Can You Use Rubber Flooring On A Boat?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: June, 2021 - Modified: January, 2024

Various rubberized mat products from Greatmats have a wide range of uses, and one of the most popular is for rubber boat flooring. Our products are ideal for use in wet conditions, as marine rubber flooring offers slip resistance and water resistance without having to worry about damage from being constantly around damp conditions.

There are rubber boat flooring solutions for temporary use, like on a boat deck or other outdoor areas, and there are others that can be used permanently, like in a galley, a fish cleaning area, or a kitchen area for vessels like a ship, a fishing boat, a lobster boat, a houseboat, a cabin cruiser, a pontoon, an aircraft carrier naval vessel, and many other watercraft.

In fact, the use of our rubber boat mats to make fishing boats and lobster boats safer has become increasingly popular among our customers.

Best Types of Rubber Flooring for Boats

Among the many different types of rubber matting for boat floors that we offer, these are some of the most popular:
2x2 Interlocking Regrind Rubber Tile
3x5 VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat
3x6 Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat
3x5 TruTread Black Mat

2x2 Interlocking Regrind Rubber Tile Pacific

Rubber Tile Interlocking 2x2 Ft 1/4 Inch Regrind Confetti PacificWhen you want a quick DIY fix for your boat’s current flooring that seems to be peeling or showing its age, the 2x2 Interlocking Regrind Rubber Tile Pacific product is a great choice.

These are affordably priced rubber tiles, making them a great choice to cover the entire floor in the boat. Because these tiles consist of second-run material, they have a reasonable price point. Yet, they remain extremely durable and deliver a 5-year manufacturer warranty as a Made in the USA product.

At 2-by-2 feet in size and 1/4 of an inch in thickness, each tile offers a good coverage area at only 6 pounds per tile, which simplifies creating the layout. The interlocking edge makes the installation an extremely easy process, even for those who have no experience.

3x5 VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat

VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue MatWhen you want to provide slip resistance for a particular area of the boat, along with anti-fatigue properties, our 3x5 VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue Mat offers a lot of advantages.

It uses a closed cell design in the rubber material, which means it does not absorb any grease, making it a great choice in a galley area. It also has drainage holes to allow spills to flow to the subfloor. (This particular rubber mat for the boat should not be used in areas with significant water exposure.)

To encourage safety, the 3-by-5-foot rubber mat has tapered edges that lessen a tripping hazard. In addition to a textured surface that resists slips, its anti-fatigue properties give the user a comfortable space to stand and work in the kitchen or in another preparation area.

3x6 Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat

VIP Red Cloud Anti-Fatigue MatTrust our 3x6 Honeycomb Medium Duty Brown Mat as another anti-slip and ergonomic product that would work in many areas of a boat. The mat offers a durable surface on which to work or stand that also will deliver a safe and comfortable experience.

Do not install this particular rubber mat in an area where it may suffer exposure to oily conditions or food spills that will involve grease.

It is a suitable mat for use in areas that have a significant amount of water. The underside of the rubber mat has pegs that lift it off the surface of the subfloor, and the perforated, honeycomb-shaped holes allow water to drain away. At 3-by-6 feet, it has plenty of coverage for someone who must stand and work at a fish cleaning table or counter space.

3x5 TruTread Black Mat

TruTread Black MatWhen you need maximum drainage ability from the perforated holes in your rubber boat mat, the 3x5 TruTread Black Mat is the perfect choice. It has large holes spread across the entire 3-by-5-foot surface area, meaning that moisture drains away quickly, reducing the chances of slipping in standing water.

These rubber mats appear in either a grease-resistant black color or a grease-proof red color. Select the proper configuration to match the planned use case, depending on whether it will involve significant exposure to grease or limited exposure to grease.

The rubber material offers anti-fatigue properties that provide a comfortable space to stand and work. You also could select a gritted surface model that provides a bit of extra traction for slip prevention.

Count on Greatmats for the Best Rubberized Boat Flooring

We have many rubber marine flooring products that are durable and versatile enough to be used on boats and in other marine settings. If you are unsure which product is the right one for your boat project, just reach out to the helpful Greatmats customer service team. Our experts can answer any and all questions you have about our products. Together, we can determine the perfect rubber boat flooring solution for your project.