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No Grass Backyard Ideas For Dogs - Outdoor Flooring
If you don't have grass in your backyard, here are some ideas for flooring products for your dog.
How do Humane Rubber Fitness Flooring and Stall Mats Differ?
Humane rubber flooring is a popular choice for both fitness facilities and horse stalls. Here's how the rubber mats differ for each use type.
Do I Need Padding For Carpet Tiles: How to Install Flooring Guide
Do you need padding for your carpet tiles? How do you install this flooring? We answer this question and also discuss what types of tiles are available.
What Flooring Works Best With A Basement Sump Pump?
Greatmats discusses what flooring options work best with a basement sump pump including raised and pvc floor tiles.
Is Rubber Flooring Good For Veterinary Spaces?
Greatmats discusses whether or not rubber flooring is a good solution for a veterinary clinic or hospital.
What Are External Rubber Floor Tiles?
Greatmats identifies 5 popular external rubber floor tile products for rooftops, patios, playgrounds, courts and more.
Are Recycled Rubber Playground Mats Safe for Kids?
Recycled rubber playground mats are a safe way for kids to play on swing sets, slides, climbing walls, and rope swings.
What Type Of Flooring Is Good For An Outdoor Tent Wedding
Greatmats discusses some of the top qualities for an outdoor tent wedding and what type of outdoor event flooring works best.
Can Carpet Tiles Be Used As A Rug?
Carpet tile rug is easy to instal for home or commercial diy projects.
What is the Best Flooring for Dog Agility Training at Home?
The best indoor home dog agility training floor will offer shock absorption, cushioning, traction, and durability for dogs to train at home without fatigue or injury.
How heavy are rubber paver tiles? Weights Ranging from 20-40 lbs.
Greatmats discusses how heavy the top 5 rubber paver tiles are which range in weight from 20 - 40 lbs depending on thickness and size.
Landscape Contractor Outdoor Flooring Resources
Find helpful information on outdoor flooring, designed to help landscape contractors with everything from discounts to product features and installation.
What Type of Foam Are Children's Mats?
Foam play mats for children are generally made of EVA foam if they are of the interlocking puzzle mat variety. The closed cell foam offers safety, style and fun for kids.
What Are the Best Laminated Floor Tiles?
Greatmats offers a number of luxury laminated floor tiles that look great and work for a DIY installation.
What Are The Best Rubber Pool Deck Pavers?
Greatmats identifies a number of the best options for rubber pool deck pavers that prevent abuse of wet foot traffic and water, and also provide slip-resistance.
What Is A Gym Puzzle Mat?
Gym puzzle mats are available in high impact rubber and durable foam options.
BJJ Mat Testimonial - Rafael Ellwanger Gracie United BJJ
2013 IBJJF World Champion Rafael Ellwanger ensures his South USA Grappling Association tournaments are equipped with fresh Greatmats.
Martial Arts Mats by Discipline: Karate, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Taekwondo
Determine why the right floor mat is best for your martial arts type. Learn the differences between various martial arts mats and what makes them unique.
What Are The Most Popular Vinyl Flooring Colors
Greatmats identifies a few of the most popular vinyl flooring colors and the types including rolls, tiles and planks.
Thea Jorgensen - 2017 Personal Trainer of the Year Nominee
Miss America's personal trainer nominated for National Personal Trainer of the Year award for work with military personnel and those with mental disorders.
Outdoor Playground Flooring, Rubber Playground Tiles Options
Outdoor playground tiles and mats are affordable, durable and can be found at
What's The Ideal Thickness For Playground Tiles?
Rubber playground tiles come in a variety of thicknesses for indoor and outdoor use and can be found at Greatmats.
What Is The Benefit Of Modular Basement Flooring?
Modular basement flooring are easy to instal, easily removable, great for damp spaces, and are found at an affordable price at
Are gym floor protection covers worth the cost?
Discover why gym floor covers are popular for protecting your expensive hardwood gymnasium floors. Read this article now.