using foam for dogs who are less likely to dig or where cushioning is more important than durability, such as for an older dog.

dog laying in kennel on soft foam mats for non slip flooring

Safe Training and Dog Agility Flooring

Whether you are training your dog at home or a facility, flooring plays a key role in comfort and performance. Excessively hard floors can lead to injuries and dogs who simply can’t do their best.

The best dog training floors for home use often involve easy-to-install tiles that deliver some comfort, such as forgiving EVA foam. Artificial turf floors for practicing dog agility at home are great, too.

If you want to draw dogs and their owners to your commercial dog training and agility facility, seek floors that look great and perform at a high level. The best floors for dog agility usually involve materials like EVA foam, artificial turf, and highly durable rubber.

EVA foam is a popular choice here as high quality dog agility flooring because it provides a pleasing look and plenty of comfort, while also impressing potential clients with numerous color options.

High quality dog agility artificial turf is another popular selection, as it covers a large space in a short amount of time at a good price.

dog trainer with dogs laying on blue dog agility mats

Best Flooring for Dog Grooming

If you are running a dog grooming business, you may need a few different styles of the best dog grooming floors.

Some flooring options have perforations to allow water from baths to drain away. Some include non-slip surfaces to keep the groomer and the animal safe when moisture is present.

And some offer comfort when the dogs are playing or resting while waiting their turn for a grooming session. Groomers appreciate comfortable mats while standing to work on the dog, too.

dog grooming non slip interlocking foam mats

Outdoor Dog Turf and Rubber Flooring

For dogs who like to dig or who wear down natural grass through running and playing in an outdoor area, look for durable outdoor flooring for dog daycares and for use at home.

The best artificial turf for dogs is a popular selection in this use case, too, as it looks like natural grass, enhancing the landscaping around your home or dog care facility. It’s also extremely comfortable for the animals.

Rubber tiles work well for kennels and play areas outdoors, as they are comfortable and will not show wear and tear from dogs running on them. Rubber floors are highly durable and easy to clean.

dog standing in daycare outdoor kennel with artificial turf grass

How to Pick the Best Flooring for Dogs

At Greatmats, we have dozens of dog flooring products that can fit the planned use case you have in mind. Whether you need durability, comfort, great value, or a mixture of multiple benefits, we are ready to help. Reach out to the Greatmats customer service team to receive specific advice for your needs.