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interlocking rubber tiles for gym thumbnail
Can You Use Interlocking Rubber Tiles Outside?
Outdoor interlocking rubber tiles are found at Greatmats for patios, playgrounds, and rooftops.
ClickBase Carpet and Court Flat Top full thumbnail
Transition Free Tile To Carpet Flooring
A revolutionary way to transition between carpet and hard floors - Greatmats ClickBase tiles.
Confetti Rubber Garage Flooring thumbnail
Rubber Garage Flooring Dos and Don'ts
Discover fun new ways to you utilize your garage space with rubber flooring. Get inspired today! Click to read the article.
faux brick flooring made of rubber tiles thumbnail
Do They Make Faux Brick Flooring Out of Rubber?
Faux brick flooring made out of rubber gives you the aesthetic properties of brick, but in a much more forgiving and comfortable form.
event flooring tiles thumbnail
What is the best temporary flooring?
This temporary flooring is the best for outdoor events, porches, grassy areas &amp; indoor spaces like basements &amp; apartments. They are inexpensive &amp; easy to install.
Recycled Tire Mats for Playgrounds thumbnail
Are Recycled Rubber Playground Mats Safe for Kids?
Recycled rubber playground mats are a safe way for kids to play on swing sets, slides, climbing walls, and rope swings.
Dance Studio Flooring for Arabesque thumbnail
Dance Studio Flooring Options and Materials - Portable and Permanent
Dance Studio Floors are offered by Greatmats in many different forms. Greatmats offers temporary and permanent dance flooring, rolls and tiles, and raised.
How to Clean & Maintain Dog Agility Flooring thumbnail
How to Clean Dog Agility Flooring
Greatmats discusses how to clean your dog agility flooring to ensure it maintains its durability &amp; integrity. Learn what products are safe to use on the floor.
Abraham Lincoln High School dance and stage pro performance thumbnail
Theater Stage Flooring - Abraham Lincoln High School Testimonial
Learn why this Los Angeles high school loves its Greatmats stage flooring system for new black box theater.
dogs running on rubber flooring in kennel doggie daycare thumbnail
When To Use Foam VS Rubber Flooring For Dogs
Greatmats talks about why rubber and foam are popular options for dog kennel flooring and other dog related facilities.
Jessica Duncan at Columbus BJJ Championships thumbnail
Jessica Duncan - Greatmats Featured AGF BJJ Champion
Learn how BJJ champion Jessica Duncan uses grappling to guide and drive her to greatness.
wood grain reversible foam flooring tiles thumbnail
How to Keep Foam Mats Together Without Buckling
Prevent foam floor buckling and separation by using these tips for installation and how to keep puzzle mats together.
rubber flooring forsledgehammer tire workout thumbnail
The Benefits Of A Sledgehammer Tire Workout
Sledgehammer tire workout is great for strengthening muscles, endurance, and flexibility.
Perforated horse stall floors thumbnail
Ring Mat Features - Rubber Mats for Horse Stalls
Learn how 3x3 rubber ring mats can help in wash bays, dog kennels and more.
What can I cover my old deck with thumbnail
The Best Way to Cover An Old Deck - Interlocking Deck Tiles
Interlocking Deck Tiles are the best way to give an old deck an fresh surface. These flexible deck tiles are often made of rubber, plastic or a foam composite.
interlocking rubber tile 2.75 thick for outdoor playground thumbnail
How Thick Are Outdoor Interlocking Rubber Tiles?
Greatmats explores the average thicknesses of outdoor interlocking rubber tiles and recommended products.
Blue Sky Outdoor Rubber Playground Flooring thumbnail
Comparing Playground Flooring with Rooftop and Patio Flooring
Playground Flooring is one of the most popular outdoor rubber flooring options, along with patio flooring. Find quality and cheap playground flooring.
Dropping Weights on Rubber Flooring thumbnail
Do You Need Weightlifting Drop Pads?
Greatmats discusses whether or not you need to use weightlifting drop pads when at your home gym or at a commercial gym.
Max Rubber Playground Tiles thumbnail
What Are the Best Outdoor Rubber Playground Tiles & Mats?
Outdoor playground tiles and mats are affordable, durable and can be found at
2.5 Inch Thick Rubber Playground Tile thumbnail
What's The Ideal Thickness For Playground Tiles?
Rubber playground tiles come in a variety of thicknesses for indoor and outdoor use and can be found at Greatmats.
Portable Dance Floor Kit Panels and Cart thumbnail
Tips for Purchasing Portable Dance Floor Kits
Greatmats guide to choosing and purchasing the top portable dance floors for given dance styles and location types.
glue base for rubber tiles thumbnail
How Do You Apply Glue For Rubber Tiles?
Glue for rubber tiles can be found at
Dudley Duncan on Greatmats Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles at aquatic fitness center thumbnail
Interlocking Rubber Gym Tile - SwimQuest Aquatic Center Testimonial
Rubber gym flooring tiles at SwimQuest Aquatic Center training room is perfect for swim coach Dudly Duncan's dry land training program.
rubber flooring for animal veterinary spaces thumbnail
Is Rubber Flooring Good For Veterinary Clinics?
Greatmats discusses whether or not rubber flooring is a good solution for a veterinary clinic or hospital.