What's The Safest Rubber Base For A Trampoline?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: May, 2021 - Modified: November, 2023

A trampoline is a great play or exercise solution that can deliver hours of calorie and energy burning fun. Along with the enjoyment they can provide, if proper safety measures are not in place, they can also be the source or cause of fall related injury. Even though many modern trampolines feature a soft net or skirt to help prevent injury, it’s still a great idea to have some sort of rubber base for trampolines to cover the otherwise unforgiving surface on which it sits.

There are many different ideas to explore at Greatmats, with the following six being among the most popular:
  1. Sterling Playground Tile - 5 inch
  2. Sterling Playground Tile - 4.25 inch
  3. Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tile 4.25 Inch
  4. Blue Sky Interlocking Playground Tile 3.25 Inch
  5. Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 Inch
  6. Max Playground Rubber Tile Black 2.5 Inch
These 6 products are among the safest for sale anywhere, and they will protect users from injury if their jump takes them off of the trampoline. Deciding on one of these products will depend on the material type you prefer, your budget, and other preferences.

Sterling Playground Tile - 5 inchThe Sterling Playground Tile - 5 inch product features a 10 foot fall height rating in a commercially rated product. The rubber safety tiles offer shock absorption in a solution that ensures maximum quality and durability. They are engineered to provide protection against serious head injuries. This rubber base for trampolines is made from recycled materials, and it is suited for tough settings where durability, safety, and vandal-resistance are the main surfacing considerations. The product will look and perform well for many years.

Sterling Playground Tile - 4.25 inchThe Sterling Playground Tile - 4.25 inch version offers many of the same features and benefits as the 5 inch thick option, but it has an 8 foot fall height rating. They both are accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in the quality of this investment.

Blue Sky Playground Interlocking TileBlue Sky Playground Interlocking Tile is another commercial quality product that is 4.25 inches thick and has a 10 foot fall height rating. It’s rated for outdoor installations with a robust, interlocking connection design that is easy to install. Once in place, this surface will resist fading, and it is mold, mildew, and UV resistant. If you install the ADA ramps, this option is also ADA compliant, and it is suitable for all climates. There is also a 3.25 inch thick Blue Sky Interlocking Playground Tile that provides an 8 foot fall height rating.

Blue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 InchBlue Sky Rubber Playground Tile 2.75 Inch is a popular product that is made from recycled rubber content. It’s UV resistant, and delivers a safe space for indoor and outdoor trampoline parks with a fall height rating of 6 feet if you choose the 2.75 inch thickness. After consumers review other products, this is often the popular choice, as it’s easy to replace areas that wear down due to playground heavy use - without having to replace the entire surface like you do with others.

Max Playground Rubber Tile Black 2.5 InchMax Playground Rubber Tile Black 2.5 Inch is a product that offers a safe rubber base for trampolines. This particular 2.5 inch thick rubber surface features a 6 foot fall height rating. It is a superior impact-absorbing resilient safety surfacing that can be used in an entire play area or outdoor trampoline park. It is easy to install, low maintenance, and made in the USA.

Greatmats - For the Best Rubber Base for Trampolines

If you are looking for the best rubber base for trampolines, Greatmats is your one stop shop. Rubber is such a great surface on which to install a trampoline. Hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or wood can be very hard on bodies. Even getting off of a trampoline the wrong way can be hard on bones and joints. Rubber flooring offers cushioned impact absorption, which may greatly reduce the likelihood of leg injuries and fatigue. They also offer traction, which prevents shifting of the trampoline as well as slipping and falling that could occur on a hard solid surface – especially when getting off of the trampoline too quickly. Rubber flooring can also provide thermal insulation to otherwise cold surfaces.

When it comes to playground and trampoline park flooring, the products at Greatmats deliver the perfect mix of quality, variety, and durability. The products are second to none and made using the highest quality products and manufacturing processes. They offer a fun and safe play environment with options to suit any need, preference, and budget.