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Boxing Gym Flooring - Shoe and Boot Friendly Martial Arts Mats

By Brett Hart Created: July, 2017 - Modified: December, 2023

If you're looking for a martial arts flooring for multi use training or competition in shoes or boots, we offer our Pro Taekwondo Mat 20mm thick mat. These interlocking foam floor tiles are durable enough for common sports and athletic shoes or combat boots. Specifically designed as flooring for Taekwondo, they are rugged enough to be used in commercial facilities such as YMCAs and boxing gyms.

Scuff Resistant Martial Arts Mats

The unique thatch texture of this 7/8 inch martial arts puzzle tile offers a very scuff-resistant surface and is long-lasting in commercial applications. This tile is an economical choice for any martial arts studio or boxing gym looking to save on funds. The tiles are 3.3 x 3.3 ft in size. The density of these puzzle tiles are medium density, approximately 40 Shore C.

The Pro Taekwondo Mat is also available in a smaller 2x2 foot size called the Home Sport and Play martial arts mat. Also interlocking, these mats can lay directly on concrete or any hard, flat surface and will give you the cushion and comfort you and your home athletes require. Available in three different color schemes, both the Pro Taekwondo and the Home Sport and Play are double-sided and have a different color on each side. Because they are reversible, you can use them with either side facing up. This allows you to create a checkerboard or other patterns in your martial arts floor. These are excellent for garage or basement gyms.

Both the large and smaller martial arts mats are great for all types of martial arts, as well as indoor play areas for kids or as aerobic flooring for adults. They are great for kickboxing, boxing gyms and aerobic floors. The 2x2 athletic floor tiles come with 2 border strips per tile which allows for each tile be be a center, a border or a corner tile. Larger tiles are shipped with border strips on all four sides. If you do decide to go wall to wall, these mats can be easily cut to fit with a sharp utility knife.

Smooth Striking Sport Flooring System

Greatmats 1-inch thick karate martial arts mats are also an excellent boxing gym flooring solution. These mats are a bit firmer than the thinner 7/8 inch mats and a great for quick footwork. They also give you an option for a wood grain look. Just keep in mind that the leather-type surface texture may show more scuffs than a thatch-textured mat.

The Pro Taekwondo and Martial Arts Karate Mats are popular options for Kickboxing flooring.

Rugged Boxing Gym Flooring

Rubber flooring is popular for boxing gyms as it provides a durable surface with excellent traction. This option will last the longest, but is not ideal if your training requires going to the ground.

Rubber gym flooring is used in boxing gyms that also have fitness and weightlifting equipment. Choose from tiles, rolls, or mats. Greatmats carries a wide variety of rubber flooring to fit the needs of your boxing gym.